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best men's sunglasses of summer 2021
Ted Baker
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Sunny weather equals sunglasses, right? Wrong. Sort of. Yes, sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory (next to flip-flops). However, you can and should wear sunglasses all year long. Sunglasses protect your eyes from damaging UVA and UVB rays, prevent premature wrinkling and crow’s feet and can mitigate hangover headaches. Plus, they make you look cool.

In ancient Rome, Nero used emeralds as sunglasses when he watched gladiators perform. In China, they used flattened smokey quartz for their lenses, which became popular a little before the 12th century. During the 20s, Hollywood’s new movie stars starting wear sunglasses, and a modern trend was born.

If you’re upgrading your eyewear, it’s important to pick the right style of shades for your style and face. The best men’s sunglasses will add the finishing touch to any summer outfit.

How To Pick the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

There are five basic face shapes: oval, round, rectangular, square and diamond.

  • Square face shapes have a defined angular jaw and can wear any type of men’s sunglasses. For reference, celebrity square-faced gents include Brad Bitt, Dwayne Johnson and Matt Damon.
  • Round face shapes are well, roundish in shape. To make a face seem longer, opt for square or rectangular-shaped sunglasses. Celebrities with round faces include Leonardo Di Caprio, Jeremy Renner and Jack Black.
  • Oval face shapes are evenly proportioned, and like the squared face, can wear any men’s sunglasses style. Jude Law and James Franco have oval faces.
  • Rectangular face shapes have cheekbones, jawlines and temples of the same width. Idris Elba, Robert Downey Jr. and Adam Levine look mighty fine with that face shape. Wear rounded, hexagonal, oversized and square-shaped glasses.
  • Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and chin, with wide cheekbones. Johnny Depp wears round-shaped sunglasses, Ryan Reynolds likes aviators and square frames with rounded bottoms, while Robert Pattinson wears anything from round frames to aviators to square and hexagonal-shaped sunglasses.

The Best Men’s Sunglasses for Summer 2021

A lot of the Summer 2020 men’s sunglasses trends are back for Summer 2021. The aviator is still a huge eyewear trend. Honestly, it’s such a classic style, it will never go out of style. Whether you call them navigators or aviator sunglasses, they’re really the same style. Pilot sunglasses have a frame that’s square, but they still give off that “too cool for school” vibe.

Oversized sunglasses are back this summer. Tom Ford has made some especially stylish oversized sunglasses for men. However, we’re also seeing oversized sunnies in tons of colorful hues. And a few of those colorful frames have the hues toned down because more than a few eyewear designers are making colored see-through frames, which makes the hues become diffused. Some oversized sunglasses have tonal or mismatched colored lenses.

Other popular styles this summer include sporty looks that were mined from the 70s tennis looks, wraparound shades, mixed fabrications and of course, retro eyewear that runs from the 50s to the 80s. We’re talking everything from cat-eye, to round, to the classic heavy square frames like the ones that Buddy Holly wore.

What’s really surprising is the emergence of colored lenses. You can find colored lenses in every shade you can imagine, and some you’d rather not. As mentioned earlier, some designers are mismatching lens colors with frames, and some like everything to match. Tomahawk Eyewear features an olive-toned pair of sunglasses with, of course, matching lenses.

Even though spring and summer haven’t started, we’ve noticed that sunglasses are already on sale. There’s a good chance that you might find your favorite pair at a lower price than expected. We’ve also found some great-looking sunglasses, ones that look like they could come from a high-end optical boutique for less than $30.

Start scrolling through to find the best men’s sunglasses to buy right now.


1. Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic Sunglasses


Ray-Ban sunglasses never really go out of style, and there’s never a bad time to buy Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades. However, if you’re looking for the best men’s sunglasses for summer 2021, you have to go with these gold-frame aviator shades. Every men’s sunglasses roundup always contains at least one pair of aviator glasses and one pair of Ray-Bans, and we’re getting both out of the way at the jump. These sunglasses are truly iconic, as this exact pair, the Ray-Ban RB3025, is the style that Tom Cruise wears in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick movie.

best mens sunglasses for summer 2020 - ray-ban aviator classic Courtesy of Ray-Ban

2. Ted Baker Tenerf Sunglasses


Ted Baker’s Tenerf Sunglasses feature a rectangular black frame that’s highlighted with touches of gold. These stylish men’s sunglasses will pair well with literally any outfit, which is why they’re the perfect summer sunglasses. They also have a looser fit that’s ideal for men with larger heads and wider faces.

ted baker tenerf sunglasses Courtesy of Ted Baker


3. Le Specs Paradox Sunglasses


These classic sunglasses from Le Specs will always stay in style. Their Paradox sunnies have a tortoiseshell frame, a touch of metal at the bridge, and the rounded cat-eye frame looks great on everyone. The lenses also have a UV coating.

