The Dream of the 90s Is Alive and Well With These Stylish Belt Bags for Men

best fanny packs for men
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One of the most surprising trends in recent years has been the re-emergence of the belt bag — the accessory formerly known as the fanny pack (or, in the United Kingdom, the bum bag). Yes, the stalwart option for 1990s Dads has returned with a stylish vengeance. 

Whether you wear them across the waist or as a crossbody, the belt bag is here to stay — and for a good reason. These menswear accessories are actually super helpful when you want to keep key items (like your keys, sunblock or your wallet) close at hand. Having those essentials readily available makes it easier to go on your next adventure, as you know all of these items are safe and secure. That’s especially handy when traveling or visiting a music festival (when they finally start happening again), or anywhere a bulky backpack would slow you down and cramp your style.

The best fanny packs exist at the glorious intersection of dad fashion and 90s throwback fashion, which means you don’t have to wear them ironically. Practical and stylish, the best belt bags for men are a must-have. To wit: we’ve rounded up 15 of the best men’s belt bags on the market for you to buy right now.


1. Patagonia Black Hole Belt Bag


If you want to make sure you’ve got a waist pack that can hold almost everything, Patagonia’s Black Hole bag should be your first and last stop. Made from a highly durable, 100% recycled polyester, the Black Hole is completely weatherproof to ensure all of your items will be dry even if you get caught in a monsoon. The bag’s clean and simple design allows for plenty of storage. Additionally, the 38mm waistband feels just as good as a crossbody bag as it does on your waist, allowing for different options of wear. But if that’s not enough, two external water bottle holders can expand to hold any number of bottle shapes.

The only thing the Black Hole is missing at this point is the kitchen sink — but given just how much it can hold, we’re sure you can find a way to fit that in there as well. Equally at home on the trails or at Coachella, this durable men’s belt bag will be by your side for years to come. Buy yours before this bag sells out for good.

patagonia black hole belt bag - best fanny packs Courtesy of Backcountry


2. Osprey Daylite Belt Bag


Osprey bags are known among hiking and camping enthusiasts for being some of the most quality products available on the market. That’s certainly the case when it comes to something as simple as a waist pack. Osprey’s Daylite waist pack is a straightforward one: there’s plenty of interior storage for all your odds and ends and it also includes a dedicated mesh pocket so things don’t rattle around. And if you have an existing Osprey hiking bag, the Daylite can connect into that system with ease.

osprey mens belt bag Courtesy of Amazon

3. Fjallraven Kanken Water Resistant Belt Bag


Fjallraven is one of the trendiest bag companies of the moment, so it’s no surprise they make one of the best fanny packs. Go to any airport or university and you’ll be able to spot countless Fjallraven bags. With durable, water-resistant materials and a stylish unisex design, we’re big fans of this European company’s colorful bags. For festival season, you can’t beat this affordable belt bag, which features just enough space for all the day’s essentials.

Fjallraven Kanken Water Resistant Belt Bag Courtesy of Amazon


4. Adidas Originals Belt Bag


This men’s belt bag from Adidas might not carry as much as some of the other options on this list, but what it lacks in capacity it certainly makes up for in terms of price. At $20, it’s not going to set you back too much and you get the notoriety and swagger that comes with a brand that is as recognizable as Adidas. Additionally, there are several different color options to choose from, which means there are a number of different ways to make sure you’re reflecting your own personal style when you wear it.

adidas originals Belt Bag Courtesy of Amazon


5. PPXGOGO Fanny Pack


If you’re just looking for extra storage on the cheap, we recommend the PPXGOGO Fanny Pack. It’s made of nylon for durability and water resistance and features two zippered compartments, one for small card-sized items and a larger one for general storage.

PPXGOGO Fanny Pack in black Courtesy of Amazon


6. Herschel Seventeen Belt Bag


Herschel’s Seventeen belt bag is a simple and no-frills option. Just because it’s plain, however, doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features; at 3.5L, it’s one of the larger belt bags made by the brand and comes complete with an included key clip for easy access as well as two pocket options (one smaller in the front and one larger in the back). The 55″ webbing strap will also provide plenty of adjustability should you want to use it as a crossbody bag. If you love Herschel Supply Co. bags — and we definitely do — then the Seventeen Belt Bag is one of the best fanny packs you’ll find.

Herschel Seventeen Belt Bag Courtesy of Amazon


7. Under Armour Belt Bag


Runners rejoice! Under Armour’s belt bag is made from 100% polyester, which means you can wear it on a run no matter how sweaty you get. The material provides a bit of moisture-wicking, which means you can just wipe it down immediately after to have it working as good as new. Oh, yeah, and it’s also water-resistant too. With two interior pockets, there’s plenty of space to keep essentials like your keys and wallet nearby while you’re outside running. Plus, it has a stylish design that will add just the right amount of hip to your athletic apparel.

best fanny packs for men - under armor Courtesy of Under Armor


8. Nike Sportswear Heritage Hip Pack


The nice thing about making a belt bag with a padded, adjustable strap is that it’s capable of wearing for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. Perfect for festivals, concerts and sporting events alike. Complete with a logo that’s just the right size to add a dash of character to any outfit, this belt bag has a couple of zippered pockets to hold onto those smaller items that might jangle around while you’re out and about.

