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The Best Sunglasses Will Keep You Looking Ahead All Summer

Few accessories can make or break a man’s outfit the way a good pair of sunglasses can. With summer finally here, it’s critical to have a pair (or two or three) in the arsenal. Whether you’re hitting the beach or taking a date out for a midday lunch, having a pair of sunglasses that look stylish without looking like you’re trying too hard, and that are both comfortable and well made, can feel like a tall order. But whether you’re in the market for something to complement your trend heavy wardrobe, or that you’ll wear forever and a lifetime and then hand down to the next generation, there are great options on the market at every price point. 

What the Expert’s Say

There are a number of newer designers making a name for themselves in the sunglass world. Shiv Roy was wearing Thierry Lasry this season on Succession. Compared to industry giants like Ray-Ban and Persol, they’re relatively new, having been founded in 2006. All the same, its style and impact speaks for itself. “Glasses are the first thing you see on someone’s face. They send a direct message to the world of who you are and how you define yourself,” Lasry told SPY. He says his frames are designed to flatter the face and are intentionally logo-free; all made from a thick Italian acetate and carved using special techniques to maximize comfort. The stylized frames certainly make a statement, and that’s what makes them so special. “It’s quite exciting to see how people are getting more and more daring to try new shapes or colors when they choose their optical frames,” Lasry says. “I want to believe that I’ve played a bit of a part in that shift !”

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Courtesy of Oliver Peoples

$231.00 – $1, 1750.00

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A favorite of Larry David, an icon of glasses if ever there was one, you can’t go wrong with Oliver Peoples. They are the glasses of the most stylish people in the world, and if you want to invest in a pair of sunglasses that will never, ever go out of style—that are built to last, and that will be versatile for both casual and formalwear, look no further than this timeless brand. 

Courtesy of Persols
most timeless option

$261.00 – $808.00

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Speaking of well dressed men, Persol’s were the glasses of choice for Steve McQueen so what more convincing could you really need? Their classic acetate aviator with the keyhole nose bridge is a favorite racing frame but they have a selection of more subtle frames as well if you don’t have the guts to go full Thomas Crown Affair.

Courtesy of Jacques Marie Mage

$750.00 – $1,895.00

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Keeping with the theme of sunglasses of great(ly dressed) men, Jaques Marie Mage selections are a favorite of Logan’s number one boy. Despite his moral failings (an understatement) Kendall actually is pristinely dressed. They’re architectural, just chunky enough, but not overly trendy or flashy. If you want a frame that’s slightly more modern and cool than the simple, timeless frames of OP, JMM is a great choice.

Courtesy of Ray-Bans
best value

$141.00 – $561.00

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Ray-Ban is a household name when it comes to sunglasses and frames. That’s for a reason, whether you want a pair of circular metal frames or chunkier acetate ones, Ray Ban has something for that. The company offers a selection of both timeless and trendy looks, with the option of polarization for a lot of their most popular styles. As far as sunglasses go, they’re also ridiculously well priced. Basically, if you can’t find something to suit your needs on the Ray-Ban site, that’s a you problem.

Courtesy of Thierry Lasry

$415.00 – $585.00

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On the complete other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for statement sunglasses, look no further than Thierry Lasry. Another favorite on the Succession set, these glasses are bold, in color and style but still refined enough to not look costume-y or silly.

Courtesy of Gentle MOnsters

$259.00 – $400.00

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Gentle Monsters is a go-to for the men of K-Pop and with good reason. They are the it-boy of sunglasses right now. They have everything from uber trending picks to more simple frames and all at a relatively mid-range price.

Courtesy of Crap Eyewear

$85.00 – $119.00

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Crap Eyewear has all the trendiness and variety of the aforementioned brands at a fraction of the price. They don’t have the rigor and stability of some of the models, and the styles set by the above brands take a while to be brought here, but they have tons of styles available and look chic for cheap. Like Gentle Monsters, their style spans from aesthetic and trendy to more timeless and simple frames and at that price, why not treat yourself to one of each?  They’re also great for people who lose their sunglasses all the time.

Courtesy of Maui Jim

$189.00 – $529.00

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Maui Jim are a favorite for surfers, boat captains, and athletes. They’re sort of the original when it comes to polarization technology and their frames are known for being uber comfortable, durable, and lightweight.