These Gaming Backpacks Let You Safely Transport Gaming Laptops and Consoles

the best gaming backpacks
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As any gamer knows, transporting your gear can be a nerve-wracking experience. Gaming equipment such as consoles, headsets and gaming laptops are not meant to survive tumbles and bumps. But we still want to bring our gear to friends’ houses for gaming parties or on trips. This is where a high-quality gaming backpack becomes a must-have item.

Gaming backpacks let you safely pack and transport all your equipment. They come ready for the inevitable bump or small drop with hard exteriors, padding on the inside and pockets that cleverly organize all of your gear. They’re a clear step-up from typical laptop backpacks or everyday bags, so we suggest that every gamer-on-the-go invest in one. After all, you’re probably transporting hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming transportation setup, read on. We’ve rounded up several of the best gaming backpacks for consoles and gaming laptops alike. Check them out below.

1. Dell Gaming Backpack


Our favorite gaming backpack is this one from Dell. It checks all the boxes with a super durable EVA molded front shield, smart organization on the inside, a low-key stylish look, and great reviews to back it up. It also just happens to be one of the most affordable gaming backpacks on our list at just $43. Inside, you’ll find pockets for controllers, cables and headsets, plus a large padded pocket for your laptop or console. Plus, if you get caught in the rain, the backpack has a deployable rain cover to keep the whole thing safe.

Gaming Laptop Dell Courtesy of Amazon


2. Kalidi Gaming Laptop Backpack


While the Dell backpack above is very affordable, you can still save a few more bucks with this gaming laptop backpack from Kalidi. The interior laptop or console pocket is equipped with bubble foam padding that does a great job absorbing shock in case of a fall, while the whole exterior is waterproof for any surprise showers. It also has a handy charging port for your mobile devices while you’re traveling or commuting with your gear.

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3. Jsranis Universal Gaming Backpack


If you’re just carrying an Xbox or Playstation console, this backpack from Jsranis is ideal. It features dedicated pockets for controllers, cables and even physical games, plus a large strap-closure pocket for a console. Also, because consoles can be heavy, the backpack has chest and waist straps to alleviate the load.

Backpack Xbox One Courtesy of Amazon


4. FreeBiz 18.4 Inches Laptop Backpack


Got a big laptop? Go for this backpack from FreeBiz. It fits a rig up to 18.4 inches, making it the most spacious on our list. On top of that, it still has a plethora of other pockets for accessories and cables. Customers say it’s also great for traveling thanks to a TSA-friendly pocket for quick access to your laptop.

Backpack for Gaming Laptop Courtesy of Amazon


5. Enhance Universal Gaming Laptop Backpack


This compact gaming backpack from Enhance offers a streamlined means of transporting your console or laptop. The lightweight design makes it ideal for short journeys (i.e. to your friend’s house). Although it’s quite small, you can squeeze in a console, physical games, gear and controllers with ease. We especially like the padded divider in the main compartment which allows you to carry, say, a laptop and a console without worrying about the two banging into each other.

Gaming Backpack PS4 Xbox Courtesy of Amazon


6. Nintendo Switch Backpack by PDP


The Nintendo Switch was made for on-the-go gamers, so a Switch-specific backpack is going to be a bit different than the others. This one from PDP offers ultra-lightweight protection for your device (the empty bag weighs just 16 ounces), making it safer to bring your Switch on trips or commutes. It comes highly-rated with 4.8/5 stars and over 400 reviews, as users say it easily fits everything and has a high-quality build.

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7. Mobile Edge Razer Gaming Backpack


Gaming backpacks should still be stylish — it is a backpack, after all. If you want a bag that doesn’t sacrifice fashion, go for this Razer backpack from Mobile Edge. It showcases a handsome military-inspired look, but doesn’t skimp on the features in terms of transportation for your gaming laptop or console. It has multiple padded interior pockets, plus a light green color on the inside that helps you find all those black cables and accessories.

military backpack laptops Courtesy of Amazon


8. System G Carry Plus Laptop Backpack


Our favorite high-end gaming backpack is this one from System G. It has a super streamlined look with a hard protective shell that works to keep your device(s) safe while scoring style points as well. The material is a premium waterproof nylon (no need for an extra rain cover), and the interior liners have a thick structure to keep everything organized and secure. All this does come at a price ($150), but if you carry your gaming laptop or console often, it’s a great investment.

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