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Reclaim the Joy of Writing in a Digital World With These 5 Fountain Pens

* The physical act of writing has almost been lost in the digital age
* However, writing helps relieve stress and can be seen as a form of meditation
* The 5 best fountain pens range in price from cheap to moderately expensive

When was the last time you sat down and wrote something with pen and paper? In the digital age, physically writing letters, notes and more is somewhat of a lost art form. Yet think about the joy perfectly formed letters and smooth flowing ink used to bring. Reclaim that joy by investing in one of these fountain pens.

Of course, in the digital age, we type everything and save our files across multiple platforms. Writing with pen and paper doesn’t allow you that convenience, but that’s not the point. By picking up an elegant fountain pen and allowing yourself to get into the flow of writing, you free yourself from digital distraction and gain the satisfaction of creating something physical. This act has been shown to relieve stress and lead to a generally improved mood.

So get back to basics and invest in one of these fountain pens. They range from cheap to expensive, but any of them will help you escape the confines of your keyboard and free your mind from the day-to-day digital routine.

1. Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

It’s a myth that fountain pens have to be expensive.

offers an affordable way to reclaim the joy of writing. Each order comes with seven pens in assorted colors stored in a convenient, reusable plastic pouch. In addition, the pens boast genuine stainless steel nibs and an advanced liquid ink system to guarantee smooth writing.

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2. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set


is sturdy and balanced, representing great value for money. Constructed to be perfectly weighted for both right and left-handed users, these fountain pens boast a medium nib for ideal ink flow as well as six free ink cartridges. Furthermore, each set comes with a PDF full of best care instructions for those who are new to the wonderful world of fountain pens.

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3. Dryden Designs Luxury Fountain Pen

Make a statement at the next office meeting by showing up with the elegant

. This medium nib fountain pen boasts a smooth, metallic finish that is hard to miss. Plus, it was constructed to balance comfort with reliability, making it a pen you can use for hours without noticing hand fatigue. Finally, we should note that every Dryden Designs fountain pen is hand assembled and gift ready for anyone who loves journaling or calligraphy.

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4. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Not as flashy as many of the styles on this list, the

is made by a brand known for high-quality designer writing instruments with timeless aesthetics and functionality. Back in 1966, Lamy created their first pen using the Bauhaus principle of functional design, namely “form follows function.” Today, their pens take on more or less the same form as is evident in this charcoal black fountain pen complete with a black coated steel nub.

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5. LACHIEVA Luxury Walnut Fountain Pen

A well-built pen that oozes class, the

is made from natural handcrafted walnut. Additionally, the pen includes a fine nib from a famous German brand called Schmidt, so you know you’ll get beautiful ink flow every time you use this pen. Ideal as a gift for graduates or someone who was recently promoted, this pen set comes with one pen, one wood box, two disposable cartridges and one ink converter.

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