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The Best Glasses For Round Faces

Of course, you know what glasses are already. Maybe you’ve been wearing them for most of your life and never think twice about it because the alternative is, well, not seeing. What you might be missing, however, is the importance of having a proper fit and shape for your face.*

First and foremost, everyone doesn’t have the same face shape. There are heart-shaped faces, square-shaped faces, and round-shaped faces, which typically require a little more thought and consideration when it comes to selecting frames. For example, choosing a circular or slender frame can make your face look bigger, or just not frame it correctly at all. We spoke with a Customer Service Expert from Liingo Eyewear about what customers with round faces should look for in a glasses frame.

“For a rounder face, you typically want to go with a more rectangular or square frame to offset the roundness,” Rebecca W. said. “The frames should sit on your face comfortably, without sliding down your nose or without having to tilt your head to see. The arms should be a comfortable length, not too long or too short, and sit comfortably on your ears.”

Rounder faces need thicker frames with straighter, bolder lines to help create contrast and balance on the face, she added. “Try to look for frames with prolonged temples, as well as slightly sloping or straight brow lines.”

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best frames for people with round faces. Each of these bold, dynamic frames has the capacity to help you see and look your best while doing it.

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1. Hayden Frames


This option comes from Warby Parker features all of the benefits of a square-shaped frame. They come in three colorways that will definitely mesh well with everything in your closet. They feature clean lines, level angles, and even-keeled proportions that make the style a perfect option for those with a rounder face. This style is made from hand-polished cellulose acetate, making them durable and efficient.

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Warby Parker

2. Atlas Frames


This frame is cool and has the duality of feeling modern yet also 1970s-retro. The thin-yet-bold square frame is sure to accentuate your face. They will sit comfortably on your face thanks to the extended arms, and the lenses feature DuraSeal anti-reflective technology and scratch-resistant coating. They’re a thinner frame but offer all of the perks of the square shape without the added thickness.

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Liingo Eyewear

3. Rectangle Frames


This is a simple design from Zenni that offers all of the perks. They’re an efficient rectangular frame with a distinct brow line. They’re lightweight and will help to nicely frame a round face. They’re extremely affordable at $15.95, which is an amazing price for such a timelessly good look, so it’s a win-win.

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4. Ames Frames


If this frame doesn’t scream 1950s to you, then we’re here to tell you that they do! They feature a bold brow line and a nice amount of width to make sure that the frames are comfortable for long wearing. This style looks sleek enough to wear during professional hours, yet stylish enough to wear during a night on the town. They are made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and stainless steel. Cool, right?

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Warby Parker

5. Frankie Frames


If you like glasses with clear frames, this option from Liingo Eyewear feels modern yet vintage at the same time. It’s a large-sized frame with a funky, playful feel on the classic style. They feature signature temple tips that are stylish and fun. This style comes in four colors that look light and breezy while framing your round face perfectly.

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Liingo Eyewear

6. Ray-Ban RX5228 Frames


Ray-Ban is synonymous with fine eyewear. This frame from the brand, offered by Glasses USA, is no exception. If you’re looking for a frame that has multiple color options, then the Ray-Ban RX5228 has you covered with its seven distinct color options. This frame features premium acetate, and sleek arms and silver accents that feel like they hopped out of the 1950s. The rectangular frame will compliment a round face perfectly.

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Glasses USA

7. Oakley Holbrook Rx Frames


This style from EyeBuyDirect feels like they could’ve been something that Clark Kent wore, so why would you not want to bring out your inner Superman and wear them? Oakley produces them and they come in three colors. They feature a bold look that aligns with that same personality type. They also feature a square shape and anti-reflective coating and UV protection for the lenses is available.

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8. Shuron Sidewinder Frames


A vintage style that kind of reminds you of the glasses your dad wore comes from The retro feel of this style is in right now and will add a throwback feel to any outfit you pair them with. They come in four colorways and features soft, rounded edges for a Wayfarer-inspired style. They give off an inherently cool Buddy Holly vibe.

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9. Mandi Frames


This option is sleek and classic. The thick frames will help balance your round face and help create contrast between your glasses, and well, your face. They’re stylish and feature a black acetate that’s durable and comfortable. The frames also feature flexible spring hinges that create this sophisticated, clean look suitable for both men and women.

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10. Ballard Frames


If you’re looking for a modern design that meshes well with your personal style, the Dearborn frame style from Liingo Eyewear is perfect for you. It features a square-shaped frame with a sleek-yet-distinguished brow line that accentuates the eyes and marks where your glasses begin and end. They’re affordable and come in four colorways that are sure to match your personal aesthetic.

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Liingo Eyewear

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