Satchel Sitrep: Our Favorite Jansport Backpacks Under $50

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* JanSport backpacks: as classic as the schoolbooks you once carried around in one
* Too-cool-for-school new styles
* Plus practical, commuter friendly laptop backpacks

From middle school standard to blank canvas for writing our friend’s names, our favorite bands, inane inside jokes and that weird “S” thing (this writer had to look up its original meaning: not some secret society after all, it was merely the logo of a clothing company) to retro streetwear icon, the JanSport backpack has a remarkable intergenerational staying power. Here are some of our favorites, and each one of these highly practical, yet stylish backpacks remains a bargain at under $50.

You may not be in school anymore, but they’re great for your next day trip, to take on the plane, or to carry to work.

1. JanSport Super Sneak

This backpack not only has a retro cool space graphics pattern but even comes with an integral laptop sleeve that fits up to a 15-inch laptop. Space camp, here we come.

Jansport super sneak backpack Courtesy Amazon

2. Half Pint Mini Backpack

This mini backpack pairs classic JanSport style with a purse-replacing go-anywhere day bag functionality. It even has a front utility clip and a key clip, just like in the 90s.

Half pint mini backpack Courtesy Amazon



3. Cool Student Backpack

Available in a variety of colors, this backpack has a cool synthetic leather bottom, padded back and plenty of space. Designed with students in mind, it also has ergonomic straps, so you don’t give yourself back strain from having to carry around the weight of “Fundamentals of Economics,” “Capital in the 21st Century,” and “The Annotated Divine Comedy,” all at once. Plus it fits your 15-inch laptop.

Cool student backpack Courtesy Amazon

4. High Stakes Backpack

This one features a classic shape, JanSport’s legendary durability, and a handy organizer. Plus, it comes in some of the coolest patterns. We’re partial to the trippy “silver hologram” style.

high stakes backpack Courtesy Amazon

5. Impulse Laptop Backpack

The “Impulse” backpack is utilitarian and organized without giving up on its form factor. It handles up to a 17-inch laptop, a plus for graphic artists, gamers and vintage laptop enthusiasts. Is that a thing yet?

Impulse laptop backpack Courtesy Amazon


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