Pimp Out Your JUUL With These Top-Rated Accessories

best juul accessories

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Introduced in early 2016, the JUUL e-cigarette has quickly exploded on the market. It now enjoys just under half the total e-cigarette market share, so it’s likely that you either have or have heard of the JUUL device if you vape or use a cigarette alternative.

The slim device looks something akin to a USB drive but allows users to get a hit of flavored nicotine without the lingering smell of cigarettes or the poisonous effects of tar. Popular flavors include mango, creme brulee and mint, but the company stopped producing these flavors in 2019. Thanks to new restrictions on JUUL and e-cigarette companies, the company only produces menthol and tobacco flavored JUUL pods in 2020.

The device, which should only be used by people 21 years old and above, also comes with a USB charger. However, there are so many other JUUL accessories on the market to make the JUUL e-cigarette more functional and fun.

These accessories can help you keep track of your device or charge it more easily. They include:

  • Dual chargers
  • Phone chargers
  • Car chargers
  • Carrying cases
  • Charging cases
  • Protective covers
  • Mouthpiece covers
  • Jewelry like rings and necklaces to hold your device

These are the 13 best JUUL accessories available for order online right now. Buy one or buy them all to make your JUUL experience better than ever.


1. SummerPlus JUUL Carrying Case


If you JUUL, then you know how easy it is to misplace this little device. Between the cartridges, the charging accessories and the device itself, there are a lot of pieces to carry around to get the full usage out of your JUUL. That’s why our most recommended accessory is this SummerPlus JUUL Carrying Case. It’s no larger than a wallet or cell phone, yet it can hold four pods, one charging cable, one USB charging port and one JUUL device in its seven grids. The whole thing zips up to create a safe and secure environment for your gear.

juul accessories summerplus carrying case Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Swee JUUL Cell Phone Holder


You probably take your cell phone and JUUL with you everywhere you go, and one of the easiest ways to carry a JUUL is to attach it to your phone. With the Swee JUUL Cell Phone Holder, you can do just that. This accessory sticks onto the back of your phone or phone case and then allows you to slip your JUUL inside the included loop. Because it’s attached using 3M glue, this accessory can easily be removed when no longer needed and won’t leave a sticky residue.

juul accessories swee cell phone holder Image courtesy of Amazon


3. DSC-Mart Texture Case for JUUL


Do you have a serious case of the drops? If you find yourself often losing the grip on your JUUL, you definitely need to invest in a textured case. This one by DSC-Mart fits securely around the JUUL device and even includes an attached dust cap for the mouthpiece. Plus, it’s available in 25 different colors, so you’re bound to find one that you like.

juul accessories dsc mart cell phone Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Skinu Korea Magnetic Anti-Loss Necklace


Skinu Korea claims that the Magnetic Anti-Loss Necklace allows you to turn your “e-cigarette into a fashion statement.” That’s because the necklace securely holds the JUUL device using a magnetic closure and lets the user wear it around their neck or on a keychain. This accessory is available in three colors and comes with 550 paracord lanyard threads to complete the look.

juul accessories skinu korea anti loss necklace Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Supfoxer Magnetic USB Smart Charger Cables


While your JUUL device comes with its own USB charger, the standard charger keeps the device quite close to the charging port. Sometimes, having such a short connection is impractical. In order to remedy that, we recommend investing in the Supfoxer Magnetic USB Smart Charger Cables. This set of two cables allows you to charge your device by slipping it into the magnetic end and plugging the USB end to any USB-compatible socket. Plus, each of the cords is 2.6 feet in length, giving you plenty of room to work with.

juul accessories subfoxer magnetic cable Image courtesy of Amazon


6. TiDiDi Silicone Juul Mouthpiece Dust Cover


Keep germs away from the mouthpiece of your JUUL with these TiDiDi Silicone Juul Mouthpiece Dust Covers. Made specifically for JUUL, these covers securely fasten to the device, preventing dust and bacteria from infecting the nozzle and therefore protecting your health when using your JUUL. This set comes with 15 separate covers, so you can share with your friends or keep spares at home in case you lose the one you’re using. As an added bonus, they come in seven different colors, from pink to black.

