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8 Signet Rings That’ll Make You Feel Like Modern Royalty

Guys, you don’t have to be married to wear a ring on your finger. In the world of accessories, men’s signet rings are a surefire way to spice up your hand without having to walk down the aisle. They’ve experienced quite an interesting evolution, going from the dignified digits of royalty to the hands of hipsters everywhere.

But what is a signet ring exactly? Well, bunker down for a quick history lesson. Way back in medieval times, men’s signet rings were a piece of finger jewelry that monarchs would don to stamp important documents or deeds. The face of the ring typically featured an engraved personal monogram consisting of three initials or a family crest.

As time went on, the purpose of these rings faded, and they became more of a fashionable status symbol for influential folks in high society — eventually becoming a family heirloom, which was passed on from one generation to the next. But as men’s fashion has evolved over the years, so has the meaning behind certain accessories. Today, “the gentleman’s ring” (as it is also known) has lost much of its original meaning, but they’re nevertheless still a trendy staple in men’s fashion.

Many of today’s men’s signets don’t even feature a personalized monogram (although if you want to go that route, it’s still totally acceptable). Instead — much like men’s bracelets — they serve simply as an extension of your personality. Take a look at eight of the best signet rings and see for yourself.


1. Men’s 925 Sterling Silver Signet Ring


When it comes to finding quintessential men’s signet rings, the 925 Sterling Silver Signet Ring checks all the boxes. The timeless design of the piece doesn’t take away from whatever you may engrave on the top surface. Plus, if you’re going to shell out the extra dough to engrave your initials on something, you should always make sure the object your engraving is worthy of the extra attention. Sure, trendy jewelry with your engraved initials would be cool, but if you’re going to spend the time and energy to have something permanently carved into your ring, you should make sure that the piece is something you could wear on any occasion, and for years down the road. No matter what design or monogram might adorn the face of this ring, the simple and polished look of the band will compliment it well.

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2. Vitaly Pryde Two-Tone Signet Ring


This contemporary upgrade isn’t your grandfather’s traditional signet ring. In place of a gem or engraved crest, a slate of mixed metals serves as the ring’s centerpiece. Buyers have two options when it comes to picking out the two-tone finish of the ring: a matte black band with a polished gold oval (as pictured) or an antique steel band with a polished steel oval.

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3. Urban Outfitters Teeth Ring


Take a bite out of your bling with the Urban Outfitters Teeth Ring. The debossed fangs atop the ring are detailed enough to give Dracula serious denture-envy. The statement ring is available in either gold or silver. While it’s not a traditional signet ring, it’s a killer piece of men’s jewelry that will complement any outfit.

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Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

4. ASOS Reclaimed Eye Signet Ring


The best part about the ASOS Reclaimed Eye Signet Ring is that this piece gives off a vintage aesthetic without actually being, well, vintage. So no worries if you misplace it. Made from durable zinc alloy, the center of the silver ring features an intricate spiritual eye carving with a black inner finish to give it that antique look. And at only $16, it’s a steal.

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Image courtesy of ASOS

5. Lanhi Men’s Simple Square Signet Ring


Who says that the top of signet rings all have to be thick? The Lanhi Men’s Simple Square Ring is just as the name suggests. The contemporary arrow cut and sleek brushed finish make it the perfect piece to pair with a larger statement ring. The ring is also cool enough to go solo, or you can scatter a few of them on different fingers for a varied look. Plus, it’s available in three different colors and super affordable, so you can throw a few of these in your shopping cart at no real harm to your wallet.

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6. David Yurman Onyx Signet Ring


The David Yurman Onyx Signet Ring is perfect for adding a bit of low-key luxury to your outfit without being too flashy. The sterling silver band features a refined contemporary angular cut, showcasing a sleek emerald-cut onyx stone that sits center stage.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

7. James Dean Men’s Oval Onyx Signet Ring


So you don’t have $495 to shell out on a ring? Fair enough. The James Dean Men’s Oval Onyx Signet Ring on Amazon offers a similar look to the David Yurman Onyx Signet Ring without causing as much hurt to your bank account. So if you’re not someone who needs a designer label on your threads, the polished stainless steel band with a flat black gem could be right for you.


8. Akitsune Minimalist Ring


Can statement jewelry also fall under a minimalist category? Well, as the Akitsune Minimalist Ring proves, the answer is yes. Made from durable stainless steel, the elegant and effective ring is minimal in design, and the oversized cut isn’t going to get lost on your hand. In addition to the matte black offering, the ring is also available in polished silver or polished gold. However, we prefer the matte black, which is undoubtedly one of the best men’s signet rings for sale right now.

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