Ditch the Bi-Fold and Get One of These Phone Wallet Cases for Men

mens wallet phone holder

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There are a lot of wallets out there, ranging from tri-folds to bi-folds to card cases, and there are also subcategories like zip wallets and clasp wallets. And although you might think that something as practical as a wallet would not be subject to trends, it wasn’t so long ago that people were walking around with metal chains attached to their wallets. One of our favorite wallet styles is also one of the newest, and those are phone case wallets.

A phone case is essential for anyone who doesn’t want to break their fancy pocket computer. And if you want your phone case to work a little harder, you can find many options that also have sleeves for cards. Men’s wallet phone holders allow you to ditch the wallet and carry fewer things, giving you one less thing to worry about when running out the door.

The best phone wallets are available in a few different styles to suit your needs. Some have a folding design that doubles as a card case and screen cover. Others have slots on the back for sliding the cards into, and some even have hidden compartments.

We’ve rounded up some of the best men’s wallet phone holders, including options for Androids, iPhones and universal models. It’s worth noting that many of these wallets are designed to hold two or three cards, plus a few bills. So, if you’re the type to carry every rewards card you’ve ever signed up for, then you may want to stick to the bi-fold.

1. Smartish iPhone X/XS Wallet Case

If you ask us, this brand is selling itself short with its name. These phone cases are more than smart-ish — they’re brilliant. The protective case covers the back and sides of the phone, similar to a regular phone case. The back of the phone case has a raised edge with a slot for sliding cards, and another small gap on the other side of the case makes it easy to push the cards out. It’s best suited for those who only need a few cards and maybe a couple bills. It’s available for the iPhone XR, X and XS Max.

Pros: Slim and sleek case with a textured grip for comfortable holding. Compatible with wireless chargers.

Cons: Not ideal for carrying a lot of cards.

mens wallet phone holder Amazon

2. Vena iPhone 11 Wallet Case

This case from VENA is designed for the iPhone 11, and it has a variety of features that make it both secure and convenient. The back of the case has a kickstand, making it great for handsfree video-viewing. The sliding kickstand also houses the slot for cards, and you can store two or three cards. Since the cards are housed inside the case, they’ll be out of view for would-be-thieves.

Pros: Securely hides the cards. Card slot also doubles as a kickstand. Works with magnetic car mounts.

Cons: Not compatible with wireless chargers. Only houses a couple of cards.

men's phone wallet holder Amazon

3. Arokimi Phone Card Holder

The phone wallet market is saturated with options for the iPhone, but not everyone has one. If you have an Android, another smartphone or you just like the case you have, then consider this stick-on wallet. It uses 3M adhesive for a secure hold, and it can be used to store up to five cards. Pulling on the pull tab will extend the slots for the cards, making it easy to access the specific card you want without any awkward fumbling.

Pros: Compatible with almost any smartphone. Holds up to five cards. Each card has its own slot for easier organization.

Cons: Edges of the case don’t lay totally flat with the phone, adding bulk.

men's phone wallet holder Amazon

4. Spigen iPhone Xs Case

Spigen is one of the best brands for phone accessories and cases, and this case is a great option if your main priority is a case that won’t add bulk to your pockets. The slim case has a back that slides out, allowing you to store two cards and a couple of bills. The slim design adds less than 0.15 inches of extra thickness, and it’s a discreet option. You wouldn’t be able to tell that this case holds cards just by looking at it. This case is designed for the iPhone Xs.

Pros: Discreet design with a hidden card slot. Slim case won’t add too much bulk.

Cons: Not ideal if you need to carry a lot of cards.

mens wallet phone holder Amazon

5. OCASE Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case

If you prefer the classic look of leather, then this smartly designed wallet from OCASE is a good option. It has a folding flap that covers the screen with a clasp to keep it closed. The faux leather has a textured look that resembles the real thing, and you can choose between classic colors like brown, navy and black. The inside has three slots for cards and a slip pocket for cash. It also doubles as a stand to keep your phone up when watching videos. This case is for the Galaxy S7, but OCASE has plenty of other iPhone and Android models available from its seller page.

Pros: Stylish leather look. Individual card slots for easier access, plus a cash sleeve. Doubles as a phone stand.

Cons: Magnetic latch could be better made.

mens wallet phone holder Amazon

6. SHIELDON iPhone 8 Plus Case

This stylish leather case from Shieldon is available in several classic colors like tan, black and coffee brown. It’s designed for the iPhone 7 Plus or the iPhone 8 Plus. It has a magnetic flap that folds over the screen for extra protection. The inside of the flap houses three card slots and a cash slot. You can also use the Shieldon case as a phone stand.

Pros: Stylish genuine leather. Three easy-access card slots and a convenient magnetic closure.

Cons: Could be more durable.

mens wallet phone holder Amazon

7. KIHUWEY iPhone XR Wallet Case

If you want an option that can be used to store multiple cards, consider this wallet case from Kihuwey. It has a leather-like look with a sleeve that folds over and snaps into place using a magnetic closure (no, small magnets won’t mess with your phone). Plus, the fold-out pocket allows the case to function as a kickstand for the phone. The roomy slots can be used to store a variety of cards and cash. The case is also available in several colors, though we’re partial to classic black.

Pros: Magnetic clasp pocket is easy to access when you want your cards but secure when you don’t. Case can be used as a kickstand for the phone.

Cons: Adds substantial bulk to the phone.

men's phone wallet holder Amazon

8. AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet

If you don’t want a phone case, or you already like the one you have, this clever card case won’t add much bulk, and it’ll help you store cash and a few cards. The wallet is made from a rubber-like material with an adhesive that attaches to the back of your phone. Because of its compact design, it can be attached to just about any smartphone without worrying about it being the right size, making it a good option for anyone who has a less popular phone. Each order consists of three wallets, and you can choose between different colors.

Pros: Set of three. Stick-on card case works with any smartphone.

Cons: Could be more durable.

mens wallet phone holder Amazon

9. XRPow iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Phone Case

If you like the sophisticated look of leather, then consider this stylish option from XRPow. It’s available in a range of leather shades ranging from classic black and tan to statement-making red and blue. The back of the case has two slanted slots for inserting your cards. It’s not designed to accommodate a lot of cards, so if you’re just the ID and credit card type, this option will do well. The slanted slots also make it easier to slip the cards out when you need to use them.

Pros: Stylish leather look. Available in a variety of colors. Easy to access the cards, compared with some of the other options on this list.

Cons: Doesn’t accommodate that many cards. Leaves cards exposed, so less secure than some other options.

men's phone wallet holder Amazon