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The Best Lighters for Everyday Use

In 2022, nobody carries matches anymore (unless they just visited a bodega). If you carry a lighter with you on a daily basis, you’re most likely using for tobacco or cannabis, but there are many other uses beyond that. The best lighters are convenient, portable and one of those items you always need in your kitchen junk drawer. Whether lighting a fire, a BBQ or a candle, this round-up pays tribute to flame and all the different devices that provide it.

These important igniters come in all different forms, from electric to flame-based. While torch lighters are ideal for windy environments and reliability, ones with more extended silhouettes can get to tricky, hard-to-reach areas. This accessory isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. Apart from being a smoking accessory, lighters can offer sterilization of wounds, illumination, and use for camping or emergencies. Outside their utility as an EDC accessory, lighters come in all different eye-catching styles. You can find some really unique lighters for your EDC that will inspire envy in your friends and leave them asking, “Where did you get that?”

There are all kinds available that meet a range of criteria, from traditional lighters and windproof rechargeable lighters to disposable models or more eco-friendly, refillable options that will last through the years. There are endless options online, but we’re here to help you make the right decision. Read SPY’s guide below to explore the best lighters available online.

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best overall

Bic has remained a constant presence in the lighter space. The classic Bic lighter has no gimmicks — it’s just a reliable product for everyday carry that’s high quality and comes in a budget-friendly value pack. These long-lasting lighters can be found in countless pockets and purses worldwide, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better lighter for the money. You can purchase a 10-pack of Bic disposable lighters in various colors, the #1 best-selling lighter on Amazon as of this writing.

Runner up

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You can buy classic Zippo lighters in hundreds of colors, designs and materials, but if you’re looking for the best Zippo lighters, we recommend the brand’s windproof lighters available in matte colors. We’ve pictured the orange version, but these refillable lighters are available in over a dozen colors. The fuel needs to be purchased separately.

Best Windproof lighters

USB chargeable coil lighters ensure you never have to replace a lighter again. The expensive-looking Tesla Coil Lighter requires no flame or butane, making it eco-friendly and windproof compared to traditional models. It’s one of the best electric lighters available. Just one press of a button and you can light up without a hassle.

Old-school pick

Zippo lighters can stand up to the elements, so your cigarettes will get lit even if you’re stuck in a wind tunnel or a storm. This vintage-inspired pick is their brass line, which comes in a range of sophisticated colors and patterns. This refillable lighter pairs well with Zippo’s premium lighter fluid. It will never go out of style nor decrease in quality, making the Brass Pocket Lighter one of the best lighters for cigars or cigarettes.

best value

While smokers may prefer Bic’s standard pocket lighters, keeping a few multipurpose long-stem lighters around the house is always a good idea. And Bic is our go-to brand for multipurpose lighters, too. This product includes four multipurpose Bic lighters, which are long-lasting and child-proof for added safety. These are great for when you want to light candles without worrying about getting your fingers close to the flame.

best inverted lighter


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Light up with this cutting-edge matte lighter by DISSIM that stands out from the crowd. It lets you light it both upright and upside down. Using a candle flame with a low temp, this ergonomically designed piece is so versatile it can be used as a cigar lighter or for fireworks.

best candle lighter

Burning your hand when lighting candles or a pilot light with a traditional lighter isn’t fun. So why not invest in a refillable candle lighter? Reviewers say the flame is strong, and the extended metal wand extender improves accessibility, making it simple to light any hard-to-reach area.

best torch lighter

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Torch lighters are unparalleled in power. This model comes packaged in a stylish aluminum alloy material and has an adjustable flame level thanks to a twistable adjustment valve at the bottom. There’s even a fuel visibility window that prevents surprises, letting you know when it’s time for a refill. This is one of our favorite style lighters.

best electric lighter

This electric lighter has a unique design with four built-in LED battery lights that display different charge levels. It’s great for everyday carry and you’ll never be left with a lifeless lighter. Still, it’ll take a long time — one battery cycle lasts up to 600 charges. With a Zippo-style exterior, this newer electric lighter makes the traditional lighter pale in comparison.
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best cigar lighter

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Lighting up a fine Cuban cigar can’t always be accomplished with a standard Bic. Instead, a more dynamic option is required for true cigar lovers. When single torch lighters aren’t enough, go for a triple jet flame like this torch-style cigar lighter from TOMOLO. The triple flame really sets it apart, making it one of the best torch lighters on the market. Not only is this torch lighter backed by thousands of positive reviews, but it also comes in a two-pack, has a fuel level window and features a built-in cigar punch.

