9 Front Pocket Wallets to Securely Hold Your Essentials

best front pocket wallets

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We all know the importance of wallets as an essential tool to carry your, well, essentials. But for some, it makes sense to have those essentials in a more safe and secure place than a back pocket or to have nearby for even faster use. Regardless of your thought process, a front pocket wallet is an answer to your potential problem.

Most front wallets take one of two forms: they’re either extremely minimalist cardholders or the wallet itself is slightly curved in order to fit snuggly and securely into the whole space of your pocket. The wallet will take up some of that prime front pocket real estate, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off for having what you need very close at hand.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up nine of the best front pocket wallets you can get right now. Our picks, below.


1. Tommy Hilfiger Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Elegant with a look that’s fairly timeless, this front pocket wallet from Tommy Hilfiger is great for those men who want a no-fuss wallet. The front folding option allows for your essentials to be comfortable and securely held thanks to its magnetic closure. The front portion of the wallet has quick access card slots to those frequently used options and folds open for additional access, evoking feelings of a detective showing his badge.

Tommy Hilfiger Slim Front Pocket Wallet Amazon


2. Herschel Charlie Front Pocket Wallet

A truly minimalist option, this front pocket wallet from Herschel has just six card slots (three on the front and three on the back) and a top-access sleeve making it the minimalist choice. If you want to forgo carrying large amounts of cash and just really have the essentials, this is your best option. Crafted in a striking navy hue, it’s definitely slim enough to keep in your front pocket for safety and security.

Herschel Charlie Front Pocket Wallet Amazon


3. Polare Original Slim Curve Front Pocket Wallet

With its slightly curved shape, this front pocket wallet from Polare Original naturally sits in the front of your shorts or pants with ease. The bi-fold design keeps all your stuff tucked away for when you need it and includes plenty of space for your ID, credit cards and your cash too. Plus, it has a built-in RFID blocker to protect your chip cards from being stolen. This cowhide leather wallet will also age nicely the more and more you use it.

Polare Original Slim Curve Front Pocket Wallet Amazon


4. BIAJIYA Phone Front Pocket Card Wallet

Easily applied to the back of any smartphone, this card wallet from BIAJIYA turns your most-used device into a handy cardholder. The faux leather, canvas, and silicone combination gives this a touch more refinement than you’d typically get with a plastic or rubber attachment and can store up to five cards. While it’s definitely more of a minimalist wallet, it’s still extremely handy to have everything you might need, all in one place.

BIAJIYA Phone Front Pocket Card Wallet Amazon


5. Red Wing Heritage Card Holder Front Pocket Wallet

Red Wing is more than just really timeless work boots as they take that same level of craftsmanship and attention to fine detail in other leather goods. Case-in-point: this stripped-down cardholder that’s a great option for a front pocket wallet. The premium leather construction will age and patina extremely well as you continue to use it over time. While the holder only has two card slots, each one is capable of holding up to 20 cards each. It also has a top opening pocket for coins and cash should you need it.

Red Wing Heritage Card Holder Front Pocket Wallet Amazon


6. Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

Even more tailored to naturally rest in your front pocket, this leather wallet from Rogue Industries will snuggly and securely rest in the front right pocket of your pants or shorts. The 100% leather construction allows for a classic-looking wallet even when its shape is a little atypical. With room for up to six credit cards, cash, and your ID, you should be all set with almost everything you need to navigate the day — all while knowing your wallet is in a safe space where you can easily grab it.

Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet Amazon


7 kinzd Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

This double-sided wallet and money clip from kinzd is deceptive in just how much storage space it really offers for your daily items. An extremely tough magnet allows for the storage of up to 30 bills, while the card slots can hold several cards at once. The magnet is strong enough for you to clip the money to the outside of your pants, securely fastening it in place.

kinzd Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet Amazon


8. Columbia Front Pocket Wallet

One might not anticipate an outdoor gear company like Columbia to have made such a sturdy and fashionable front pocket wallet, but you’d be wrong. With its classic design, four card holder, two slip pockets, and built-in money clip, this front pocket wallet is endlessly versatile, making it a more than worthy companion for day-to-day use.

Columbia Front Pocket Wallet Amazon


9. Zitahli Money Clip Front Wallet

With a striking two-tone leather, a staggering seven-card storage capacity, a pull-strap for quick access, and RFID-blocking abilities, this money clip front wallet from Zitahli is a great combination of both form and function. Other features include an external pouch for even faster access to your most needed cards. The previously mentioned access strap is actually made from elastic, which allows it to naturally spring back into place when you’re done using it. Plus the microfiber leather will hold up to extended, repeated use which means you can invest in it without having to concern yourself with it falling apart.

Zitahli Money Clip Front Wallet Amazon


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