Say Goodbye to Dust and Scratches with the Best Glasses Cases

best glasses cases

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If you own premium eyeglasses or high-quality sunglasses, you’re going to need a few glasses cases to protect your investment. Even if you’ve got some of the best cheap glasses, a solid glasses case will prolong the life of your lenses just by minimizing scratches from your pocket or backpack.

But like so many products, there are a million options to choose from, and depending on your needs, there’s also not likely to be one perfect case to cover all your bases. Soft case or hard case? Zip opening or snap opening? More protection or more convenience? Whatever your needs are, we’ve rounded up some of the best glasses cases to help you cut through the noise and find a reliable option. Whether you need something that can survive the drop from desk to floor with your glasses intact, a glasses case to help keep your precious frames dry or maybe just something to tuck into your pocket to protect your glasses from daily wear and tear, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our picks below and start protecting your glasses today because if you take good care of your glasses, they’ll keep taking good care of your eyes.


1. Optiplix Hard Shell Glasses Case


Whatever your basic needs are for your glasses, the Optiplix Hard Shell Glasses Case will address them. The beauty of a glasses case like this is it’s inherently simple. Is it hard enough to be sat upon? Check. Does it snap shut, keeping dirt and dust out and ensuring your glasses won’t accidentally fall out? Check. Is it big enough to fit most frames while not being unwieldy? Check. Is the inside soft enough so I know my lenses won’t get scratched? Check. Does it come in multiple colorways so I can go for something that will blend or something eye-catching that will stand out? Check. Can I afford to buy three so I have a glasses case in every place I need? Check.

The Optiplix covers all the basic bases you would need in a glasses case and will offer solid protection through its hard clamshell casing at a reasonable price. Some of the designs even have glasses printed on the case so you couldn’t possibly confuse the case for anything other than what it is: a simple, great glasses case. For hitting most of the needs for most people, the Optiplix is our unquestioned best overall glasses case.

Optiplix hardshell glasses case Courtesy of Amazon


2. Nite Ize Rugged Hard Shell Optics Case


Short of buying basically a glasses lockbox, there’s only so much protection you get for your glasses out of a glasses case. That being said, the Nite Ize Rugged Hard Shell Optics Case offers a lot of features to make sure your glasses stay safe. The weather-resistant hardshell exterior helps protect against some rain, falls or crushing and the interior has foam on the inside so even if you leave the case under something heavy the glasses should remain unscathed, not to mention scratch-free. A zip enclosure guarantees your glasses won’t ever slip out (so long as you remember to zip it closed!) and this case also features a built-in clip as well as a built-in carabiner loop, so you can secure this case anywhere you want. As an added bonus, the case features a sewn-in microfiber cloth, so you’ll always be able to give your lenses a quick polish when you’re out and about.

The only real downside to this case is its size and flexibility. The case appears to be rigid, but it actually flattens out so it might not protect glasses if something heavy is dropped on top of them. The case is also basically the size of a small sneaker, which can be inconvenient, though you can make the case that because the case is so large, it’s unlikely you’ll accidentally sit on them because they definitely won’t fit in a pocket.

Nite Ize rugged optics case Courtesy of Amazon


3. Altec Vision Microfiber Pouch


If a proper glasses case isn’t portable enough for you, then a microfiber glasses pouch might be worth a try. A microfiber pouch will help keep dust off your lenses and offer basic scratch protection, not to mention slip easily into a front or back pocket. The major downside is that in any microfiber pouch you will have zero protection from crushing or heavy weights, so if you sit on your glasses, they’re very likely to break or get bent out of shape. But if this sounds like an appealing solution, Altec Vision makes the perfect microfiber soft pouch.

The soft fabric helps clean the glasses while they’re in the pouch and this pouch has a two-sided drawstring so you can tie them together to prevent the pouch from opening. You can also store other things, like a smartphone, too. If you’re a real MacGyver, you can even slip a carabiner through the loops to attach the pouch to a backpack or a front belt loop. The last benefit of this approach is that microfiber pouches are super affordable, and you’ll get four of them for the price of one cheap traditional glasses case.

Altec vision microfiber pouch Courtesy of Amazon


4. Ezeso Hard Shell Glasses Case


It’s difficult to find an adequate combination of protection, size and portability with glasses cases. That’s generally because the smaller they are, the weaker they’re likely to be and the less likely they are to fit more kinds of frames. But if you’re looking for something short that’s more likely to comfortably tuck into your pocket, the Ezeso Hard Shell Glasses Case is for you. The outside material, which comes in multiple colors, is an aluminum alloy for added strength against weight and drops. The inside features a suede lining to help keep your glasses dust-free and scratch-free. The design is such that even if you sit on this case, it won’t collapse or bend or damage your lenses or frames, and the buckle closure will stay closed unless you force it open.

The upside of this short glasses case is also its downside: The case won’t hold any glasses taller than one inch, so be sure to double-check the height of your glasses before buying. If you like this case but need the height more than the depth, like for a pair of reading glasses, you can also buy it in a smaller size that has less depth for an even smaller, slimmer case. For both options, we like the gold color for its coolness and stand-out qualities.

Ezeso glasses case Courtesy of Amazon


5. Altec Vision Glasses Case


Maybe you’re the kind of guy who loves rocking oversized lenses, or maybe you don’t mind trying to pack more than one pair of glasses into a case. If that describes you, you’re going to need the extra tall glasses case from Altec Vision. The brand’s large-size glasses case boasts an interior height of two inches, more than tall enough for any folded set of glasses or sunglasses. The hard clamshell case will snap shut to prevent anything from getting in or out and of course protect your glasses from scrapes, drops or being sat upon.

