The 16 Best Men’s Designer Belts to Hug Your Waist

Louis Vuitton Initiales 40mm Reversible Belt
Courtesy of Louis Vuitton
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If you’re not wearing a belt, you won’t be chased down the street by a screaming horde of children pointing their figures at you and yelling, “He’s got no belt on.” While you don’t really need to use a belt to keep your pants on, whether it be a leather belt or even a tactical belt, wearing one of the best men’s designer belts can complete an outfit.

Let us explain.

Remember how the Dude in The Great Lebowski claimed that his rug “really pulled the room together”? That’s what a belt does, it pulls together separate items and makes the “room,” i.e. your clothes, appear to be a harmonious, visually appealing design. When you have something as good-looking as a number of the best men’s designer belts, your outfit can look fully evolved solely due to the buckle. Belts really just have a subtle yet stand-out way of bringing your look to the next level.

There are some men’s designer belts that cost a few thousand dollars, and there are men’s designer belts that can be had for around one hundred dollars. What we’ve done is culled the gigantic list of men’s designer belts into the 15 best men’s designer belts that are stylish, affordable, and yes, some of them are even investment-worthy. Scroll to find out what’s what.


1. Salvatore Ferragamo Large Double Gancio Reversible Belt


That belt buckle, those polished silver loops that vaguely resemble stirrups have been stylishly wrapped around men’s waists for a long time. This understated designer item could be considered one of the best men’s designer belts because it’s understated and not “shouty.” And that’s why it’s probably considered to be a classic menswear item. It never ever goes out of style. Yes, wear it with dress trousers and black or dark jeans. Depending on the look you’re going for you can even reverse the belt and make it black or brown. It’ll look fantastic no matter what you choose.

Men's Designer Belt - Salvatore Ferragamo Large Double Gancio Reversible Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Salvatore Ferragamo Large Double Gancio Reversible Belt



2. Off-White Industrial Logo Belt


Most designer belts for men are designed for formal wear, but not this stylish Off-White accessory. From the genius mind of Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, this Off-White belt is instantly recognizable and effortlessly cool. (You might need to wrap this extra-long belt around your waist twice or let it hang low.) If you want to elevate any streetwear outfit, then this belt is a must-have. Wear it with any style of denim and you have an outfit that’s sure to turn heads.

Off-White Belts for men Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Off-White Industrial Logo Belt


3. Prada Saffiano Logo Buckle Belt


Prada’s designs either fall into minimalism chic or “whoa, what is that?” type of look. This cleanly designed belt is one that can be worn forever, and then some. The leather is neither too shiny nor too matte, and the silvery plaque harkens back to her 90s creations. Because it’s low-key style, it really does go with whatever you’ve got, whether it be a suit or a casual weekend look.

Prada Saffiano Logo Buckle Belt, men's designer belt Courtesy of Farfetch

Prada Saffiano Logo Buckle Belt



4. Burberry 4cm Leather Belt


When you think of Burberry, there’s absolutely a pattern that comes to mind. We don’t have to even explain it. You already know. Yeah, we love that classic Burberry pattern, but why not go the unexpected route and clad your waist in this black-belted Burberry look? Elevate your outfit and polish up your accessories with this black leather belt that will help you do so. It’s finished in a silver-tone buckle for easy fastening.

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Burberry 4cm Leather Belt Courtesy of Mr Porter

Burberry 4cm Leather Belt



5. Tom Ford 4cm Reversible Full-Grain Leather Belt


Trust Tom Ford to take something as basic as a belt and turn it into a statement. From the pliable, full-grain leather to the gold, glossy elongated T, this belt just exudes badassery. Snag this in two different shades of black leather depending on your style preferences and really amplify your look, no matter what you’ve got on. For real, this belt can even make a pair of 20-year-old jeans look hot.

Tom Ford 4cm Reversible Full-Grain Leather Belt Courtesy of Mr Porter

Tom Ford 4cm Reversible Full-Grain Leather Belt



6. Saint Laurent Grain Leather Belt


Cardi B said it best. “He buy me Yves Saint Laurent, and a new whip.” In this case, the “he” is yourself and the “new whip” is your 2007 Toyota Corolla, but hey, at least you’ll be looking A+ in this leather YSL belt. This bad boy is 100% grain leather and made right in Italy, as expected. Pair it with a tux at your next formal event, wear it to the office on a casual day at work or even for your next date night. It’s all up to you.

Saint Laurent Grain Leather Belt Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Saint Laurent Grain Leather Belt



7. Givenchy G-Chain Reversible Leather Belt


There are a lot of cool belt buckles when it comes to the best men’s designer belts, but so far this one from Givenchy is taking the cake. This super fluid “G” logo looks like it’s melting right off from under your belly button. It’s made from Italian calf leather and is completely reversible for variety. What do you plan on matching this bad boy with?

