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Shutter Satchels: The 4 Best Lowepro Camera Bags Under $100

* Lowepro creates bags and backpacks designed to suit the needs of photographers
* Variety of sizes and styles from city carry to durable outdoor packs
* The bags are designed to store additional camera accessories as well

The American accessories brand, Lowepro, started in 1967 in Colorado, where Greg Lowe invented the first internal frame backpack, and since then, the company has expanded to a variety of sizes and styles of durable, well-made bags and accessories. Their goal is to assist you in finding the ideal camera bag for your photography journey, whether that means a compact sling you can toss over one arm and take with you on urban shoots, or a large, durable backpack that can carry more than just your camera essentials while you traverse a mountain.

Designed in Northern California, each bag is then lab-tested to ensure its durability and longevity. In contrast to a standard bag or backpack, Lowepro bags are made especially for photographers, meaning they are designed to provide easy access points to your equipment for whenever inspiration strikes, and also contain custom pockets for accessories like additional memory cards and lenses. They’re also built with durable materials to cradle and protect your precious investments, meaning both your camera and the memories they store.

If you’re looking to upgrade your camera carry, here are some highly-rated Lowepro bags to check out.

1. Lowepro Urban Photo Sling

If you’re new to photography, or just looking for a carrying case for your DSLR, this simple sling bag will do the trick. Wear it wherever it feels most comfortable, on your front, back or side, as it has two different loading options, making it easy and efficient to grab your camera for that quick shot before it disappears.

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2. Lowepro Adventura

A straightforward, no-nonsense camera bag, the Adventura holds a standard DSLR with an attached kit lens, and has additional room built in for small accessories like extra lenses and spare memory cards. The custom-molded base will protect your camera from bumps and drops, as well as safeguarding it from moisture. You can either use the comfortable grab handle, or the padded shoulder strap for easy carrying.

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3. Lowepro Passport Sling III

If you have a CSC or a compact DSLR, try this Lowepro in Passport Sling style. With enough extra room for small personal items, you can easily pack up for a day shoot. The interior floating foam construction helps suspend and protect your device within the pack.

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4. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

If you’re planning to shoot on potentially unsafe terrain, or a taking a longer journey, this ProTactic Backpack can provide advanced support and protection for your camera. Large enough to fit multiple cameras, or a laptop, tripod and accessories, this backpack has four potential entry points, so you always have quick access to your camera. It even has a compartment for your water bottle, if you’re planning on a strenuous outdoor shoots. And it’s all packed into a super tough and durable case that can take a few bumps and bruises without affecting the contents inside.

Planning to travel? This backpack is sized for carry-on too, and fits neatly under the airplane seat in front of you, so you can keep a close eye on your camera and other precious belongings.

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