best juul accessories tididi Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Bierstick JUUL Skin


JUUL devices come in silver, black, blue and other limited-edition colors; however, you can decorate your JUUL any way you please. Make your JUUL your own by covering it in one of the Bierstick JUUL Skins. These 3M printed vinyl wraps cover both the JUUL device and charger, and they’re available in 24 different colors and patterns, ranging from American flags to Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty. As an added benefit, the skins protect JUUL devices from scratches. They are easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue should you ever want to change to a new skin or a different design.

juul accessories bierstick skin decal Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Pink Happy Vaper Carrying Case


Are you looking for something that will carry your JUUL, pods and charger all in one place? Such carrying cases are harder to find than you might think, but the Pink Happy Vaper Carrying Case holds it all. Using a clever design, the Pink Happy Vaper Carrying Case can carry your device and accessories in a small case that’s no bigger than two devices stacked on top of each other, allowing you to easily carry it in your pocket or bag. Plus, the case itself is made from non-slip textured silicone and is shockproof to protect your JUUL against falls.

best juul accessories happy kit Image courtesy of Amazon


9. DSC-Mart Silicone Case with Leash


If wearing your JUUL around your neck isn’t your idea of fashionable, consider attaching it to your body with a keychain, like the DSC-Mart Silicone Case with Leash. This retractable device holds a JUUL in a non-slip silicone case, allowing you to use your JUUL while it’s still attached to your body. The whole thing can be clipped into belt loops or key rings, so that your e-cigarette goes everywhere you do. Plus, this high-quality device is available in 32 different colors.

best juul accessories dsc mart Image courtesy of Amazon


10. XPACK Anti-Loss Ring for JUUL


Make carrying your JUUL a lot less cumbersome with an XPACK Anti-Loss Ring. This ring fits around your finger and has a slot for your JUUL on the top, allowing you to carry the device on your hand without constantly holding onto it. Each order of this Anti-Loss Ring comes with four rings in different sizes, ranging from XS to L. The silicone from which the ring is made is both non-slip and lightweight, so you won’t notice it on your finger yet it will securely hold your JUUL device. In addition, this ring is made in the USA.

best juul accessories xpack Image courtesy of Amazon


11. ArtfulThingsShop Personalized Protective Travel Case


For a more personalized JUUL accessory, look no further than the ArtfulThingsShop Personalized Protective Travel Case. This carrying case holds one JUUL and up to four flavor pods. But the best part is that it can be personalized with your name or initials. This 3D-printed case, which is available on Etsy, can be made in two dozen different colors with a variety of finishes, from real wood to PLA plastic. In addition, if you use a sleeve lanyard, ArtfulThingsShop also makes an extra-large case to hold the lanyard along with your device.

best juul accessories artfulthingsshop Image courtesy of Etsy


12. Slide Charger Pro


The Slide Charger Pro is a truly multifunctional JUUL accessory. Not only does it allow you to easily carry your JUUL device and three cartridges, but it can also charge your JUUL on the go. Beyond that, this is the only on-the-go charger that allows you to use your JUUL while it charges. There’s no need to wait. If you use your JUUL daily, then this is one of the best JUUL accessories for sale right now. Plus, it’s no bigger than a deck of cards, allowing you to easily carry it in your pocket or work bag.

best juul accessories slidecharger Image courtesy of Etsy


13. PASHMAMA Where’s My Juul Shirt


While the PASHMAMA Where’s My Juul Shirt won’t help you use a JUUL, it does make a great gift to give to a friend, especially one who is always misplacing his or her JUUL. The black t-shirt features the words, “Where’s my juul,” along with a JUUL device in a pink outline. It’s available in sizes XS to 5XL. And, if you don’t want the design on a t-shirt, PASHMAMA also makes Where’s My Juul face masks.

best juul accessories pashmama Image courtesy of Etsy


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