SPY Editors Review Our 40 Favorite Pairs of Men’s Sunglasses of 2022

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Looking for the best men’s sunglasses of 2022? You’re spoiled for choice.*

We’ve seen tons of great new sunglasses hit the market in the past couple of years, from a surprising celebrity collaboration to Anker’s Soundcore Bluetooth Sunglasses. We’ve also seen companies like Shinola and Off-White release eyewear for the very first time.

In ancient Rome, Nero used emeralds as sunglasses when he watched gladiators perform. In China, they used flattened smokey quartz for their lenses, which became popular a little before the 12th century. During the ’20s, Hollywood’s new movie stars started wearing sunglasses, and a modern trend was born.

Today, the best men’s sunglasses are a must-have accessory. And when we’re talking about the top trends for sunglasses this year, this isn’t one hot trend but rather a few. This makes it easy to pick not only the best trendy sunglasses but the best sunglasses that fit your lifestyle and your style.

The Top Sunglasses Trends for 2022

Stylewise, we’re still seeing an homage to the ‘90s, aka the Y2K trend. Look for smallish-size sunglasses in an array of colors. Think Kurt Cobain wearing red over white sunglasses, and you’ve got the idea. Tiny sunglasses are still around. As are oversized frames. And those weird quasi-EDM/Raver giant bug-eye sunglasses are back (for better or worse).

Another throwback trend is transparent frames in all sizes and shapes. Maybe because we’re still digging athleisurewear, but sporty sunglasses are big — and no, you don’t have to be a participant in any sport to rock those frames. Sunglass designers have been playing with shapes, and octagonal, rounded rectangular and hexagonal frames are here for you to try out. Lastly, you can never go wrong with classic sunglass styles or brands. One of the reasons Ray-Ban has remained popular is that its frames are timeless. Whether you pick a Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Clubmaster or their distinctive aviator sunglasses, know that they’ll never go out of style.


Don’t Forget About the Fit

If you’re upgrading your eyewear, it’s important to pick the right style of shades for your style and face. The best men’s sunglasses will add a finishing touch to any outfit. Luckily, a lot of websites now offer virtual try-on, so you can see how you’ll look before adding them to your cart.

When trying on sunglasses, make sure they fit you. If they’re loose, have them tightened or adjusted. Alex Friedman, optician and founder of independent eyewear company Alexander Daas, has a few tips on making sure that the sunglasses you’re eyeing are the best ones for you. His number one suggestion? “Select a frame where your eyes are centered in the lens area to avoid optical illusions and strain.” When choosing a frame, make sure that the frame sits neither too high nor too low on your nose. You don’t want to keep pushing your sunglasses up to see or push them down a bit for coverage. Friedman also feels that you should play with color when it comes to sunglass frames. Look for hues that complement your skin tone and wardrobe.


How To Pick the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

There are five basic face shapes: oval, round, rectangular, square and diamond.

  • Square face shapes have a defined angular jaw and can wear any type of men’s sunglasses. For reference, celebrity square-faced gents include Brad Bitt, Dwayne Johnson and Matt Damon.
  • Round face shapes are roundish in shape. To make a face seem longer, opt for square or rectangular-shaped sunglasses. Celebrities with round faces include Leonardo Di Caprio, Jeremy Renner and Jack Black.
  • Oval face shapes are evenly proportioned, and, like the squared face, can wear any men’s sunglasses. Jude Law and James Franco have oval faces.
  • Rectangular face shapes have cheekbones, jawlines and temples of the same width. Idris Elba, Robert Downey Jr. and Adam Levine look mighty fine with that face shape. Wear rounded, hexagonal, oversized and square-shaped glasses.
  • Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and chin with wide cheekbones. Johnny Depp wears round-shaped sunglasses and Ryan Reynolds likes aviators and square frames with rounded bottoms, while Robert Pattinson wears anything from round frames to aviators to square- and hexagonal-shaped sunglasses.

So check out SPY’s picks for the best men’s sunglasses below. You might just find the missing key to the look and style you want to showcase this summer.


1. Cloos x Brady Espresso Sunglasses


We need to stop asking what Tom Brady can’t do because the answer is he can do anything, and do it ridiculously well.