Le Specs Paradox Sunglasses - Best Mens Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

4. Eye Buy Direct – Sun Soar Geometric Sunglasses for Men


One of the biggest styles for spring and summer 2021 is hexagonal-shaped sunglasses, usually with a dark lens. Popular in the late 60s, this style is making a major comeback. These black lensed frames come in gold, black or silver frames. And at just $30, these hexagonal sunglasses are also some of the best deals you’ll find this summer.

best sunglasses for men of summer 2020 Courtesy of Eye Buy Direct

5. Tom Ford Lionel 60mm Navigator Sunglasses


Tom Ford sunglasses have a lot of celebrity fans. Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal . . . the list is endless. Showcasing the oversized sunglasses for men trend, the Lionel is a squared-off pilot or navigator style — trivia note, only Ray-Ban can use the word “aviator.” If you like to invest in designer eyewear, these are the best men’s sunglasses of the summer.

best sunglasses for men of summer 2020 Courtesy of Nordstrom

6. Omega Round (OM0019-H5330V) Men’s Sunglasses


Venerable Swiss watch company Omega has launched its first eyewear collection. Created with Italy-based Marcolin Eyewear, their sunglasses are like their watches; understated elegance that will last forever. Every pair is inspired by Omega watches and can be seen by the materials used to create them. This round style has a gold frame that is etched like an Omega bezel. They also come in gunmetal/red, palladium/black, and pale gold/Havana color combinations.

omega - best mens sunglasses summer 2020 Courtesy of Omega

7. GLCO (Garret Leight California Optical) Clement Sun


GLCO is frequently inspired by playwrights, authors, musicians and artists as well as the milieus they inhabited. This frame, the Clement Sun, is an homage to Andy Warhol. The thick acetate frame is reminiscent of the ones that Warhol sported. Clement sun has glasses lenses that provide UV protection and have an AR coating in pure green. These sunglasses also come in four other colorways, including clear.

Best mens sunglasses GLCO (Garret Leight California Optical) Clement Sun Courtesy of (Garret Leight California Optical

8. Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses


If you have a tendency to drop your sunglasses, Vans’ Spicoli sunnies are made from super light and super strong polycarbonate — we’re talking both the lenses and the frames.  This makes them as durable as they are comfortable. Vans has been producing this 80s surfer style for a while, there’s always a couple of cool iterations in their catalog. They catch trends like they catch waves. Spicoli 4 has a semi-sheer frame that’s infused with yellow. The result is see-through with a hit of color. The lenses offer UVA/UVB protection.

Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses - Best mens sunglasses Courtesy of Zappos

9. Tomahawk Eyewear Tamboras Sunglasses


Created by twins who were fed up with paying a lot of money for sunglasses, they created their own line of premium eyewear that doesn’t have a premium price tag. Along the way, they’ve worked with athletes like Matt Martin, Kylie Ohlmiller, super bowl champion Chris Hogan and lacrosse player Kyle Harrison (both Hogan and Harrison are part owners). Tomahawk’s Tamboras sunglasses have polarized UV400 lenses that are FDA-approved impact resistant. These sunglasses are covered by the brand’s lifetime warranty. Tomahawk will replace lost, broken or stolen sunglasses up to two times. That’s pretty impressive.

Tomahawk eyewear tamboras sunglasses- best mens sunglasses Tomahawk

10. SHEIN Flat Top Sunglasses


Looking like a pair of aviator sunglasses from the future, or an 80s sci-fi flick? Well, then you’re in luck. This is one of the biggest styles of the season. The squared-off frame is highlighted in gold-toned metal that contrasts nicely against the black metal. The gradient lenses add a touch of movie coolness. Best of all, the price is so wallet-friendly, that you could pick up a couple of backups in case you lose or break a pair, and you still wouldn’t break a twenty-dollar bill.

shein flat top sunglasses-best mens sunglasses Courtesy of SHEIN

11. Adidas Originals 54mm Round Sunglasses


Trust Adidas to come out with a pair of sunglasses that are sporty, trendy and oh, so wearable. These rounded square frames are made to look nifty on every face shape. Comfort’s built into the frames with a keyhole bridge. The frame is a matte blue, and the lenses are blue mirrored and provide 100% UV protection. A metal plaque engraved with the brand’s name and iconic logo sits at the temples. They also come in a black-on-black combination.

