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Fall in Love With These Engagement Rings for Guys

The man-gagement is a thing.

Walking down the aisle is a huge commitment, but before you can even book a venue, someone’s got to pop the question. Whether you’re a same-sex couple or you’re a lady who wants to take a knee for her fella, engagements for men are quickly becoming a normal part of the culture. Over the past few years, the “man-gagement” has seen a swift rise that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Before figuring out the ring to use while popping the big question, it’s important to point out the difference between wedding bands for men and engagement rings for men. It can be a little confusing, so let’s clarify. When we think of a woman’s traditional engagement ring, it typically boasts a larger diamond and has a bit more pizzazz to it. A wedding band works to compliment the engagement ring and tends to land on the simpler side of things. Now apply this rule of thumb towards men’s engagement rings. Even if the roles were reversed and it’s a guy wearing the engagement ring, the best engagement rings for men should still have a little something extra about them. There are many different types of male engagement rings, such as:

  • Single-diamond engagement rings
  • Black, gold, white or platinum engagement rings
  • Engraved engagement rings
  • Wood engagement rings

We’ve covered a lot of different fashion accessories for men, from jewelry essentials and bracelets to watches and backpacks, but the engagement ring is the most important jewelry accessory a guy can wear. It’s the ultimate symbol of love, given to him by his life-mate, so careful consideration is required. Luckily, we sourced the internet to carve out this edit of the eight best engagement rings for men in 2020.

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1. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Wide Ring


The iconic luxury jeweler, Tiffany & Co., jumped into the men’s accessory arena in 2019, and they’ve come ready to play. This 18k gold band isn’t too flashy, but it still reads of timeless elegance and class. An elevated letter “T” wraps around the entire band, adding just the right amount of allure to the quality piece, sans the diamonds. Tiffany offers the ring in several different precious metal variations, so whether you’re a more of a silver or gold person (or a bit of both), there’s an option for you. This piece will stack nicely next to a matching plain band.

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Image courtesy of Tiffany & Co.


2. Manly Bands The Clark


Wood rings are rather popular nowadays, and even though this ring is crafted out of non-traditional ring material, it comes in a very classic cut. The Clark from Manly Bands is made out of grey maple wood and features a thin copper inlay that wraps around the entirety of the band — making for an appealing, warm color combo. With its water-resistant quality, this is the perfect ring for an outdoorsy man.

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Image courtesy of Manly Bands


3. Crown Rings Bleu Royale Men’s Band


If you want a ring that has a touch of sparkle, but not too much, this option from Bleu & Royale is just right. Within the wide 14k white gold band lives a small square-cut diamond that sits level within the band of the ring, so no rock protruding out of the top of the ring here. The brushed exterior and cable-twist sides supply added texture to showcase the prized center jewel.

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Image courtesy of J.R. Dunn


4. David Yurman Classic Cable Band Ring


If you’re looking to skip out on the rock altogether in favor of going for an option with more of an engraved accent, meet the Classic Cable Band from David Yurman. You’re going to want an engagement ring that stands out from a plain wedding band, and this engraved cable rope design is just the ticket. The sterling silver piece features an oil-rubbed polished band to accentuate the intricate details of the carved design.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom


5. Apollo Diamond Band


Simplicity is the name of the game here, and sometimes that’s best, especially when you’re picking out something that will be worn every single day. Available in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum, the matte brushed band of the Apollo vertically houses a baguette (rectangular-cut) diamond, adding just a touch of shine to the ring finger. Plus, the inside of the band in polished for added comfort.

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Image courtesy of Brilliant Earth


6. John Hardy Classic Chain Blackened Band Ring


This handcrafted ring brings an industrial edge to the table, with a slight hint of sci-fi thrown into the mix. The Black Rhodium-plated sterling silver band features a chain-like design and is perfect for someone who might be looking for something a little out of the box. But let’s not forget about the bling — small diamonds coat two of the chain links, creating a subtle dazzle that is out of this galaxy.

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Image courtesy of John Hardy


7. David Yurman Streamline Two-Row Diamond Band Ring


The Two-Row Streamline from David Yurman is one of the best engagement rings for men who love the hashtag black-on-black aesthetic because it boasts a bit of bling with an all-black color palette. The black titanium ring features, as the name suggests, two rows of pave black diamonds. But, of course, it’s not a signature David Yurman ring without the cable design. Here it runs along the inner and outer edges of the ring. This piece would look really sharp paired with a black titanium band to complete an all-black wedding set.
Men's engagement ring


8. Simon G. Diamond Men’s Band


This masculine ring features a rather wide brushed metal band, which provides a nice contrast against the glossy polished indents that individually house each white diamond. The eye is immediately drawn to the sparkling geometric grooves, and it would pair nicely with a solid matching wedding band. Not to mention, it’s available in white gold, yellow gold or platinum, so variety is an option here.

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Image courtesy of J.R. Dunn


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