Take his Cloos X Brady sunglasses collection for instance; we’ve covered the launch, and they’ve quickly become our favorite pair of sunnies. Each pair in this celebrity-branded collection is made from biodegradable Italian acetate, has polarized lenses and comes in black and gray.

We love these glasses so much that we even named them the best sunglasses of the year in The 2021 Man, SPY’s end-of-year product awards.

Cloos Sunglasses Tyler Schoeber | SPY


2. Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic Sunglasses


Ray-Ban sunglasses never really go out of style and there’s never a bad time to buy Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades.

However, if you’re looking for the best men’s sunglasses of 2022, you have to go with these gold-frame aviator shades. Every men’s sunglasses roundup always contains at least one pair of aviators and one pair of Ray-Bans, and we’re getting both out of the way at the jump.

These sunglasses are truly iconic, as this exact pair, the Ray-Ban RB3025, is the style that Tom Cruise wears in Top Gun: Maverick.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic Sunglasses, Best Men's Sunglasses Courtesy of Ray-Ban


3. Persol 714SM Steve McQueen Sunglasses


We dare you to find cooler sunglasses than the Persol 714SM Steve McQueen Sunglasses. We’re not even going to wait because you can’t; it’s not possible. Made famous by their namesake, these sunglasses fold up and will never go out of style no matter which colorway you choose. (We have always loved the Havana frames with brown lenses.) These are easy to bring along, effortlessly cool to wear and a little pricy — but more than worth having in your arsenal.

Persol 714SM Steve McQueen Sunglasses Courtesy of Persol


4. Foldies Polarized Folding Classics


Folding men’s sunglasses are cool because the Persol men’s sunglasses fold. (Seriously, that’s what started the trend.) But most of us aren’t dropping $600+ on sunglasses. So, for the best reasonably priced foldable sunglasses, you have to go with the Foldies Polarized Folding Classics.

With a Ray-Ban Wayfarer-esque look, excellent folding, multiple colorways and an included case, these sunglasses will go anywhere and make all your friends jealous when you fold them up and safely tuck them away.

Foldies Polarized Folding Classics in tortoise shell; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Foldies


5. Ray-Ban Stories


It’s easy to criticize Facebook for its legitimate missteps and blatant self-preservation, but that doesn’t take away from the pretty big wearable leap forward it took with the Ray-Ban Stories glasses.

The Ray-Ban Stories, which are available as sunglasses, allow wearers to capture and share images, record video, play music and answer phone calls by touching the arms of the glasses. Though we’ve seen that before, we’ve never seen it in a Ray-Ban-made pair of glasses that people would actually want to wear.

And we can’t understate the importance of that: because the Stories look like regular glasses, wearers likely won’t have to worry as much about the kind of criticism Google Glass received. Though the glasses do still raise privacy concerns, from the would-be wearer’s standpoint, the regular and stylish look of the smart glasses is a huge win.

Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Smart Sunglasses; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Ray-Ban


6. Le Specs Paradox Sunglasses


These classic sunglasses from Le Specs will always stay in style. Their Paradox sunnies have a tortoiseshell frame and a touch of metal at the bridge, and the rounded cat-eye frame looks great on everyone. The lenses also have a UV coating.

Le Specs Paradox Sunglasses; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

7. Revo Cobra Crystal Glasses


Nothing is stronger (and cooler) than a pair of Revo’s Cobra Crystal Glasses. These puppies are built to keep you looking stylish and feeling worry-free due to their crystal glass consistency involving NASA-grade lenses with two layers of glass. Each pair is polarized and will enhance contrast and diminish glare. We’ve personally had the chance to try these and we’re obsessed.

Revo Cobra Crystal Glasses Courtesy of Revo


8. Pixel Eyewear Asper Sunglasses


Sometimes called “The English Schoolboy,” this mixed fabrication (stainless steel and acetate) is the best all-rounder because the lenses are non-reflective on both sides, polarized and also block blue light. They come in black too.