Adidas Originals 54mm Round Sunglasses Best mens sunglasses Courtesy of Nordstrom

12. Paradigm 20-50 Sunglasses


Paradigm sunglasses are designed in Kentucky, made in eco-friendly facilities, with ethically-sourced raw materials. The frames and packaging are created with recyclable materials. In a market full of eco-friendly sunglasses made from wood and other natural materials, that’s not so unique. What is unique about these sunglasses? Oh, yeah, they’re cutting-edge cool. These squarish frames are highlighted by the negative space at the top of the frame, and they also come in silver. Thanks to the unique design, these are hands down some of the best men’s sunglasses for summer 2021.

best mens sunglasses - paradigm 20-50 Courtesy of Baxter & Bonny

13. Pixel Eyewear Asper Sunglasses


Sometimes called “The English Schoolboy,” this mixed fabrication (stainless steel and acetate) are the all-rounder because the lenses are non-reflective on both sides, polarized, and also block blue light. They come in black too.

unisex asper sunglasses Courtesy of Pixel Eyewear

14. Shady Rays X Series Black Emerald Sunglasses


The X series Black Emerald wraparound men’s sports sunglasses protect your peripheral vision with lenses that have a hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating and are polarized with 100% UV protection. The frame was designed to stay on no matter what sport you indulge in. The frames come in black or clear. Choose lenses in matte black, black, blue, or emerald green.

shady rays sports sunglasses Courtesy of Shady Rays

15.Etnia Barcelona Kobe Sun


Indie eyewear company Etnia Barcelona’s designs are always on the cutting edge. Could be one of the reasons why celebrities like Brad Pitt, Liam Hemsworth and Jay-Z wear them. Their Kobe Sun sunnies tick all the 2021 trends: bright acetate frames with matching bright lenses, a sporty frame with a pop of contrasting trim for added wowness. Etnia Barcelona Kobe Sun also comes in three other colorways.

Etnia Barcelona Kobe Sun Sunglasses Best Mens Sunglasses Courtesy of Etnia Barcelona

16. MeetSun Polarized Unisex Sunglasses


These polarized sunglasses are slightly oversized with rounded edges, so they’ll work with every face shape. There are almost 3000 reviews from men and women who’ve raved about the quality of the polarized lenses and the way the frames fit. They have a composite frame and mirrored triacetate cellulose lenses. There are 14 — yes, 14 — color combinations. Everything from the classic black frame and black lens combination to a clear frame and mirrored purple lens combo. the lenses also have blue light rays protection.

Meet sun unisex sunglasses best mens sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

17. Arnette Men’s Sunglasses


As mentioned earlier, one of the hottest sunglass trends for the summer is the wraparound. Arnette’s wraparounds are slightly futuristic yet sporty looking. Their mirrored lenses are gradient with shimmery tones scattered throughout. Also on trend is the clear frame. Often worn by athletes, they’re trendy looking but have solid construction.

Arnette Mens sunglasses - best mens sunglasses Courtesy of Macys

18. Discount Glasses Westend Savannah Sunglasses


Looking for sunglasses that are both on-trend and not too showy? Discount Eyeglasses Westend Savannah’s are the best of both worlds. The rectangular frame is see-through gray and the contrast gray pink lenses is that mixed color combo that’s in right now. Speaking of lenses, they provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Discount Glasses offers virtual try-ons so you can get an idea of how they’ll look in real life. For more foolproof shopping, Discount Glasses has an option to shop by face shape. This way, the only sunglasses you’ll see are the ones that’ll look good on you.

discount glasses westend savannah sunglasses -best mens sunglasses Courtesy of Discount Glasses

19. Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses


Billing themselves as almost weightless sunglasses, these luxe-looking men’s sunglasses are also very affordable. The polarized lenses offer 100% protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays. They also come in 10 colorways. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a sunglass case, cleaning cloth and mini screwdriver.

Sungait Ultra Leightweight Polarized Sunglasses -Best Mens Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

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