It’s Only Cool Vibes With These 8 Stylish Bandanas

stylish bandanas for men
Courtesy of Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Amazon
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Hang in there, it’s almost summer. But with the warmly welcomed summer heat comes the sweat to back it up. And while it’s key to stay hydrated and moisturized during the dog days of summer, it’s also important that you use something to help soak up the sweat dripping from your brow. You’re not going to use your sleeve like a kid wiping snot from their nose, because you’re better than that. So enter the stylish solution for summer sweat: cool bandanas.

Sure, stylish bandanas make for the perfect fashion accessory, but they can also serve as an accessible sweat rag — not to mention how effectively sexy bandanas can look. And if we’re being honest here, since cloth coronavirus face masks are going to become a staple of our attire for the foreseeable future, bandanas are a suitable alternative to surgical masks. Talk about multi-purpose.

In this post, we’ll share the most stylish bandanas available online, some tips on how to incorporate a bandana into your look, and how to use bandanas as face masks.

How to Wear & Style Bandanas

Before diving into some of the best bandanas for men to rock over the spring and summer months, it’s important to know that men’s bandanas are super versatile accessories, and there are a few different ways you can wear them:

  • Tie it around your neck and wear it as a triangular kerchief
  • Wrap your wrist and make a fabric bracelet
  • Stick it in your back pocket and use it as a handkerchief
  • Style it as a headband to hold back your hair and collect that summer sweat
  • Fold it nicely into the breast pocket of your suit to create a refined pocket square
  • Tie it around your face and wear it as a fashion-friendly face mask

And, as with any accessory, you want to make sure the bandana you choose complements your overall outfit. In the same way that your tie needs to match your shirt, blazer and pocket square, your bandana’s print or color scheme should match your outfit and choice of shoes.

How to Use Bananas as Face Masks

With everyone extra conscious of germs, you can use a men’s bandana to cover your mouth while you cough or as a makeshift face covering while out in public. This useful fashion accessory comes in a slew of different styles.

The most common way to use a bandana as a face mask — simply tie it behind your neck and cover your mouth and nose. However, there’s another option. In our post on making your own face masks, we included instructions on using hair ties to turn your favorite bandana into a face mask, a trick we’ve been relying on for weeks.

Here’s how it works:

But no matter what style you choose or how you decide to wear them, cool bandanas effortlessly upgrade any outfit. Check out these eight stylish bandanas for men and get ready for summer.


1. Urban Outfitters Paisley Bandana


The Urban Outfitters Paisley Bandana fits the classic aesthetic that everyone probably thinks of when they picture a bandana. The word “basic” shouldn’t be taken as a diss here. Sometimes simple is better, and this black and white bandana in classic paisley design is about as timeless as it comes. Tip: if you’re using this as a face mask to protect against germs, you might want to double-up as they’re relatively thin. They come in a variety of colors, so multi-colored layering is a viable option here. Mix and match them, throw them in your pocket, or tie it around your forehead — a set of these cool bandanas will give you a real bang for your buck.

Urban Outfitters Bandana Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

2. Saint Laurent Silk Scarf Bandana


If you’re going to spend a little money, why not go with Saint Laurent? This designer ‘dana is made from a silk material and features the name printed beneath a repeating print. Plus, it comes in a neutral black and white color palette, so it will go with just about anything. Festival season 2020 may have been canceled, for now, but this designer bandana will have you ready for the summer party season.

Saint Laurent Bandana Image Courtesy of Neiman Marcus


3. United By Blue Herd Horizon Bandana


The intricate mountainscape and bison design on the face of this vintage-inspired bandana makes it the best bandana when it comes to versatility. Not to mention, the subdued tan and blue color combo gives the piece a vintage-washed aesthetic. It’s large enough to use as a face mask, but could also be casually tied around your neck or forehead to achieve complete desert vibes.

United by Blue Bandana Courtesy of REI

4. Urban Outfitters Retro Dragon Bandana


This polyester bandana emulates an expensive silk bandana at a fraction of the cost. Pink, orange and red colors fill the oriental dragon design that makes up most of the square cut. The detailed design and rich, warm color palette make the bandana a fine accessory to spice up your outfit.

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

5. Gucci Web & Kingsnake Prink Scarf


Even though the base of this luxe silk bandana is beige and black, the vibrancy of the red, white and blue snake that runs down the center looks like someone took an Instagram filter and cranked up the color saturation to the highest level. And don’t worry, the Gucci initials are prominently webbed across the entire piece. If flashiness is your style, this is the best bandana to get.

Gucci Bandana Courtesy of Nordstrom

6. Ralph Lauren Rodeo Bandana


Giddy up, cowboy. The indigo bandana features red lasso rope and white longhorn skulls that work to frame both the center brand logo and the entire bandana itself. But it’s not a western theme without some cowboys. The corners include detailed illustrations of horse-riding rope slingers, each in a different lassoing position. It’s the story of a great American western right on your bandana.

ralph loren best men's bandana Courtesy of Nordstrom

7. Eddie Bauer Multidana


Nothing says summer Americana like showing a little national pride. Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or even any other day of the year, this American Flag-inspired bandana is the perfect option. Plus, it’s crafted out of a lightweight combination of polyester and spandex, providing the perfect amount of comfort and stretch.

American Flag Bandana Courtesy of Eddie Bauer

8. Ambesonne Unisex Bandana


It’s typical for bandanas to feature paisley patterns, but this polyester bandana from Ambesonne is nothing of the sort. A black and white border frame a detailed graphic of a shark swimming in an amber-brown sea. This is the perfect accessory for someone who wants to take a bite out of something a little different.

Shark Bandana Courtesy of Amazon