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Enter Winter in Style with These Handsome Men’s Jewelry Options

Men’s jewelry is uncharted territory for a lot of guys.

In the past, we’ve done dedicated rundowns for the best men’s bracelets and best men’s signet rings, and we opted for handsome pieces any guy could pull-off. Consider this article a one-stop-shop for all your jewelry essentials. To set you on the right track, we’re going to break down the best jewelry for men, covering everything from:

  • Chain necklace for men
  • Best statement rings for men
  • More of our favorite bracelets for men
  • Cufflinks for men
  • Best ring sets for men

Yep, it’s all here, and we’ve even thrown in the best shark tooth necklace for men just because. But slow down, cowboy. You’re not going to want to wear every type of jewelry all at once. Unless you’re Harry Styles, wearing multiples necklaces, bracelets and rings all together will be a bit too much. And, if you are Harry Styles, give us a call, man.

When venturing beyond the classic men’s watch and into the exciting world of men’s jewelry, it’s best to remember that simplicity is key. Even if you’re wearing more of a statement piece, less is still more. However, the most important rule of thumb when it comes to wearing some of the best jewelry for men is to keep in mind that no matter the piece of jewelry, you have to wear it with confidence. Follow that motto, and you’ll be able to pull off anything.

Whether you’re looking for timeless pieces or bargain fashion pick-ups, check out our favorite men’s jewelry selects below.


1. MVMT Minimal Flat Cuff


If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to upgrade your ‘fit, the MVMT Minimal Flat Cuff is a subtle piece of wrist candy that’s easy on the flash without sacrificing style. The stainless steel cuff boasts a contemporary pointed opening and is available in a black or silver matte finish. It’s no secret that the SPY team is obsessed with MVMT watches, and this masculine cuff is perfect for almost any outfit.

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Courtesy of MVMT


2. Seven50 Diego Barrueco Stone Signet Ring


Large natural or marble stones are a great way for guys to get a bit blingy. Why? They’re not as flashy as donning a giant diamond, but they still capture the same attention. This stainless steel gold ring from ever-trendy Urban Outfitters features a marbled-looking stone, coated in masculine shades of green and rust.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

3. ASOS Design Chain Bracelet


Two trends that are really popular right now when it comes to jewelry for men are matte black and chain-anything. And this little steel number checks both of those boxes. The mid-weight chain bracelet features a medium-sized curb chain design, so it’ll sit nice and flat on the wrist. Plus, it’s easily adjustable. No need to get a chain taken out here. At a super affordable price-point, it’s a trendy no-brainer.

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Image courtesy of ASOS


4. Mister Band Ring


Props to the affordable accessories brand, Mister, for bringing chain-link watch bands from the wrist to the finger. It’s a fresh take on the classic link style. The ring is crafted from high-grade stainless steel, so it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a durable piece. Plus, it’s available in gold, silver or black, so it’ll go with whatever metal is your favorite.

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Image courtesy of Mister


5. Clocks and Colors Heritage X Peter McKinnon Wilderness Ring


Talk about a true centerpiece. This ring comes with a wickedly cool backstory. The designer, Peter McKinnon, spent a lot of time exploring the great Canadian wilderness. So, he decided to incorporate his travels into a stylish sterling silver ring, fit with pine trees, soaring mountainscapes and antler accents.

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Image courtesy of Clocks and Colours


6. Tateossian Rhodium-Plated Bracelet


What’s Tateossian, you ask? It’s a trendy London-based luxury accessories house that makes really unique pieces with a mind for quality. This stylish bracelet is rhodium-plated (which is basically part of the platinum family), and the perk to that is that this piece won’t tarnish, corrode, or stain as easily as other typical jewelry metals tend to. This is one you’ll be able to keep in prime condition for years to come. And with such a fashionable double-layered look and a slim engraved plaque, why wouldn’t you?

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Image courtesy of Mr. Porter


7. H&M 4 Pair Earrings


Chances are that if you have your ears pierced, then you’re already pretty cool. So, this very affordable four-pack of earrings will instantly amplify your style. One quick scroll through TikTik will prove that this pack of ear candy features all the trendy styles: the ball stud, cross stud, small hoop and dangle hoop. Plus, since they’re all the same color, you can mix and match the styles however you’d like.

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Image courtesy of H&M


8. Alexander McQueen Skull Cuff


Cuff bracelets are typically a little basic (no shade) due to their slide-on nature. But leave it to McQueen to add a bit of flair to the simple men’s jewelry accessory. The handsomely bold bangle boasts two carved skulls with blackened features to enhance the overall piece.