This glasses case ships with a microfiber cloth and comes in seven different color schemes, though we’re big fans of the white shell with the soft blue interior lining. The only downside is this case is not at all suitable for pockets, but it’ll survive your backpack or suitcase without a hitch.

Altec vision glasses case large Courtesy of Amazon


6. Splaqua Waterproof Glasses Case


Here’s a hard truth: There is no such thing as waterproof glasses cases. That’s because the design to fit and protect glasses while making them readily accessible works against designs to make something waterproof. The easier something is to access, like with a zipper or clamshell opening, means the opening has fewer measures to stop water from getting in. To put it simply, if it’s easy for you to get into the case, it’s easy for water to get into the case. But for most people in most cases, simply having a durable, water-resistant case will cover most situations, like the rain or even the occasional heavy splash of water. That’s where the Splaqua Waterproof Glasses Case comes in.

The case is buoyant so it won’t sink if you do drop it into water and the stiff outer shell is made from EVA, a rubber-like material that doesn’t soak. But because there’s a zipper it’s not totally waterproof and won’t survive being submerged. It’s also not super sturdy because one half of the case can be pushed into the other if sat upon or left under something heavy, in contrast to hardshell cases or even just cases without zippers. But to be fair, these criticisms are true of almost all glasses cases that claim to be waterproof, and the Splaqua case does have a carabiner loop for added security when near water. It’s also tall enough to fit any pair of glasses or sunglasses I’ve ever owned. All things considered, if you’re going to be spending time on a boat or near a pool, the Splaqua glasses case has more than enough going on to protect your frames.

Splaqua waterproof glasses case Courtesy of Amazon


7. Heeta Waterproof Pouch


As we mentioned above, there aren’t really waterproof glasses cases. But there are fully submersible waterproof pouches and bags, and if they’re good enough to protect electronics and other valuables from water then they surely will handle glasses. So if you absolutely have to have your glasses be 100% protected from water, you’re much better off investing in something that can be submerged, such as the Heeta Waterproof Pouch. This pouch is fully submersible up to 32 feet for one hour and made of PVC, the very same durable plastic in a PVC pipe, which is frequently used for pipes and plumbing. An adjustable waist strap gives you plenty of options for securing your glasses and valuables near water, and you can even touch a smartphone through the plastic for added convenience.

Your best bet near water is to buy one of the hardshell glasses cases we recommend and this pouch, and there will be nothing that could get to your glasses. You also get a lot of color options, including an opaque black option for privacy, and two pouches for under $10, so what do you have to lose?

Heeta 2-pack waterproof pouches Courtesy of Amazon


8. Ezeso Translucent Glasses Case


If you own multiple pairs of glasses and are constantly putting this or that pair on, you may want to invest in transparent cases. The Ezeso Translucent Glasses Case may be just what you need. The plastic case has a frosted appearance, so it’s not fully transparent, but you can see through well enough to easily determine which glasses are inside. A magnetic enclosure helps secure the case and the case is medium-sized so it’ll fit most glasses and sunglasses. The one downside is the inner lining doesn’t cover the whole interior of the case, otherwise, it couldn’t be transparent. It’s not a huge problem as your glasses aren’t likely to get scratched by the interior, and depending on your needs the increased transparency may be worth the trade-off. For just a few dollars more, you can also get two cases instead of one.

Ezeso translucent glasses case Courtesy of Amazon


9. Mianzu Foldable Glasses Case


If portability is your biggest concern, that is, if you want to be able to take a glasses case with you everywhere, you should probably go for a foldable case. The Mianzu Glasses Case is simple, sleek and flattens from a triangle shape so you can easily stick the case in a back pocket or backpack. A magnetic closure keeps it closed whether flat or in its triangle \form, so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally unfolding, and it can hold most sizes of sunglasses in its case form.

Mianzu foldable glasses case Courtesy of Amazon


10. Optiplix Foldable Cork Glasses Case


Given the needs of glasses cases, it’s difficult to make them eco-friendly. By design, they’re meant to last, not break down. But foldable cases open up doors to all kinds of eco-friendly materials because the triangle shape creates stability as much as the material. That’s why the Optiplix Foldable Cork Glasses Case is such a good idea. It offers the same benefits as a synthetic foldable glasses case, except it uses cork instead. Not only is cork biodegradable, but it also looks super stylish compared to some of the more traditional black and brown cases.

Optiplix cork foldable glasses case Courtesy of Amazon


11. Mosiso Eyeglasses Holder


The Mosiso Eyeglasses Holder is less of a glasses case and more of, well, a glasses holder. It’s not meant to leave the house, but if you’re the kind of person who needs a glasses case, you may want to consider a glasses holder for your home. It’s made of polyurethane leather with a plush-lined interior so you can simply drop your glasses or phone into it without worrying about any damage. The flat base ensures the holder won’t tip over and magnets help keep the base stable if it’s on a metal table or surface. Buy it in whichever colorway best suits your home decor, though we’re partial to the traditional brown.

Mosiso glasses holder Courtesy of Amazon


12. Vaultz Locking Glasses Case


Your glasses or sunglasses are meant for you, not your brother or nosy roommate. If you’ve got someone borrowing your glasses more often than you’d like, it’s probably time to invest in the Vaultz Locking Glasses Case. This glasses box features metal trim, chrome steel corners and a key-based lock, so the only person getting into the box is you.

Vaultz locking glasses case Courtesy of Amazon


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