Up Your Grill Game With These Handy Heat-Resistant Gloves

Grilling Gloves
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Imagine being able to get closer to your BBQ grill without ever having to worry about burning your hands. With these heat-resistant grill gloves, you can bring the heat without having to worry about ever feeling it.

These insanely practical gloves make it easier for you to flip your burgers, grab your steaks and even adjust the coals with perfect precision. With different designs, heat settings and more, you can take your grill game to the next level without ever having to worry about putting your fingers too close to the fire. We’ve even included cut-resistant options that are so durable they can actually help protect your fingers for accidental cuts and scrapes.

Interested? Check out our 12 favorite options below.


1. Homemaxs 1,472℉ Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves


Made with three (yes, three) layers of durable materials, these gloves are designed to withstand temperatures up to 1,472 degrees. The first layer is made from skid-resistant silicone, the second with rough fiber to help protect your hands from the heat, and the third layer consists of a polyester-cotton covering for added comfort and convenience. All and all, they’re easily the safest and most durable gloves available.

Homemaxsgloves Courtesy of Amazon

2. SARCCH BBQ Gloves-Protective Grill Mitts


For just over $10, these heat-resistant gloves make it easier to turn up the heat without getting burned. The gloves’ super snug fit is designed to protect your hands while keeping your range of motion intact, and the extended forearm protection is a nice bonus we haven’t seen in other models. With added protection for your wrist and forearm, you can get closer and flip those dogs and burgers with ease.

SARCCH Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

3. AYL Silicone Cooking Gloves


Tired of losing your grill gloves in the kitchen utensils drawer? That won’t be a problem with this pair of highlighter-yellow silicone grill gloves! This dual-layer, silicon gloves will allow you to grill, bake, or even handle the fireplace with ease. The cotton-soft linen liner helps protect your fingers from the heat and the textured gripping surfaces will make you feel more secure when handling heavier hot objects — like that good old’ cast iron pan your grandma used to have. Not a big fan of the bright color? No problem: These gloves come in a more standard black and red colors, too.

Silicone Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

4. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves


Is there anything worse than the feeling of burning hot oil drops splashing on your arm when you’re cooking? We didn’t think so. That’s why this pair of extra-long gloves is a must for people who have a passion for frying, grilling, baking, and any other cooking with high heat. These gloves are so reliable, in fact, that they’re also recommended for welding and blacksmithing.

Leather Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

5. NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves


Sure, these gloves are heat-resistant, but what really makes them cool is the fact that they’re four times stronger than traditional leather, making them one of the most cut-resistant gloves on the market. 100% machine washable, they’re incredibly easy to clean. And the lightweight design coupled with their firm and simple grip makes them easily one of the best grill gloves on the market.

Cut-Resistant Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

6. Bogo Brands Oven Gloves


If you’re looking for a gift that is twice as good as the rest, look no further than this pair of gloves. Why? Because it comes with two pairs instead of just one! These are standard cooking gloves that will withstand the heat and allow you to bake, grill and barbecue with confidence. Also, they are machine-washable and super easy to clean.

Bogo Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

7. WZQH Cooking Gloves


For when you have a smorgasbord of meats and don’t want to worry about getting your fingers too close to the fire, these super heavy-duty gloves are a smart choice. With a durable outer layer made from genuine cowhide leather and an interior layer made by a flame-resistant cotton cloth, these gloves are able to keep your digits safe even when you’re constantly plunging them into the fire. They also work great for wielding.

Cooking Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

8. FIREOR BBQ Grill Gloves


Not only are these gloves insanely heat resistant, they’re made with a smart non-slip silicone material which gives them an incredibly accurate grip. They also feature a unique Deyan aramid fiber that them withstand temperatures up to 1472 degrees without your fingers ever feeling a thing. With an added polyester-cotton lining that acts as both support and protection, they make a great everyday grilling glove with a way above-average grip.

Fireor Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

9. EvridWear Heat and Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves Oven Mitts


Great for both indoor and outdoor use, these surprisingly comfortable gloves come in six vibrant color options and can withstand heats up to 932 degrees. Because these gloves are specifically designed for grilling and cooking, they’re made with a unique (and brilliant) cut-resistant material that helps add an extra layer of safety when you’re chopping and grilling. Plus, unlike other gloves, these bad boys are machine washable.

EvridWear Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

10. Hand Working Gloves Safety Grip


The great thing about these gloves is the fact that each purchase comes with six individual pairs. Made from 90% cotton and 10% nylon, they’re designed to keep your fingers safe without sacrificing dexterity. However, unlike some of the other more powerful heat-resistant gloves on this list, these are recommended to be used more as a liner, meaning you wear them under your traditional gloves. Note that these are not entirely heat-resistant, so you won’t want to use them for traditional grilling.

Hand Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

11. FALETO Heat-Resistant Three-Finger Mittens


Looking for a durable pair of heat-resistant gloves that wonder hinder your dexterity? For when you want a little more control of your cooking, these three-finger gloves are an excellent choice. Made from an extremely elastic Polyester, they’re designed to give you more grip and control when cooking. And they offer some heat protection. Though they’re not nearly as durable as other gloves on this list, they’re still solid, but we’d recommend them for simpler cooking tasks and low-heat grilling.

3-Finger Gloves Courtesy of Amazon

12. X3 Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves


Not looking for an expensive(ish) glove you need to keep track of? These industrial throw-away gloves feature a smooth textured design that makes gripping, flipping and manipulating tools and food so much easier. Each pack comes with 100 gloves, which is more than enough to keep you occupied a while. And at under $10, these gloves are a steal and still provide solid protection.

X3 Gloves Courtesy of Amazon