Clip, Flip and Go: The Best Flip-Up Sunglasses for Men

best flip-up sunglasses
Courtesy of 9Five

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Sunglasses can be worn year-round. Not only do they look cool, but anti-reflective and polarized sunglasses can cut down on glare, relieve eye stress and help prevent crow’s feet. Lots of people have a sunglasses collection. Included in that could be eyewear for snowy days, hanging out at the beach, playing sports and hunting. You might want to add flip-up sunglasses to the bunch. Flip-up sunglasses are versatile, and if you’re a minimalist, one less thing to carry/worry about.

Many flip-up sunglasses can have prescription lenses added to them or can be clipped on (and flipped up ) on prescription eyewear.  We’ve gathered the 10 best flip-up sunglasses for men. Scroll on through and check them out. Some of them are priced so right, you may end up with more than one pair.


1. Thom Browne Eyewear Round Flip-Up Sunglasses


Fashion designer Thom Browne reinvents classic styles with a modern twist. The luxury designer has created collabs for Brooks Brothers and Moncler. And he just designed a scarf for the Joe Biden victory campaign. His take on the flip-up sunglasses could be the best flip-up sunglasses for men, as the style harkens back to the lush post-war party crowd on the Riviera a la The Talented Mr. Ripley and manages to be sleek and modern at the same time.

Thom Brown round flip-up sunglasses Courtesy of Farfetch


2. Newegg Polarized Flip-Up Aviation Style Sunglasses


Who doesn’t like a pair of pilot sunglasses? If you’ve been hankering for a pair, but have been looking for a flip-up, look no further. The polarized sunglasses come in 10 shades: everything from red to black, to silver and blue.

New Egg Green gradient flip-up sunglasses Courtesy of New Egg


3. 9Five Lane Black & 24K Gold Flip-up Glasses


For the past 11 years, 9Five has been creating handcrafted luxury eyewear (and sunnies) beloved by influencers and stars (check their FB page for photos). Their prices are very wallet-friendly, so you can look stylish and not live on ramen. 9Five has a line of flip-up sunglasses. The Lane has a 24K gold-plated metal frame, lens bridge and temple segments. The hinges are 24K gold-plated stainless steel hinges. The glasses are handmade acetate and stainless steel. For an extra $95, you can add your eyewear prescription.

9Five lane black acetate and 24k gold-plated flip-up sunglasses Courtesy of 9Five


4. Zero UV Retro Round Circle Flip-Up Sunglasses


Fans of anything 80s will go for Zero UV’s round sunnies. They do look a bit like Sting’s when he was The Police’s frontman.  These flip-up sunnies with UV protectant lenses come in gold, silver or black frames and in a variety of lens colors.


5. Barricade Large Polarized Fitover Flip-Up Sunglasses


These sunglasses do everything but slice and dice. The tinted lenses flip up and they can be worn over prescription glasses too. Reviewers mention that they’ve used them while playing basketball, volleyball and even water aerobics. So, it’s good to know that they won’t fall off while you’re doing something athletic. The Terminator-style glasses also come in brown lenses with brown tortoiseshell and yellow lenses with black frames

barricade flip-up fitover polarized sunglassed Amazon


6. Fish Man Polarized Clip-On Flip-Up Sunglasses


Futzing around with two pairs of glasses can be a pain, add in the fact that you have to disinfect everything before and after you touch it (gee, thank you Covid-19), just leaving the house can be exhausting. One way to ease germy worries and make life easier are these clip-on sunglasses. Not only are they easy to clip on, but they also flip-up. Attach them to your prescription lenses before you walk out the door, and the anti-reflective coating on the polarized lenses relieves eye-strain when driving or playing sports. Sitting at an outdoor café, you can flip up the sunnies, read the menu, and then flip ‘em down again to protect your eyes. The frames are big enough (133mm wide) that they can be clipped on a variety of eyeglass frames.

Black clip-on flip sunglasses with brown lenses Courtesy of Amazon


7. Verona Love Alannah Polarized Clip-On Reading Sunglasses 


Spending time working on the computer and surfing the ‘net can cause eye strain. If you recently found out that you need reading glasses, you’re not alone. Experts state that if you’re working on the computer or doing work that causes eye strain, you may need reading glasses before 40. Alannah’s a unisex pair of reading glasses with a magnetic clip-on sunnies. They come with their own case, you can slip them in your pocket and go.

best flip-up sunglasses Amazon


8. Newon 3-Pack Clip-On Flip-Up Polarized Sunglasses


No muss, no fuss kinda guy? Then this three-pack of clip-on flip-up sunglasses is for you. You have the option to use dark grey, yellow or blue mirrored lenses to pop on over your glasses. The clip-on sunglasses have an anti-reflective, anti-scratch coating, and are UV400. They’re 13mm wide, so they can fit over a variety of frames.

Newon 3 pack clip-on flip-up sunglasses Courtesy of Amazin


9. Gargoyle’s Men’s Gamer Wrap Sunglasses


Baseball players Nolan Arenado (Colorado Rockies), Matt Carpenter (St. Louis Cardinals) and David Wright (ex-Mets) wear these flip-up sunglasses when they’re on the job. The polarized lenses allow you to play any sport without worrying about the sun blocking your view (or aim). Water beads off these anti-reflective sunglasses as well. They have an attached adjustable strap, so you won’t lose them mid-play.

Gargoyle’s Men’s Gamer Wrap Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

10. Gucci 56MM Flip-Up Rectangle Sunglasses


Modernists will adore Gucci’s flip-up sunglasses as they look out of the world. The outer tinted lenses are slightly trapezoidal in shape, while the gold frames are rectangular.

Gucci green rectangle gold frame flip-up sunglasses Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


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