Givenchy G-Chain Reversible Leather Belt Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Givenchy G-Chain Reversible Leather Belt



8. Louis Vuitton Initiales 40mm Reversible Belt


I know what you’re thinking, how is anything designer considered to be a smart financial investment? Welp, if you do a bit of research, you’ll keep running into articles where it turns out that nicely taken care of designer leather goods can, especially if they’re a classic or limited edition style, be resold for much more than the original price. This Louis Vuitton belt could be considered to be like buying a stock share. The body of the belt is in Vuitton’s Damier ebene pattern that was inspired by a chessboard’s design. The buckle is an in-your-face LV in silver that will look great clad on any dude. It’s also completely reversible.

Louis Vuitton Initiales 40mm Reversible Belt Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Initiales 40mm Reversible Belt



9. Comme des Garçons 3cm Leather Belt


If you want to wear designer but don’t necessarily care about showing off the fact you’re wearing designer, check out this leather belt from Comme des Garçons. If we’re going to be completely honest, there really isn’t much to it. Yeah, it’s Comme des Garçons, but it’s not like you can necessarily tell. It’s a subtle flex that will have your friends thinking, “why didn’t he just purchase a black belt at Target?” Kind of a serve, if you ask us.

Comme des Garçons 3cm Leather Belt Courtesy of Mr Porter

Comme des Garçons 3cm Leather Belt



10. Fendi Logo Buckle Belt


Fendi’s always been the brightest light in a room. The brand has never shied away from making bold statements with clothing and accessory choices, which is evidently clear when you get a look at this massive, double F gold buckle. Living life to the fullest? Always looking for the best in everything, and a good glass of whiskey? This belt with its beaming buckle will keep you company at any party you go to.

Fendi Logo Buckle Belt Courtesy of Farfetch

Fendi Logo Buckle Belt



11. Off-White Nail Leather Belt


Virgil Abloh’s brand has only been around since ’14, and through clever designs and a huge fan base, the brand has a permanent seat at the luxe designer table. Off-White manages to amp up the utilitarian style, much like Marcel Duchamp turning everyday objects into art. Previously, we were obsessing over a now sold-out belt that featured paperclips draped from the side as you’d imagine in the 90s goth aesthetic. But, we’re bringing it a little more basic with this embossed leather belt featuring an off-centered buckle. On-lookers might be a tad confused, but hey, it’s fashion.

Off-White Nail Leather Belt Courtesy of Farfetch

Off-White Nail Leather Belt



12. Gucci 4cm Full-Grain Leather Belt


Gucci has managed more comeback than a B movie star. And let’s keep it real, you can’t go wrong with the classic double G Gucci belt buckle. It’s a 5-star look as old as time. The belt is made in Italy from full-grain leather. No matter what you’re wearing, this is the type of belt that will really make your outfit pop.

Gucci 4cm Full-Grain Leather Belt Courtesy of Mr Porter

Gucci 4cm Full-Grain Leather Belt



13. Cole Haan 32mm Washington Perforated Belt


You simply can’t go wrong with Cole Haan. It’s a fact. Don’t believe us? Just look at that gorgeously tanned leather belt pictured below. Do you believe us now? Good. Step up your style with a little bit of tanned leather for a change. It comes with a number of holes both for style and fit purposes simply because Cole Haan can. Pair it with a handsome pair of navy chinos and a tucked, pure white long-sleeve button-down and serve up some serious style in the office.

Cole Haan 32mm Washington Perforated Belt Courtesy of Cole Haan

Cole Haan 32mm Washington Perforated Belt



14. Christian Louboutin Men’s Reversible CL Logo Leather Belt


Christian Louboutin’s red-bottomed shoes became such a sought after and iconic item in the early aughts that the brand sued another designer when they deigned to paint their shoe bottoms red. Such is the saltiness of the fashion field. Their men’s things have never been fraught with skullduggery, just well-crafted things. Need to quietly make a statement with your stuff? This silvery, artistically devised monogrammed buckle can do it for you. The black belt also reverses to red if you’re feeling eclectic.

Christian Louboutin Men’s Reversible CL Logo Leather Belt Courtesy of Mytheresa

Christian Louboutin Men’s Reversible CL Logo Leather Belt



15. Tecovas Alligator Belt


This 100% American alligator leather belt is one we haven’t stopped geeking over since the first moment we laid eyes on it. The alligator texture really brings the look of your average leather belt (designer or not) to a whole new realm of fashion. It exudes a handsome yet powerful look that will spruce any old outfit up tremendously. Complete with your choice of a 100% brass buckle in either antique or nickel-plated.

Tecovas Alligator Belt Courtesy of Tecovas

Tecovas Alligator Belt



16. MCM Reversible Visetos/Saffiano Belt


Back in the late 80s and early 90s, German brand MCM was a starlet’s dream. It was cute, fun, designer, yet affordable. Then, they vanished. Since making a comeback in the early aughts, they’ve become one of the most ubiquitous designer brands around. And that’s okay. The price points won’t kill you, and the items are nicely made. If you’d anthropomorphize the brand, it’s a happy puppy. This belt gives off an upbeat air and reverses to solid black.

MCM Reversible Visetos/Saffiano Belt Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

MCM Reversible Visetos/Saffiano Belt



Stylish Leather Belts That Will Keep Your Pants From Sagging


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