Nike Sportswear Heritage Hip Pack Courtesy of Nike


9. Naoki Love Waist Pack Bag


Fanny packs built for hefty storage are great and all, but sometimes you don’t need all that extra space, not to mention an overstuffed fanny pack can be a real eyesore. That’s where a slim bag like the Naoki Love Waist Pack Bag can really help. This water-resistant polyester bag has three zippered pockets and three card slots on the interior of the bag, making it perfect for holding just a few items during a run or as an alternate wallet.

Naoki Love slim, thin waistpack bag Courtesy of Amazon


10. Nike Slim Waistpack 2.0


If you’re just trying to hold a couple of items, you might appreciate the Nike Slim Waistpack. It’s 100% nylon and ultra-stretchy to accommodate small to mid-range items, and the Nike Swoosh is reflective for low-light conditions.

Black Nike Slim Waistpack 2.0 Courtesy of Amazon


11. COS Technical Body Bag


Messenger bags aren’t the only Wall Street staple for lugging important work-related items. COS’s handsome technical body bag is a lighter, smaller alternative for the modern man to stay both dapper-looking and professional around town. Though it won’t carry your laptop or any confidential documents, this sleek bag will easily fit your phone, wallet, and AirPods for that quick meeting across town. Since the bag is made from recycled technical fabric, you’ll feel just as good about your purchase as you feel wearing it.

COS Technical Body Bag Courtesy of COS


12. Nanamica Cordura Belt Bag


Looking to invest a little more into a men’s belt bag by buying one that’s got some serious character? Japanese brand Nanamica’s version of the bum bag is constructed entirely from Cordura. Frequently used in rain jackets, the material is highly waterproof in addition to being lightweight and tough as hell. The front zipper has a handy looped ring to make it easier to get your hands on quick or important items, while also providing a deep interior for lots and lots of storage. It’s a little bit more expensive than other bags on this list, but the Cordura ensures you’ll have a bag that will last for a long, long time.

nanamica Cordura Belt Bag Courtesy of End Clothing UK


13. Sandqvist x Polaroid – Paris Bum Bag


Take that instant camera safely on the streets with this black camera bag accented with primary colors. While it might not fit every camera in the world, it can squeeze most, including your favorite Polaroid OneStep. The interior is cushioned to protect your camera or whatever else you choose to use this bag for. But the best part of all? If you do choose to bring that Polaroid on the road, there’s a special compartment that allows already-shot photos to develop safely in the dark.

Sandqvist x Polaroid – Paris Bum Bag Courtesy of Sandqvist


14. Dolce & Gabbana Logo Belt Bag


Nestled somewhere between a standard belt bag and a massive wallet is this Dolce & Gabbana’s logo belt bag. This hip-hugging ziptop bag has the classic hip bag aesthetic, meaning it’s easy to open and find your essentials within the bag. The interior is relatively roomy and can hold just about anything you need for a day out, like your iPhone, wallet, lip balm and more. Chunky letters spell out the brand’s name, so people know you’re rocking designer even though the design is black on black.

Dolce & Gabbana Logo Belt Bag Courtesy of Farfetch


15. Rains Bum Bag Mini


We know, this clear, opaque bag isn’t fully see-through. A guy still needs to keep some secrets. But it is pretty cool. Made from water-resistant material with a matte finish, everything inside will stay dry no matter what the weather has to offer. The adjustable strap allows for multiple choices in wearing, so play around and try it across your body, over your shoulder or around your waist. Whichever fits your vibe the most, you go with. Though there is only one large compartment and nothing else, sacrificing multiple hiding spots for a bag this cool is worth it.

Rains Bum Bag Mini Courtesy of Rains


16. Mokuyobi Fanny Pack


Stand out with Mokuyobi and sport this colorful-as-all-hell fanny pack around your waist or around your shoulder. This color block hip bag has a large main compartment for your phone and wallet as well as a smaller bag zipper to store keys, candy wrappers and coins. The strap extends out to 40″ in total to fit people of all shapes and sizes. Made from 100% nylon with heavy-duty webbing, it’s not only strong-colored but strongly made, too.

Mokuyubi Fanny Pack in peach Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


17. Gucci Tiger GG Canvas Belt Bag


It’s the year of Gucci . . . again. But, seriously, how amazing is this Gucci tiger print belt bag? While the Venn diagram of men who wear fanny packs and men who are willing to pay $900 for a designer belt bag is probably quite slim, we couldn’t resist including this amazing Gucci bag in our list. With the coveted GG print under a series of leaping tigers, this is a men’s accessory that will turn heads wherever you go. Made in Italy from premium leather and canvas, this is a fanny pack with true sex appeal — a feat that was thought to be impossible until the resurgence of 90s fashion.

gucci belt bag tiger print Courtesy of Farfetch


18. Waterfly Fanny Pack


Maybe it’s just us, but we love floral print anything and this Waterfly Fanny Pack not only has excellent floral prints, but it’s also pretty cheap. And for its price, you still get plenty of solid features. There is a water-resistant nylon top layer, a convenient headphone hole and a reflective sheet on the belt in case you’re out and about late at night.

Waterfly Fanny Pack in black with rose floral print Courtesy of Amazon


19. Champion Men’s Prime Waist Bag


If you’re looking for a simple fanny pack but don’t want something generic, the Champion Men’s Prime Waist Bag is the best fanny pack for you. It’s polyester and machine washable, with one big storage pouch and an embroidered Champion logo for a little bit of swag for your basic bag.

Champion Men's Prime Waist Bag in grey with embroidered Champion logo Courtesy of Amazon


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