Pixel Eyewear Asper Sunglasses; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Pixel Eyewear


9. MeetSun Polarized Unisex Sunglasses


These polarized sunglasses are slightly oversized with rounded edges, so they’ll work with every face shape. There are almost 12,000 reviews from men and women who’ve raved about the quality of the polarized lenses and the way the frames fit.

They have a composite frame and mirrored triacetate cellulose lenses. There are 30 — yes, 30 — color combinations. Everything from the classic black frame and black lens combination to a clear frame and mirrored purple lens combo. The lenses also have blue light protection.

Meet sun unisex sunglasses; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon


10. Shinola Rambler 52mm Sunglasses


We’re big fans of Shinola here at SPY, and we were excited when the Detroit-based company released its first eyewear collection in early 2021. We especially like the Rambler frames, which feature bold lines and a classic, almost-retro aesthetic.

Made in the USA with premium materials, these designer sunglasses are built to last. We love the classic tortoise-shell frames pictured below, but you can choose from a variety of materials and colors.

Shinola Rambler 52mm Sunglasses Courtesy of Shinola


11. Off-White Nassau Transparent Rectangle Frame Sunglasses


It’s no secret that we love Off-White. The late Virgil Abloh’s first eyewear collection was an absolute standout full of bold looks and unique frame styles. Visually arresting, and almost architectural in design are the hallmarks of Off-White’s first sunglasses. The Nassau has a thick bold clear frame and ombre arms and comes with its own case.

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Off-White-Nassau-Transparent-Rectangle-Frame-Sunglasses Courtesy of Farfetch


12. Eye Buy Direct – Sun Soar Geometric Sunglasses for Men


One of the biggest styles for Spring and Summer 2022 is hexagonal-shaped sunglasses, usually with a dark lens. Popular in the late ’60s, this style is making a major comeback and these black-lensed frames come in gold, black or silver frames. And at just $30, these hexagonal sunglasses are also some of the best deals you’ll find this year.

Eye Buy Direct - Sun Soar Geometric Sunglasses for Men Courtesy of Eye Buy Direct


13. Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses


Billing themselves as almost weightless, these luxe-looking men’s sunglasses are also very affordable. The polarized lenses offer 100% protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays. They also come in 10 colorways and each pair of sunglasses includes a case, cleaning cloth and mini screwdriver.

Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon


14. Gucci Mask-Frame Sunglasses


Shield sunglasses are making their way back into the sunlight. Get ahead of the trend with these fantastical sunglasses from Gucci. They’ve got polarized lenses and come with their own case. Even at this steep price, they’ve been selling out quickly on other sites.

Gucci-Mask-Frame-Sunglasses Courtesy of My Theresa

15. MVMT Rival Sunglasses


You’ve probably seen the ads for MVMT’s watches, but did you know they also have a line of sunglasses? Their sunglasses collection is a mix of new and revitalized retro styles like this pair. The style was popularized by Buddy Holly back in the ’50s, and they’re still cool today. These square-shaped sunglasses have a combination of acetate and metal frame, with contrast-colored lenses.

MVMT Rival Sunglasses Courtesy of MVMT


16. GLCO (Garret Leight California Optical) Clement Sun


GLCO is frequently inspired by playwrights, authors, musicians and artists as well as the milieus they inhabited. This frame, the Clement Sun, is an homage to Andy Warhol.

The thick acetate frame is reminiscent of the ones that Warhol sported. Clement Sun has lenses that provide UV protection and have an AR coating in pure green. These sunglasses also come in four other colorways, including clear.

GLCO (Garret Leight California Optical) Clement Sun; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of (Garret Leight California Optical)


17. Eyeleos Alan Sunglasses


These unisex sunglasses combine a classic rectangular style with trendy transparent touches to the frame. For each purchase, a portion is donated to a charity. Eyeleos offers free shipping, adjustments and returns. They come with a lens cleaning cloth and case. And yes, you can try them on virtually.

Eyeleos_Alan_Sunglasses-removebg-preview Courtesy of Eyeleos

18. Oliver Peoples Nino Horn Sunglasses


Though it can be difficult for a design to stand out, unique or specialty materials are always an easy way to distinguish a product and ideally create something less run-of-the-mill.