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Image courtesy of Mr. Porter


9. Macy’s Sterling Silver Rope Chain Necklace


No matter what fashion trends come and go, a simple chain necklace, like this classic sterling silver rope chain, is a timeless fashion accessory that you can have for years to come. And for less than a $300 price tag, this 22-inch chain is well worth the investment.

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Courtesy of Macy's


10. Deakin & Francis Kingsman Cufflinks


For those really special events, like weddings, black-tie galas, eh, maybe your next Zoom date (?), it’s all about the little details. Cufflinks are a refined gentleman’s accessory that provides a touch of elegance, even when you’re already looking your best. These timelessly sharp rose gold-plated cufflinks feature an engraved ‘K’ emblem, establishing you as the kingsman that you are, you handsome devil.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter


11. H&M 3-Pack Rings


Unless you’re married, you’ll want to pop these on either your pointer or pinky finger, but you could even try one out as a thumb ring. This 3-pack from H&M includes several options: a signet ring with a black gem, a simple gold ring, and a thick, textured gold band. You don’t have to wear all at once, but this pack gives you options. Plus, at only $9.99, it’s an absolute steal.

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Courtesy of H&M


12. Jaxxon The Beverly


The tag necklace is the perfect playground for personalization. You can leave it plain if you really want to achieve a minimalist feel, but you can also engrave one side with your monicker. This option from Jaxxon is available in brushed gold or silver for $150, but if you want to spring a buck, you can grab a solid gold tag for $1,378. The emerald cut tag comes with a 24-inch gold or silver link chain.

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Courtesy of Jaxxon


13. Steve Madden Lava Stone Bracelet


The Steve Madden Lava Stone Bracelet is the perfect way to add a bit of earthy-edge to your bohemian style. Black smooth beads and lava rocks alternate on both strands of the bracelet, adding a nice variety to the all-black bracelet. Plus, the double row count beefs up the piece, while a drawstring closure allows you to achieve a snug fit.

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Courtesy of Amazon


14. Cape Clasp Shark Tooth Necklace


Shark tooth necklaces are a hot commodity in men’s jewelry, but we’re not about the harmful practices that some companies partake in to obtain the prized pendant. Enter the shark tooth necklace by Cape Clasp. The detailed ‘tooth’ pendant is crafted out of red bronze and comes with an adjustable black cord to match. But the best part about this piece is that 15% of Cape Clasp profits are donated to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, plus it comes at no harm to the king of the sea.

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Courtesy of Cape Clasp


15. Versace Gold Medusa Laurel Ring


If you want a statement ring, look no further than Versace. This antique gold-tone brass signet ring features a detailed carved Medusa design. When it comes to Versace, Grecian design is the name of the game, and much like the mythical Greek Medusa, this ring will capture the attention of anyone who sees it. Plus, at $265, it’s more affordable than most designer jewelry for men.

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Courtesy of Ssense


16. Nordstrom Men’s Shop 3-Pack Tie Bar Set


Tie bars are something you don’t see around that often, but it’s high time they make a comeback into the mainstream spotlight. The men’s accessory is both functional and stylish. So, it captures the best of both worlds. This set from Nordstrom is perfect for anyone looking to dip their toe into the tie clip pond because it comes with three clips, plated gold, plated silver and black. The best jewelry for men is versatile, and you’ll surely be able to find a tie bar that matches whatever belt buckle or tie you’re donning on the day.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


17. Swarovski Connections Bar Bracelet


With its oxidized lattice pattern, the Connections Bar Bracelet is a great option for those that are seeking something unique. The bracelet is crafted out of sterling silver, and it’s available in three sizes. But the best part is that it features a snap-in-place clasp, so it won’t fly off during your next adventure.

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Courtesy of Swarovski


18. Jessica Biales Croquet Stripe Signet Ring


While you can buy a gold version of this ring for $2,400, we recommend the sterling silver ring, which costs a mere $550. Yes, that’s more expensive than the Versace ring featured above, but if you can’t get enough of the best jewelry for men, this is a fantastic look that brings a pop of color to your style.

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Courtesy of Pietra


19. Gucci Silver Tone Ring


The biggest trend in men’s jewelry right now is silver. Whether you’re shopping for statement rings, signets, bracelets or necklaces, you’re going to find a lot of silver. However, for a unique spin on this trend, go for this silver statement ring from Gucci. Look closely and you’ll see that the twisting, interwoven strands of burnished silver spell out the iconic ‘GG’ monogram.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter


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