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10 Signet Rings That’ll Make You Feel Like Modern Royalty

Maybe you could point to Lil Nas X, Harry Styles, or even Lenny Kravitz as guys whose personal style has created a sea change in men’s jewelry. These days, the more you pile rings, bracelets, necklaces, and heck, even pearls, the cooler the outfit looks. One of the hottest trends in men’s jewelry is are men’s signet rings. Once thought of as stuffy, they’ve experienced quite an interesting evolution; going from the dignified digits of royalty to the hands of trendy hipsters everywhere.

what the heck is a signet ring anyway?

But what is a signet ring exactly? Well, bunker down for a quick history lesson. Way back in medieval times, men’s signet rings were a piece of finger jewelry that monarchs would don to stamp important documents or deeds. The face of the ring typically featured an engraved personal monogram consisting of three initials or a family crest.

As time went on, the purpose of these rings faded, and they became more of a fashionable status symbol for influential folks in high society — eventually becoming a family heirloom, which was passed on from one generation to the next. But as men’s fashion has evolved over the years, so has the meaning behind certain accessories. Today, “the gentleman’s ring” (as it is also known) has lost much of its original meaning, but they’re nevertheless still a trendy staple in men’s fashion.

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Many of today’s men’s signets don’t even feature a personalized monogram (although if you want to go that route, it’s still totally acceptable). Instead — much like men’s bracelets — they serve simply as an extension of your personality. Originally designed to be worn on the pinky, today’s men’s signet rings can be worn on any finger. Take a look at ten of the best signet rings and see for yourself.

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Best Overall

This is one heck of a deal. A sterling silver men’s signet ring that can be engraved (or not) at this price is hard to beat.

Courtesy of Jedora
Most sporty

$23.10 $42.00

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You decide if the checkerboard pattern represents a chessboard or a racing flag. Either way, this enamel ring is a clever looking accessory. This gold-plated stainless-steel ring was created with an eco-friendly process. It’s hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof.

Courtesy of Kay Jewelers
Best minimalist


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This cool and cleanly designed signet ring is definitely not your grandfather’s traditional signet ring. In place of a gem or engraved crest, a textured design serves as the ring’s centerpiece.

Courtesy of Nordstrom
best Designer Goth


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The skull motif is found throughout McQueen’s work. This skull and spider add a delightfully macabre air to the classic signet ring for men.

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best deal


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If you like to switch up trends quickly, this engraved signet ring’s price hits the sweet spot. Made from mixed metals, it has an aged, artisanal style that belies its price tag.

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best for layering

One of the newish-y and cool trends is stacking rings on a finger. Take a look at how Harry Styles plays with rings for example. This thin unisex signet ring can be layered or stacked between other rings on a finger, or worn alone.

Courtesy of Zales
best for dads

Starts at $288.35

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Show off family pride with this customizable signet ring. The top of the signet ring has a faceted onyx inset, while each side can be engraved with three family names. Metal options for the ring include 10K or 14K yellow, white, or rose gold, or sterling silver.

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best architectural

Who says that the top of signet rings all have to be thick? The Lanhi Men’s Simple Square Ring is just as the name suggests. Made with stainless steel, it’s available in three different colors.

Courtesy of Tateossian
best mix of stones


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It’s as if tropical seas were captured in this sterling silver signet ring. This men’s signet ring has an intricate construction. For the centerpiece, a crystal quartz is rose cut, then placed over the slice of apatite. This daring combination of semi-precious stones creates an eye-catching unique look.

Courtesy of Angara Jewelry
best unisex

$1710.00 $1899.00 10% off

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Grab some glitter for yourself with this diamond and 14K gold signet ring. The unisex style features a center prong set baguette diamond surrounded by small diamonds. The total carat weight is 1/3, the color is G, and the clarity is VS2.