The Oliver Peoples Nino Horn Sunglasses are made in Italy from genuine high-quality horn, which is lightweight, comfortable and offers a look that simply can’t be replicated. Alas, you will pay a steep price for the unique privilege.

Oliver Peoples Nino Horn Sunglasses Courtesy of Oliver Peoples


19. Oakley Valve Sunglasses


Sporty looking and lightweight, the frames are designed to stay put even if you get sweaty. The lenses are Oakley’s high-definition optics created to give crisp, clear vision. When you’re on the website, you’ll be able to try them on virtually.

Oakley_Valve_Sunglasses_top_sunglasses-removebg-preview Courtesy of Oakley

20. Adidas Originals 54mm Round Sunglasses


Trust Adidas to come out with a pair of sunglasses that are sporty, trendy and oh so wearable. These rounded square frames are made to look nifty on every face shape. Comfort’s built into the frames with a keyhole bridge. The frame is a matte blue, and the lenses are blue mirrored and provide 100% UV protection. A metal plaque engraved with the brand’s name and iconic logo sits at the temples. They also come in a black-on-black combination.

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Adidas Originals 54mm Round Sunglasses Courtesy of Nordstrom


21. Shady Rays X Series Black Emerald Sunglasses


The X series Black Emerald wraparound men’s sports sunglasses protect your peripheral vision with lenses that have a hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating and are polarized with 100% UV protection. The frame was designed to stay on no matter what sport you indulge in. The frames come in black or clear. Choose lenses in matte black, black, blue or emerald green.

Shady Rays X Series Black Emerald Sunglasses Courtesy of Shady Rays


22. Ironman Black Blade Sunglasses PP05


Named after the insanely rigorous triathlon, these tinted sunglasses are designed to hang on during outdoor training sessions or long runs. This wraparound style has adjustable nose pads and rubberized temple inserts to create a comfortable fit. The lenses are scratch and impact-resistant and offer 100% UV protection. Ironman is a division of Foster Grant eyewear, so you know you’re getting quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

Ironman Black Blade Sunglasses PP05 Courtesy of Walmart


23. Opolis Bio Collection Largo Sunglasses


Want to look good and help the world at the same time? Opolis has a transparent supply chain and creates eyewear using bio-acetate and recycled plastics. Their Largo sunglasses are from the company’s Bio Collection. The acetate frames are plant-based and are created with cottonseed, hemp and red pulp, which means they’re biodegradable. The core and hinges are made from upcycled materials, too. Largo’s lenses are scratch-resistant, polarized and provide UVA/UVB protection. For every frame sold, Opolis donates to 1% of the Planet and other nonprofits.

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Opolis Bio Collection Largo Sunglasses Courtesy of Opolis


24. Dior BlackSuit 55m Sunglasses


There are hundreds of designer sunglasses for men, so what makes the Dior BlackSuit frames stand out? We love these sunglasses because they’re the best example of one of our favorite sunglasses trends of 2022: irregular frame shapes. The subtle detail elevates these sunglasses, and we’re confident they’ll earn you compliments everywhere you go.

Dior BlackSuit 55m Sunglasses Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


25. Smoke x Mirrors Everyday


Two-tone tortoiseshell frames have been popping up in both eyewear and sunglasses; it’s a micro-trend that’s starting to blow up. These French-made sunglasses not only capture that trend, but they also exude A-lister style. The round frames house anti-reflective coated CR-39 lenses with 100% UVA/UVB Category 3 protection. They also come in solid black and an amber-toned tortoiseshell.

Smoke-X-Mirrors-Everyday Courtesy of Zappos


26. Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses


The Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses are genuinely some of the best men’s sunglasses out there. With top-quality lenses, 23k gold metal frames and hinges, these sunglasses are made to last a lifetime. And if any solder joints wear out, like at hinges, brow bars or nose pad arms, Randolph promises to repair or replace them free of charge. It also doesn’t hurt that they are snappy as hell and can be personalized (up to 20 characters) for an extra fee.

Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Randolph


27. Tomahawk Eyewear Tamboras Sunglasses


Created by twins who were fed up with paying a lot of money for sunglasses, Tomahawk’s Tamboras sunglasses have polarized UV400 lenses that are FDA-approved impact resistant. These sunglasses are covered by the brand’s lifetime warranty; Tomahawk will replace lost, broken or stolen sunglasses up to two times. That’s pretty impressive.

Tomahawk eyewear tamboras sunglasses; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Tomahawk


28. Etnia Barcelona Ignasi Monreal Sun Sunglasses


Indie eyewear company Etnia Barcelona’s designs are always on the cutting edge. Could be one of the reasons why celebrities like Brad Pitt, Liam Hemsworth and Jay-Z wear them. Their Ignasi Monreal Sun sunnies tick all the 2022 trends: funky small rectangular frames with a wildly designed arm, and inset evil eye talisman. These retro-cool unisex sunglasses come in three spectacular colors: lavender, tortoiseshell and aqua. It’s a simple way to step up your look tremendously.

Ignasi-Monreal-Sun Courtesy of Etnia Barcelona

29. Crap Eyewear The Love Hangover Sunglasses


Whether with their lenses or frames, hip Gen Z-Esque brand Crap Eyewear always has something cool going on. This time, it’s the ’60s mod overview that’s bringing a pink frame into menswear. Rock an old-school look with your modern style as if you’re a back-and-forth time traveler. We’ve seen glasses from this brand up close, and they’re always really sleek and comfortable to wear.

Crap Eyewear The Love Hangover Sunglasses Courtesy of Crap Eyewear


30. Ray-Ban Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses


Another pair of sunglasses made famous by Tom Cruise. Wayfarers never look dated.  Seriously, one glance at these sunglasses you know immediately what they are. Launched in 1952, they have always been cool — James Dean wore a pair in Rebel Without a Cause back in 1955, after all. This pair has polarized lenses.

Ray-Ban-Polarized-Wayfarer-Sunglasses Courtesy of Saks Off Fifth

31. Arnette Men’s Sunglasses


As mentioned earlier, one of the hottest sunglass trends for the year is the sporty wraparound. Arnette’s wraparounds are slightly futuristic, with mirrored lenses boasting shimmery tones. Also on trend is the clear frame. Often worn by athletes, they’re trendy-looking but have solid construction.

Arnette Men's Sunglasses Courtesy of Macy's


32. Discount Glasses Westend Savannah Sunglasses


Looking for sunglasses that are both on-trend and not too showy? Discount Eyeglasses Westend Savannah’s are the best of both worlds. The rectangular frame is see-through gray and the contrast gray-pink lenses boast that mixed color combo that’s in right now. Speaking of lenses, they provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Discount Glasses offers virtual try-on so you can get an idea of how they’ll look in real life. For more foolproof shopping, Discount Glasses has an option to shop by face shape. This way, the only sunglasses you’ll see are the ones that’ll look good on you.

discount glasses westend savannah sunglasses; best men's sunglasses Courtesy of Discount Glasses



33. Gucci 63mm Oversized Aviator Sunglasses


Why do we have another pair of Guccis on this list? Because Gucci is one of the top sunglasses brands in the world. They always have been and will always be a hot ticket.  Every year, they come out with a mix of innovative and classic styles, all of them so on-point that it’s hard to pick just one pair. These yellow-rounded aviators provide 100% UV protection.

Gucci-63mm-Oversized-Aviator-Sunglasses Saks Off Fifth

34. Raen Myles Unisex Sunglasses


California-based Raen designs sunglasses that are infused with that laidback Cali vibe. These on-trend colored smokey frames have matching lenses, so, visually speaking, you’ve got a very cool monochromatic look. Want to see how they’ll look on your face? Their website has a free virtual try-on feature. The lenses are polarized, and you get a one-year warranty.

Raen_Myles_Unisex_Sunglasses-removebg-preview Courtesy of Raen

35. Tifosi Optics Crit Matte Smoke Fototec


These sport sunglasses have an aerodynamically designed frame so they won’t create drag when you’re cycling at high speeds. Runners also use them, as they have ventilated, shatterproof lenses, no-slip tech, and are as light as a feather. Another interesting feature about these sunglasses is that photochromatic lenses automatically darken the brighter it gets. Both nose pieces and arms are adjustable to create the most comfortable fit. They come in four other colorways.