best for bbq

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If you’re not a smoker but need a flame for cooking on the BBQ, this windproof butane lighter choice by VEXO will easily meet your needs. With a whopping four flames, this petroleum-based accessory can save time without taking up too much space. One reviewer comments, “My wife loves this torch, as soon as she saw it, she claimed it as hers.” The best lighters fit comfortably in your hand, and this mini torch lighter is a cinch to operate.

best survivalist pick

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For a lighter that can brave every element, invest in the Icfun waterproof and windproof lighter, which is ideal for hiking, camping and other outdoor use. With a rugged aesthetic, this electric lighter can be charged via USB and doubles as an emergency fire starter. A metal arm that locks the lighter closed is a bonus safety feature.

best luxury pick

For supreme style and minimalism, Porsche Design’s matte black lighter is the definition of luxury. For not much more than $100, this petroleum-based torch lighter offers a slim and sleek silhouette with a subtle fuel level gauge on the side. If you’re looking to splurge on the best lighter, this classy piece is sure to earn compliments.

most flexible candle lighter

Candle lighters are handy for their extender wands, but it can be frustrating and even a deal-breaker when you can’t reach the exact angle where you need to. That’s why RONXS thought it through with this gas-free, rechargeable lighter that features a flexible neck, letting you curve it to your heart’s desire.

most timeless pick

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It seems like everyone has a Zippo lighter. To stand out from the crowd, check out this Trubota Pearl light in marble gray. Like all the best lighters, this cult favorite never fails to impress. From the hard-edged boxy shape to the flip cap and cotton wick, this lighter is all about clean lines and Japanese-inspired minimalism. Somehow, this lighter has a vintage air while remaining ultra-modern.

best vintage inspired pick

When purchasing a vintage-inspired lighter, the function is probably one of the biggest concerns. Sure, it looks cool, but does it work as well as the conventional classics? For this portable, kerosene DEWEL piece, the answer is yes. This windproof lighter is spring-loaded for consistency every time.

best design


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With a mesmerizing 100% real wood paneling and a compass on the front, this Zippo X Woodchuck lighter offers that same classic quality with a creative twist. They were created using laser-cut emblem designs and like other Zippo designs, they are windproof lighters that will work anywhere. They’ll plant one tree for every lighter sold in honor of their partnership with Woodchuck and the Buy One Plant One program.

built-in flashlight

A flame on a gas lighter will only get you so far in camping situations or a flat tire. Instead, opt for this Tacamo arc lighter, which features an integrated LED flashlight and a lanyard. With a water-resistant exterior, this 2-in-1 flashlight is a USB rechargeable lighter. Whether you’re using it on a rugged adventure or in your home at night, there are endless uses for this lighter.

best 2-Pack

This torch lighter by reputable lighter brand Lotus packs some serious heat, and best of all, it comes in a two-pack. A great gifting option or purchase for anyone who’s constantly losing their lighters. With its powerful triple flame, this is one of the best cigar lighters. It also has a butane fuel level window, letting you know when you need a refill. The cap is a thoughtful touch that stops debris from getting in your lighter.

best peanut lighter

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This minuscule stainless steel peanut lighter is attached to a keychain, making them the best lighters if you don’t have any extra space in your pockets. It’s also a space-saving fire starter, making it a must-have camping essential. Although this lighter is tiny, it packs a decent amount of fuel and includes replaceable flints, a windproof Wik and two waterproof O rings to seal it from water damage.

coolest bic remix


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If you want the reliable nature of a Bic lighter and a design that’s not super tacky, consider this doodle-inspired line of Bic lighters by Spooksvilla. They all have a minimalist design with a hint of spookiness. This Scarab lighter is only one of their offerings — choose from many others, including an alien-themed one and a dinosaur fossil. This everyday carry lighter makes a fantastic gift for stoners.

best convertible lighter

This lighter features a converter, turning the included regular refillable lighter into a torch lighter thanks to a trigger igniter. The resin housing is built to last a long time, providing years of lighting cigarettes, stoves or campfires. It’s worth noting that this convertible lighter doesn’t include fuel, and while it can work with rectangular disposable lighters, it won’t fit around ones like Bic. Still, because of its versatility, it’s one of the best torch lighters.

best clipper style

If you have an issue with how Bic lighters are lit (some find it uncomfortable for their fingers), clipper lighters are the best lighters for you. This style lighter can start a flame a little more smoothly, according to some. Weed lovers also appreciate clippers for the built-in packing tool on a removable flint arm, making joint-rolling a breeze. Unlike the disposable Bic, these are refillable lighters.