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These Are the Best Men’s Jewelry Brands That Should Be on Your Radar in 2023

Have you gotten dressed, looked in the mirror, and felt like something was off about your outfit? Perhaps accessories were needed to feel complete. Maybe a dangly earring, link bracelet, or subtle necklace? Yes, those kinds of things could be what your ensemble is missing. The best men’s jewelry not only tie everything together but also convey a story to those around you, familiar and new.

While accessorizing your outfit is not a new concept by any means, the envelope has been pushed for men to experiment with styles and materials previously identified for women only. Just look at artists like A$AP Rocky and Bad Bunny. Or even take a page out of Harry Styles’ book. These industry hitters have disrupted the cultural boundaries of what was and embraced a new wave of masculinity.

With Generation Z and millennials being the target audiences of today’s menswear brands, the style revolution we’re witnessing in real time, will continue to undergo a profound shift. However, our SPY team encourages men to be fearless in their approach to fashion and allow their confidence beam through each and every article of clothing.

While you might experience some apprehensions around what jewelry pieces could elevate your looks or potentially receive criticism — be it ear cuffs, gemstone rings or pearl necklaces — men’s jewelry brands have created a more gender-neutral space with newfound designs and the right amount of edge.

And you know how the saying goes at the top of every January: “new year, new me.” That said, let’s change things up a bit, you know, for the sake of your wardrobe, and get the ball rolling in a different direction. Keep reading to see some of the best men’s jewelry brands that should be on your radar in 2023.

Courtesy of Jaxon
Pictured: Cuban Link Chain – 5mm


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The 5mm Cuban Link Chain is Jaxxon’s #1 best-selling style. It’s available in four lengths, with the 22″ being the most popular. The 5mm width is just the right thickness to draw the eye without drawing too much attention. The necklace itself is crafted from pure 925 sterling silver that’s coated three times with 14k gold.

elevated essentials
Pictured: Sterling Silver Bracelet


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Tom Wood doesn’t get up caught on trends; rather the English brand focuses on simplicity and elevating essentials that can be worn year in and year out. While their mission is to be carbon conscious, you’ll discover a great selection of accessories with timeless designs and functional aesthetics — all worth the investment.

Most contemporary
Pictured: Beaded Bracelet


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Mejuri is one of the most contemporary jewelry brands on the scene. The Canada-based company’s foray into men’s accessories has been remarkable — especially because they’re your everyday essentials that won’t offset your outfit. Not to mention its sleek styles of bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces that never compromise your comfort or wallet.

Courtesy of Bernard James
Pictured: Mirror Silver Micro Hoop Earrings


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Brooklyn-based designer Bernard James uses a high level of craftsmanship and handwork to make each piece unique. With over a decade of experience and an eye for detail, his mission to “redefine luxury” for the new generation exudes through his collection of quality jewelry.

gender neutral
Pictured: Pearl Necklace with Colorful Glass Beads


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Not afraid of sporting pearls? Good, because Nialaya Jewelry has a host of men’s jewelry inspired by spirituality. From Evil Eye pendants to their signature ‘Handmade in Hollywood’ beaded bracelets, the brand’s one-of-a-kind pieces can usher in a streak of luck for the new year and beyond.

most sustainable
Pictured: Sterling Silver Flowers Grow Together Sapphire Ring


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Considering their impact on the planet, Bleue Burnham relies on conscious production when designing timeless jewelry pieces. For instance, this sterling silver ring is handcrafted from recycled materials and six laboratory-grown sapphires in rainbow hues as flowers. If you’re like us and appreciate products that practice sustainability, the London-based brand is a good one to shop from.

best minimal
Pictured: Thin Screw Cuff


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If you’re not looking for anything too loud and something more on the sophisticated side, Miansai is a good minimal-yet-striking brand to consider. An example of such would be their staple screw cuff bracelet, which you can receive in stainless steel with an 18k gold finish or solid 10-karat gold.

most renown
Pictured: Sterling Silver Chevron Large Cross Pendant


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David Yurman is recognized as one of the best to turn the dial forward on men’s jewelry with innovation and exquisite craftsmanship. While their cable chains and twisted helix bracelets put them on the map, the American designer is eminent for constantly offering its contemporary customer base structural designs that give your look a high-fashion makeover.

Pictured: Plus Pendant, *arrives with Diamond Cut Trace Chain*


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With R&B crooner Frank Ocean at the helm of HOMER, a luxury jewelry and accessories brand, it is no surprise that the assortment is beyond elaborate. From lab-grown diamonds and hand-painted enamel to 18K gold and recycled sterling silver, the collection includes plenty of statement pieces, which most likely will strike up a conversation.

perfect link-style
Pictured: Sterling Silver Chain-link Ring


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Attention all ring lovers: your collection of rings is not fully complete without one from Hoorsenbuhs that comprises tri-link open-link chains and a burnished effect to offer an antique-ish surface. Their rings are really sleek, embody amazing symbolism like “continuous opulence,” and even received co-signs from style icons like Rihanna and David Beckham.

Pictured: Silver & White Opal Hoop Earring


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Cutting-edge and gender-fluid describes the scope of jewelry by London-based label Hatton Labs. Drawing inspiration from the city’s rich heritage of subcultures, the brand merges 3D technology and traditional design techniques to create their range collection of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that incorporate freshwater pearls, colored stones, and diamonds — all of which can be borrowed by your special lady.

most classic
Pictured: Paloma’s Groove Narrow Cuff


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The only time to feel blue is when you bring a box home from Tiffany & Co. For over two decades, the luxury retailer has offered elegant, high-quality jewelry, including ID bracelets, signet rings, pendants, and simple cuffs. However, most recently, men’s jewelry was the focal point of the 1837® Makers capsule collection.

Pictured: Gold and Cord Bracelet

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Luis Morais’ jewelry offerings for men are playful and vibrant, similar to the essence of the designer’s home in Rio. The brand is famed for its beaded and cord offerings unified with metallic finishings and precious materials.

multi-tone jewelry
Pictured: 18K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Kane Linked Ring


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If there’s a two-tone (perhaps three, adding in rose gold) accessory you shouldn’t leave the house without, it probably derives from Spinelli Kilcollin. The luxury jeweler is best known for using a constellation of metals and gems that create clean and conceptual, intertwined rings.

most charming
Pictured: 18K Yellow Gold La 1,9g Hoop Earring


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LeGramme, whose conscious production takes place in France, allows you to choose a piece of jewelry according to its weight in grams. Their supply includes sleek bangles, cable wire bracelets, sharp ring silhouettes, and more. Each style is hand-polished, made from recycled materials, and engraved with details such as its unit of mass and unique serial number.