8 Dog Collars That Are Worthy of Your Four-Legged Best Friend

best dog collars

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Short of having a child, there’s nothing better than having a pet. Taking care of an animal is often a roller coaster of an experience, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding one. Dogs in particular are loyal and loving, making them some of the best friends you can possibly have. But if you get them nothing else, you’ve got to get them a good collar.

Having a collar is mostly out of function (you need something to clip a leash to and hang their id and vaccination tags on), but it’s also a great excuse to show off some of your pup’s personality to the world. Once you’ve decided what collar will work best for your dog, it up to you to decide what option will fit best for yours. To help, we’ve rounded up eight of the best collars available on the market.


1. Lupine Original Dog Collar


Stylish, tough, and well-made, Lupine’s Original dog collar can handle the rough and tumble personalities of our furry friends. Made from a woven nylon with a very strong construction, Lupine’s collar prides itself on its long-lasting durability, going so far as to offer a full product guarantee that covers the collar even if it gets chewed. With small details like a side-release buckle, lots of fun colors, and tons of vivid color patterns, this is easily our recommendation for the best collar on the market.

Lupine Rain Song Adjustable Dog Collar Courtesy of Amazon

2. Blueberry Classic Dog Collar


In need of a collar for a growing puppy or just a backup option should your pup destroy their current one? This classic-style collar from Blueberry makes for a great budget option that doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of quality. Made with durable nylon (like many other selections on this list) it’s tough enough to handle all the running around dogs do. And since it comes in pretty much every color imaginable, there’s a shade that will work for whatever you have in mind for your beloved doggo.

Blueberry Classic Dog Collar Courtesy of Amazon

3. Country Brook Petz Martingale Nylon Dog Collar


If you’re a lover of larger breeds like retrievers or labs, the same size collar that you’d use on a small dog isn’t going to cut it. For those bigger pups, an option like this collar from Country Brook Petz is going to be your best bet. Designed with larger dogs in mind, its durable nylon will rest comfortably on your dog, while also being strong enough to hold them should they get too rowdy.

Country Brook Petz Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar Courtesy of Amazon

4. Pupteck Small Nylon Dog Collar


Made in smaller sizes for those pocket poodles or teacup chiwawas, this dog collar from Pupteck is designed to fit those adorable dogs that are just too cute for words. As with other options in this piece, the collar itself is made from a strong nylon that will sit comfortably around your dog’s neck. Fully adjustable with a ring for a leash attachment, it even has an included tag to give it a little character.

Pupteck Small Nylon Dog Collar Courtesy of Amazon

5. Kurgo Waterproof Muck Dog Collar


If your dog is the kind of dog that always ends up frockling through the mud or taking off for a quick dip in the water, Kurgo Muck Dog collars will be the best friend of man’s best friend. Made from a special flexible pasting coating that is entirely PVC free, the collar prevents any grit and grime from building up inside the collar. Not only does this help prevent smells, but it’s completely waterproof. Let your dog get in touch with their wild side knowing comfortably that their collar is just a quick wash away from being 100% clean.

Kugo Waterproof Muck Dog Collar Courtesy of Amazon

6. Filson Leather Dog Collar


Ask any pet owner and they’ll more than likely tell you that they love to spoil their pets. What better way to do that than with a really nice leather collar like this version from beloved leather maker Filson. The stylish and timeless looking collar is crafted from saddle-grade leather (which means it’s finished with a bit of a waxy feel) and has a hefty D-ring lead for leash attachment. It’s sure to make your beloved pup the style icon you know they are.

Filson Leather Dog Collar Courtesy of Nordstrom

7. Mighty Paw Martingale Dog Collar


We love them, but sometimes puppies are just hard to train. With too much energy for their own good, that can sometimes work out poorly if you’re walking and they begin to charge after something. In these situations, it can be good to have a martingale-style collar like this version from Mighty Paw. As a limited cinch collar, it uses slight force to tighten under tension as a subtle and controlled training cue not to get too eager. Made from quality nylon and reflective stitching perfect for night ways, it’s built to last for a long, long while.

Mighty Paw Martingale Dog Collar Courtesy of Amazon

8. PetSafe Gentle Leader Dog Headcollar


Even with the best training in the world, sometimes dogs just need a little extra help to stay on task. That’s where the PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar comes into play. Great for dogs that are a bit too energetic, the Headcollar helps to curb leash pulling, barking, charging, and jumping by wrapping the collar around the face of the dog itself. With a variety of different colors and enough sizes for all dogs, it’s gentle enough to deter bad behavior without hurting your pup in the way that a chain collar might.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Dog Headcollar Courtesy of Amazon

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