Show Off Your Green Thumb While Protecting Your Hands With the Best Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves
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If you’re preparing to show off your green thumb this season and are ready to put a little elbow grease in your outdoor space, you’re going to need the right tools to turn your boring patch of grass into the gardens of Versailles. Or, at least something that has a little bit of color and depth. Gardening is a great way to spend time outdoors, improve the curb appeal of your home, add some greenery to your balcony, rooftop or backyard, and it even has some great relaxation and meditation benefits. But gardening is significantly less enjoyable if the day ends with cuts, bruises and blisters, which is why before you garden, you need to invest in gardening gloves.

What To Look For When Buying Gardening Gloves

What time of year will you be gardening? If it’s early in the spring, you may want a glove that is water-resistant and can handle being outside on days with a light drizzle. Fall cleanups require heavier gloves that can handle cool temps, while summer gardening needs a breathable fabric that won’t cause your hands to overheat.

What kind of gardening will you be doing? Fans of roses and other flowers that have thorns need to protect themselves with a longer glove that is made of leather or another thick fabric that can’t easily be pierced.

Will you be working with pesticides? In this case, opt for a glove that is nonabsorbent and coated in neoprene or nitrile to protect your hands.

Will you be working with materials other than plants? If your gardening job this season includes handling decorative stones or laying tiles or pavers, thicker, more flexible gloves that are reinforced in areas like the knuckles and palms will help improve your grip and protect your hands.

How We Chose the Best Gardening Gloves

We included a wide variety of styles that will fit just about every season and gardening demand. Most of the gloves on our list are available in several sizes, which is important since a glove that is too big or too small won’t offer a snug fit and could result in a loose grip, blisters, and an overall frustrating day of gardening.

Ready to get gardening? These are the best gardening gloves to buy right now!

1. Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

For a do-it-all glove that you can wear all year, we like the multipurpose Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves. The Pine Tree gloves are made from naturally breathable bamboo, which keeps hands cool and comfortable in warm weather and warm when the temperature begins to drop. Available in five sizes, customers are able to find the perfect fit to ensure the flexible gloves are snug and can be worn for an extended period without developing blisters or bruises (Pine Tree offers a comprehensive size guide to help ensure customers order the perfect size). The gloves fit like a second skin and won’t impede activities. The touchscreen-friendly gloves make it easy to access smartphones and tablets while working. The Pine Tree gloves are a great multipurpose glove that can be used for gardening, light construction, and fishing, with users’ hands clean and protected for each activity. The gloves also dry quickly, making it easy for users to handwash the gloves whenever necessary.

Pros: The Pine Tree gloves are available in five sizes for a snug fit, breathable in warm weather and warm in cold weather, and allow wearers to access their touchscreen without removing the gloves.

Cons: The Pine Tree gloves won’t protect against thorns or other sharp objects.

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Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

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2. Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree

For gardeners who are proud of their rose bushes but would prefer to not have arms filled with battle scars, there are the Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree. Made from genuine goatskin leather, the full coverage gloves are designed to protect users from thorns and other sharp objects that can impede their ability to comfortably work in a garden. The durable cowhide sleeve keeps users protected from thorns and the 100 percent leather gloves have natural breathability that makes them comfortable to wear even in warm weather. The softness of the gloves makes it easy for users to maintain full hand dexterity and the six available sizes help to ensure a snug and secure fit. The puncture-resistant gloves are designed for rose bushes but can also be used for pruning prickly bushes and handling a cactus.

Pros: Protects against cuts and scrapes from thorns, available in a wide range of sizes for a snug fit, made from leather for a durable and breathable finish.

Cons: Taller users with long arms may find the Fir Tree gloves slightly short.

Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree Image courtesy of Amazon

Leather Gardening Gloves by Fir Tree


3. G&F Products Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam Coating

For an affordable set of gardening gloves that keep your hands protected without restricting movement, we like the G&F Products Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam Coating. The G&F Gloves have a 100% nylon shell that protects hands from the elements and keeps dirt and grime from penetrating the gloves. The nylon also helps the gloves achieve a ‘second skin’ fit and provide a breathable experience that makes them comfortable to wear all day in the garden. A micro-foam coating that covers the palms and fingers adds an extra layer of protection which is especially important for users who are working with fertilizer and pesticides. This coating also makes it comfortable for users to secure a firm grip on tools and plants even in slippery conditions. The gloves are sold in a set of six and come in two sizes for women and four sizes for men, making it easy to find a pair that fits every gardener on your team. We also like that the G&F gloves can be washed and air-dried, helping to extend their lifespan.

Pros: Breathable and flexible, the micro-foam coating helps aid in grip, available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Cons: The gloves aren’t as water-resistant as other options on our list.

G&F Products Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam Coating Image courtesy of Amazon

G&F Products Gardening Gloves with Micro-Foam…


4. Garden Genie Gloves

When it’s time to loosen dirt and get digging, the Garden Genie Gloves make it easy for gardeners to put their hands where the action is. The waterproof and puncture-resistant gloves feature four ABS plastic claws on each hand that make it convenient for gardeners to dig into dirt and soil without having to grab a clunky tool. Thanks to a natural latex coating, the gloves keep moisture out and protect the user’s hands even in wet conditions. The back of the hand and wrist protection are made from breathable nylon that helps to keep the wearer’s hands cool even when working in warm weather. Available in six colors, the Garden Genie Gloves arrived in a storage bag to keep the gloves protected when not in use.

Pros: Includes ABS plastic claws for digging, waterproof and puncture-resistant, breathable.

Cons: The gloves are a universal one-size-fits-all design that may not provide a snug and comfortable fit for all.

Garden Genie Gloves Image courtesy of Amazon

Garden Genie Gloves

5. Bionic Men’s ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves

If sore, tired and arthritic hands are threatening to end your love of gardening, it’s time to invest in a pair of the Bionic ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves. Available in both men’s and women’s cuts and four size options, the glove is designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon to provide ample coverage from the elements without causing hands to become fatigued from sore muscles. The pads of the gloves have a patented relief system that provides added comfort and improves grip.

Inside of the gloves are mini terrycloth towels that pull moisture and sweat away from the hands, keeping them dry even after hours of work. Web zones using Lycra are strategically placed throughout the high-impact areas, including the knuckles and back of the hand, to help prevent excess wear and tear and provide a more comfortable wearing experience. An expanded wristband and padded thumb base help to ward off hand fatigue and silicone-covered fingers improve grip, making these a great option for gardening, light construction, and DIY projects around the home. We also like that, unlike most gardening gloves, the Bionic gloves are safe for machine washing.

Pros: Fights fatigue and provides support for users with hand issues, machine washable, reinforced grip.

Cons: The Bionic gloves have a high price tag and may not last as many seasons as their leather counterparts.

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Bionic Men's ReliefGrip Gardening Gloves

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