The Best Keychains for a Man’s Everyday Carry

Best Keychains for Men EDC
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Technology has come a long way, but one old school staple remains in everyone’s pocket: keys. They’re unavoidable, and most of us even have several keys jingling around for our home, car, office, parents’ house, mailbox and so on.

Because keys are a necessary part of our everyday carry, a functional keyring or keychain is a great way to make use of that space in your pocket. If you have a useful tool on your keychain (pocket knife, bottle opener, etc) you probably won’t forget it when you leave the house because it’s attached to one of your most important items.

If you want to join the army of men taking advantage of this handy pocket space, read on. We rounded up eleven keychains that provide some use – besides keeping all your keys in one place.

Fred Orcutt
7 months
Personally, I prefer the Tinker model with the Phillips Screwdriver

Fred Orcutt
7 months
Personally, I prefer the Tinker model with the Phillips Screwdriver

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife


If you’ve never carried a pocket knife before, give it a shot; we promise you won’t go back. And even if you already have a plethora of knives, this best-selling Victorinox Swiss Army knife will still carve a spot in your pocket. At just 2.25 inches, you won’t notice its presence in your pocket or bag, but the knife, file, scissors, tweezers and toothpick included in the multi-tool will come in handy very often. Plus, as you probably already know, the Victorinox Swiss Army knife is really in a league of its own in terms of quality when it comes to multifunctional pocket knives.

Swiss Army Knife KeychainCourtesy of Amazon


2. Bar Buddyz Keychain Bottle Opener


Bottle opener keychains are for the guys who have their priorities straight: keys and beer. But even if you’re not popping cold ones every day, this covert Bar Buddyz bottle opener will come in handy at parties, picnics, beaches and even at home when you’re too lazy to dig around for the opener (it happens to the best of us). The opener has a sleek design that fits smoothly against your leg, and it’s made of a durable hard-anodized aluminum, so you’ll be able to throw around without worrying about it breaking.

Keychain Bottle OpenerCourtesy of Amazon


3. Lancher Keychain


Believe it or not, hanging your keychain from your belt loop has recently gone from dad move to skater style swerve. Not to mention it’s still very convenient for quick access to your keys without digging through your pocket. We recommend this key chain from Lancher because it features a quick-release clip and comes highly recommended on Amazon as a #1 best-selling keychain. This is due to a premium build quality that not only feels sturdy in your hand, but also withstands drops and scrapes.

Keychain Belt Clip Quick ReleaseCourtesy of Amazon


4. Key-Bak Locking Retractable Keychain


One step up from a belt loop keychain is a retractable keychain. Retractable keychains have a cord system that keeps your keys on the chain and snaps them back in place on your hip when you’re not using them. If you work somewhere that requires constant key usage – or you just hate fumbling with keys at the door – try one of these. This one from Key-Bak comes very highly-rated with over 1,300 reviews and 4.4 stars, as users say the high-quality locking mechanism works consistently without a hitch.

Retractable Keyring LockingCourtesy of Amazon


5. Mio Marino Leather Initial Keychain


Some guys aren’t concerned with tools or special keychains and just need a good, classic keychain. If that sounds like you then elevate your personal effects with this stylish leather keychain from Mio Marino. It features a single letter on the fob and a durable construction to keep all your keys in one place. On the opposite end, you’ll find a clip for attaching it to your belt or hanging it on the wall at home. Also, pick this up as a great gift (ideally for someone that always loses their keys).

Leather Keychain InitialCourtesy of Amazon


6. Witharmour 3″ Pocket Knife


Even in the 21st century, a small knife is one of the most useful things you can keep on your person. If you just need a go-to everyday pocket knife, this mini keychain knife from Witharmour is a great purchase. Although it’s very affordable at just $10, it features a quality 440 high carbon stainless steel blade (meaning it’s durable and sharp) and a reliable nylon fiber handle. With a 2-inch blade, it’s also a great size for handling a wide range of everyday tasks without being too large.

Keychain Pocket KnifeCourtesy of Amazon


7. Tile Mate Key Finder


We all lose our keys every now and then… maybe more than we’d like to admit. Recently, the case of runaway keys has been solved by Tile, a mini tracking device that you clip on your keychain (or any other personal belongings). If you can’t find your keys, just open the tile app on your phone and locate the device through GPS tracking and then listen for the Tile beep when you’re close. Plus, you can use the Tile itself to find a lost smartphone by clicking the button on the device. This will make your phone ring – even if it’s on silent.

Key Finder Tracker TileCourtesy of Amazon


8. Clips Key Holder Keychain


Recently, people have been upgrading their keychains to these key holders. Instead of letting all your keys dangle freely, the product organizes them into a pocket knife-like fashion for easy access and streamlined storage. This makes finding your keys much faster and eliminates that annoying jangle in your pocket or bag. We recommend this one from Clips because it has rave reviews on Amazon, and comes with a few handy keychain gifts including a bottle/SIM opener, a carabiner and a cash stash.

Key Organizer Holder CarbonCourtesy of Amazon


9. KincoBa Mini Tetris


Who said keychains can’t be fun? This mini Tetris player makes the case that keychains can, in fact, be a source of fun – even if you’re a grown-up. The tiny device clips onto your keychain like any other accessory, but lets you bust out a quick game of Tetris while you wait for the subway or take a break from work. It comes with an impressive 26 games, and with two cell phone batteries, it’ll last a long time without any charging or battery replacement.

Mini GameBoy Tetris KeychainCourtesy of Amazon


10. EverBrite Mini Flashlight (18-Pack)


Flashlights are another great keychain essential that you’ll end up using more than you might think. Whether you need a light for reading, fixing something, searching under the car seat for your phone, or in emergencies, mini flashlights are a great addition to your everyday carry. With this 18-pack of mini flashlights from EverBrite, you (and your family) won’t have a shortage of torches for quite some time. They’re just over 3 inches long, so they won’t be a nuisance in your pocket or bag.

Mini Flashlight Keychain PackCourtesy of Amazon


11. Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Keychain


Want to sport a beloved brand with your keychain? Try this Polo Ralph Lauren key fob. It features a premium feel with genuine leather, and a high-quality look with gold hardware and the iconic Polo pony logo embossed on the front. Does it serve a purpose? Not necessarily, but it certainly makes your keys a lot more stylish.

Leather Key Fob DesignerCourtesy of Amazon