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The Best Dress Socks That’ll Get You Through Your Work Week

Like the best men’s underwear, the right pair of socks are unlikely to radically improve your day. But the wrong pair? The wrong pair can throw your whole day off balance. And when dress shoes are as uncomfortable as they usually are, the importance of the right dress socks is paramount. Even if you haven’t slipped on a pair of actual dress shoes since your college graduation, it’s still worth investing in a quality pair of dress socks. Whether you’re rocking them with sneakers or chukka boots, the best dress socks are the go-anywhere, do-anything accessory that makes them a true essential.

While dress socks of yore were as thin as a spider’s web and had to be held up by sock garters, the best men’s dress socks of today are made from a more substantial fabric that can withstand a day spent on your feet. Plus, many of the best dress socks are made from performance materials like merino wool, which helps resist odor.

When shopping for the best dress socks, you’ll also want to consider the length of the sock. A crew sock is what most guys are probably used to; they stop well above the ankle but below the calf. Traditional dress socks cover most of the calf; these are called calf socks or mid-calf socks. Most dress socks today are cut in a crew style, since that’s what most men are used to and comfortable with. The key when shopping for dress socks is to ensure they’re high enough to not show the skin of your legs when seated. If you have a higher-cut pair of pants, you might want a longer sock, such as a calf sock. Or, you can go in the other direction and get a pair of no-shows.

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In addition to fabric and fit, it’s also important to factor in style. While you might have a pair of socks adorned with pineapples or martini glasses hiding in the back of your sock drawer, the best dress socks for men keep it simple, with solid colors, subtle logos and classic prints. After all, your socks shouldn’t steal attention from the rest of your look. That’s not to say the best men’s dress socks have to be boring. Our favorite picks from brands like Falke, Bombas and Uniqlo are available in a wide range of colors, so you can find the pair that best suits your shoes and dress pants. All of our top picks will complement — not shout over —  your shoes and pants.

Read on for our top picks, from budget-friendly multi-packs to investment-worthy socks that’ll quickly become your lucky pair. These are the best dress socks for men to buy right now.


1. Falke Airport Wool Blend Socks


Walking around the airport on your way to a long business trip? Falke’s Airport socks are up to the task. They’re made in Germany from lightweight merino wool, with cotton, nylon and elastane for comfort and stretchiness. The outer of the socks feature temperature-regulating merino wool, while the inside is made from soft cotton, keeping you comfortable all day. They’re available in royal blue, red and tan. Yes, they’re expensive, but when you consider that the brand has been around since 1895, you’ll realize it’s worth paying for premium quality.

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Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

2. Uniqlo Men’s Color Socks


If there’s a sock you can wear anywhere, it’s arguably Uniqlo’s color socks. For one thing, they come in 50 colors, so it’s easy to find one that’ll work with any shoe/pant combination. And they’re just thick enough to support athletic shoes, but thin enough to wear with dress shoes. They’re inexpensive, too, so you can easily stock up.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo


3. Bombas Merino Dress Sock


Bombas’ socks aren’t cheap, but they deliver in terms of quality. Their best known for their everyday and no-show socks, but they also have a solid selection of dress socks. These are as subtle and simple as they come, so you’ll be able to wear them with anything. They’re made from merino wool, so they’ll resist odor and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

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4. Mack Weldon 2-Pack Everyday Extended Crew Socks

Mack Weldon is all about performance and comfort when it comes to basics like tees, underwear and sweatpants. These socks are made from soft combed cotton, and they have a cushioned footbed to keep you comfortable if you’re on your feet all day. The extended crew length ensures they won’t show if your pants ride up.

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Courtesy of Mack Weldon


5. Paul Smith Three-Pack Socks


Those who find the suit boring and dull have clearly never heard of Paul Smith, who has spent the last few decades injecting fun and color into tailoring without veering into novelty. Take these colorful striped dress socks — there are pops of reds, yellows and greens, but the classic styling makes for dress socks that can be worn in all but the stuffiest offices. They’re made from a blend of organic cotton for softness and comfort, and polyamide and elastane for stretchiness.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

6. London Sock Co. The Simply Sartorial 15-Pack Socks


Socks are generally seen as an unexciting gift, but when they’re this luxurious, it’s hard not to get excited about them. They’re stored in a stylish box with dividers that make it easy to grab the right pair of socks for the day, meaning you could replace your entire sock drawer with this one box. And while 200 bucks for socks is a lot, it’s important to consider that you’re getting 15 of them, which works out to about 13 bucks a pop. They come in all black or in vibrant colors.

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Courtesy of Matches Fashion

7. Calvin Klein Men’s 4-Pack Stripe & Dot Dress Socks


Calvin Klein is one of the best brands for underwear and t-shirts, so it’s no surprise that they also make great socks. Like their underwear, these socks are soft, durable and reasonably priced. This three-pack includes two solid pairs and one striped pair. Or, you can choose from one of the dozen other options on Amazon.

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Courtesy of Amazon



8. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s 3-Pk. Dress Socks


Looking to keep it simple, but not bland? Pick up this three-pack of solid socks from the modern master of American menswear, Ralph Lauren. The pack includes navy, light blue and lavender, making this the perfect pack for spring. They have a subtle pony logo at the top of the sock.

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Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

9. J Crew Cotton Socks


J. Crew made buying a suit easy (and fun) with their Ludlow suits, and the brand is still one of the best one-stop shops for affordable suiting. These crew socks work great with sneakers, but you can wear them with dress shoes, too. They have a vibrant polka dot print that’s not too fun.

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Courtesy of J Crew

10. Gold Toe Windsor Wool Dress Socks


If you’re looking for a more traditional dress sock, this option from Gold Toe is a good go-to. It’s thin and fits over the calf, and it’s made from wool, which is naturally temperature regulating, with nylon and spandex for comfort and stretch. Each order comes with three solid black pairs.

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