Tifosi-Crit-Matte-Smoke-Fototec- Courtesy of Tifosi Optics



36. Alexander Daas Benjamin Sunglasses


Alexander-Daas-Benjamin-Sunglasses Courtesy of Alexander Daas


37. Pair Eyewear The Kirby Sunglasses


These sunglasses were first spotted on Shark Tank and they’re more popular than ever. The sunglasses can be customized endlessly. While you can change the color and the lenses on every frame they have, you can do even more customization. There are 13 different base frames and seven different lenses. But why stop there? They have a top frame that sits on the sunglasses and in seconds you have a completely different look. Seriously, there are over 500 ways you can wear their sunglasses. All the lenses are polarized and block 100% UVA/UVB rays. Frames start at $60, and top frames start at $25. Below is an example of what you can customize.

Pair-Eyewear-The-Kirby-Customized-Sunglasses Courtesy of Pair Eyewear


38. Kenneth Cole KC7204 Sunglasses


First popularized by John Lennon in the ’70s, round sunglasses have gone from fad to trend, to modern classic. Kenneth Cole does the round sunglasses with a shiny black metal frame and sexy, smokey lenses.


Kenneth-Cole-KC7204-Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon



39. Thierry Lasry Foxxxy Square Frame Acetate Sunglasses


French designer Lasry launched his sunglasses brand back in the early 2000s. His father was an optician, so one could say that designer eyewear was in his blood. His sunglasses are known for bold designs that use color recklessly, in the best way possible. If you want cutting-edge sunglasses that don’t look like anyone else’s, start looking at Lasry’s collection. The bright blue lenses (100% UV protection) are a striking pop of color against the cool white of the frames. The glasses come with a case.

theirry-lasry-sunglasses Courtesy of Mr Porter

40. Prada Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses


You can’t have a roundup of the best sunglasses and not include Prada. Miuccia Prada has been quietly revolutionizing all aspects of fashion from the moment she took over the family firm. The frame is tortoiseshell with matching lenses, while the arms are a mottled green tortoiseshell. The logo is done in a contrasting color so it pops is at the temples. The lenses provide 100 UV protection, and the glasses come with a soft case and cleaning cloth.

Prada-Flat-Top-Aviator Courtesy of Bloomingdales

How We Chose the Best Men’s Sunglasses of 2022

Now that we’re anticipating warmer weather, we wanted to rank our favorite sunglasses of the year so you can pick up a pair for summer. We wanted to include a range of styles and prices, so you’ll find everyday sunglasses you can keep in the car as well as designer specs from top designers like Dior and Off-White. We tried to select sunglasses that represented some of the top men’s sunglasses trends of 2022.

Whether you call them navigators or aviator sunglasses, there’s no denying that this frame style was one of the top sunglasses trends in the past couple of years. Oversized sunglasses also made a major comeback in 2021, and we don’t see that style going anywhere in summer 2022. In addition to the oversized sports sunglasses you’ll always find on the golf course, designers like Off-White released bold oversized frames that will help you stand out from the crowd.

In addition, irregular frame shapes have become extremely popular as of late for their eclectic, standout aesthetic.

Other popular styles this summer include sporty looks mined from the ’70s tennis looks, wraparound shades, mixed fabrications and, of course, retro eyewear that runs from the ’50s to the ’80s. We’re talking everything from cat-eye to round to the classic heavy square frames like the ones that Buddy Holly wore.

What’s surprising is the emergence of colored lenses. As mentioned, some designers are mismatching lens colors with frames, and some like everything to match. Tomahawk Eyewear features an olive-toned pair of sunglasses with, of course, matching lenses.

As we head deeper into summer, you may be able to find some of the year’s best sunglasses on sale. If you look around, there’s a good chance that you might find your favorite pair at a lower price than expected. We’ve also found plenty of great-looking sunglasses for less than $30.

Ultimately, while we considered a variety of factors — price, style, trend factor, eco-friendly materials — we made our selection of the best sunglasses for men based on our editors’ sense of style and taste.


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