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Help the Environment (and Your Nose) With a Soft, Versatile and Reusable Handkerchief

As people become more eco-conscious with their everyday products, one item that is making a comeback is the handkerchief. Not just for your grandfathers anymore, the handkerchief is a versatile and useful accessory that earns its space in your pocket.

Typically made with 100% cotton, handkerchiefs provide an eco-friendly alternative to disposable tissues, providing a convenient and absorbent reusable piece of cloth to catch coughs, wipe sweaty brows, dry wet eyes and dab runny noses. Handkerchiefs are helpful to have on hand when drying off a wet bicycle seat after a rainstorm, cleaning the lenses on glasses, gripping and opening tight bottles, and using as a napkin when eating at home or on the go. Sold in multi-packs, users can take a fresh handkerchief with them on their daily commute and provide a guard between their skin and public handles.

The handkerchiefs included on our list are mostly plain and can easily be monogrammed, making them a great gift for a wedding, graduation or anniversary. For more on our top picks, check out our four favorite sets of handkerchiefs below.

1. Van Heusen 13 Pack Men's Fine Handkerchiefs

Have a fresh handkerchief on hand every day with the Van Heusen 13 Pack Men’s Fine Handkerchiefs. The large pack of 100% woven handkerchiefs are a versatile accessory for users thanks to their large 16 inch by 16 inch size, making them ideal for everything from catching coughs to providing a dry seat outdoors after a rainstorm. The handkerchiefs have a smooth feel thanks to their combed-cotton finish and don’t give off friction, making them gentle on runny noses. Van Heusen also offers handkerchiefs that are made with eco-friendly bamboo.

Pros: The Van Heusen handkerchiefs become progressively softer with each wash.

Cons: The Van Heusen are machine wash safe, but the company recommends dry cleaning or hand washing the handkerchiefs to extend their life. The handkerchiefs will shrink if placed in a dryer and wrinkle easily.

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2. Dockers Men's Cotton Handkerchiefs

For a twist on an old classic, try the Dockers Men’s Cotton Handkerchiefs. Dockers makes all white handkerchiefs, but we like the company’s blue, grey and white set that gives a slight twist to the traditional design. Available in all-grey and grey and plaid, the Docker’s handkerchiefs are 100$ cotton and safe for machine wash. Measuring 16 inches by 16 inches, the Docker’s handkerchiefs are durable and soften with each wash.

Pros: The six-piece set comes with three color options, making it easy to distinguish between handkerchiefs.

Cons: The Docker’s handkerchiefs easily wrinkle and shrink after their initial wash.

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3. GB Men's Handkerchiefs

Need a handkerchief that is big enough to handle a runny nose, cough, sweaty brow and more? Try the GB Men’s Handkerchiefs. The traditional style handkerchief is made from 100% combed cotton for a soft finish. The material is hypoallergenic and thicker and heavier than competitors. Each handkerchief in the 12-piece set has a soft line of seams along the edge for a more finished look. Safe for the washing machine, the GB handkerchiefs look best when hung to dry.

Pros: At 17 inches by 17 inches, the GB handkerchiefs are the largest on our list and can be used as napkins.

Cons: The GB handkerchief’s large size means some customers may find them uncomfortable to carry in their pockets. They also require ironing to eliminate wrinkles after each wash.

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4. Selected Hanky 100% Cotton Men's Handkerchiefs

If you want to stand out from the crowd because you’re using a fashion-forward hanky and not because you’re covered in sweat, try the Selected Hanky 100% Cotton Men’s Handkerchiefs. Selected Hanky uses 100% organic cotton that is naturally soft and moisture-wicking, making it a versatile handkerchief that can wipe everything from brows to wet seats. The set of six handkerchiefs feature a colorful selection of plaid designs that are a fun twist on traditional white handkerchiefs, making them a great alternative to traditional silk pocket squares.

Pros: Selected Hanky offers other plaid color combinations in addition to what is shown in this set.

Cons: Selected Hanky notes that their handkerchiefs will shrink after the first wash. The handkerchiefs measure 14.5 inches by 15 inches and aren’t a perfect square.

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