Tie One On: The 5 Best Paracord Keychains for the Perpetually Prepared

paracord keychain everyday carry tool
Friendly Sweede paracord keychain

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* Paracord keychains so you’ll never be at loose ends
* Everyday carry practicality plus emergency preparedness
* Great for fishing, hiking, or just so you don’t lose your keys

Here are some keychains that do more than just hold your keys together, though they do that too. Whether you’re getting ready for an adventure in the mountains or just want to be prepared for emergencies as you go about your errands, these paracord keychains will have you feeling flexible and prepared. So refresh your memory of all those knots you learned from sailing, climbing or parachuting – since of course your tinder pictures really do represent your most typical, everyday activities, right – and pick up one of these super useful and cool looking paracord keychains.

1. Campsnail Keychain

This everyday carry keychain has a ring for your keys plus a handy-in-emergencies survival flint/ fire starter. Comes with 4 ft of 550-lb paracord.

campsnail paracord keychain Courtesy Amazon

2. EOTW Paracord Keychain Set

This set of four braided paracord keychains makes a great Father’s Day gift. Useful for clipping keys to belt loops, each one has a steel snapping carabiner and a sturdy key ring.

EOTW paracord keychain set Courtesy Amazon

3. Holtzman’s Paracord Keychain Multi-Tool

With five different survival tools, including the keychain functionality, Holtzman’s survival paracord keychain is an everyday carry overachiever.

Holtzman's paracord keychain tool Courtesy Amazon

4. Friendly Sweede Keychain Set

Available in a variety of colors, this set of two handy paracord keychains features durable SGS-tested, load verified paracord.

friendly Swede paracord Courtesy Amazon

5. Fishing Paracord Keychain

Designed with nature excursions and survival situations in mind, this keychain made from 550-lb paracord, transforms into a complete serviceable fishing set. As the proverb has it, Carpe Diem! That means “seize the carp?” right?

fishing paracord keychain survival tool Courtesy Amazon