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These Men’s Watches Look Way More Expensive Than Their Price Tag

Watches can pack a big price tag and depending on the features you’re looking for in a timepiece, a luxury timepiece can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. While many people now use their phone to tell time, wearing a watch is still a convenient way to stay on schedule and have access to helpful features like alarms and the ability to check time zones, while also completing an outfit. Fortunately, you don’t have to drop four-figures to get an amazing wristwatch. To help you out, we’ve selected a handful of the best men’s watches on Amazon that are designed for guys who are fashion-forward and frugal. F-words don’t always have to be bad!

Affordable watches allow users the ability to purchase several watches, adding versatility to outfits and letting guys wear the right watch for each occasion. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite affordable men’s watches. Most of these options are quartz watches, which use a battery and a crystal oscillator. This sets them apart from mechanical watches, which use rotating gears to tell time, and smartwatches, which are more like wearable phones.

While serious watch enthusiasts typically prefer mechanical watches such as those made by manufacturers like Rolex, Patek Phillipe and Omega, the casual watch fan will be best suited by investing in a quartz watch. Not only is quartz more affordable, but it’s also far more accurate and requires less maintenance. In addition to the analog quartz watches, we’ve also picked out some digital options that are packed with smart features. And even those these watches are affordable, there are many options with a legendary stature. These including Timex, which is over 150 years old and Seiko, the revered 140-year old Japanese brand that invented the first quartz watch, plus some (relative) newcomers (and SPY favorites) like Skagen and Swatch.

1. Timex Weekender Chronograph

If you’re looking for an affordable chronograph that looks like a luxury timepiece, the chronograph version of Timex’s Weekender watch is a great option. It’s available in a wide variety of face colors and strap combinations, although we’re partial to the cream-colored face and tan strap featured below. The chronograph feature means you can use it as an accurate — it has a separate 30 minute subdial, a 60-second subdial, and a tenth of a second subdial. And, like most Timex watches, it has Indiglo light-up mode to easily check the time in the dark. There’s also a date feature. This watch is suave enough to wear in professional settings and hip enough to wear on weekends, making it the perfect affordable watch for guys.

Pros: Affordable chronograph makes it a good stopwatch and timer. Indiglo to read it in the dark. Dozens of colors and styles to choose from.

Cons: Strap is somewhat thin and the case is thick. No digital features.

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2. Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch

Made for athletes who want a user-friendly design, the Casio Men’s Classic Sport Watch is durable and intuitive, with water-resistance up to 330 feet and a multi-function alarm with snooze. It has a digital display, including a second display and day display. Plus, the LED backlight ensures you can read it, no matter how dark it is.

Pros: Packed with features like an alarm, backlit illumination and day display. Sleek all-black design.

Cons: Strap could be more durable. Some functions can be hard to read at a glance, which means this watch isn’t ideal for those with eyesight challenges.

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3. Skagen Men’s Sundby Watch

It’s no surprise that Skagen is a Danish brand, because the brand brings a distinctly Scandinavian edge to its minimalist designs. The Sundby watch is unfussy and dressy, with enough visual flair to keep things interesting. It has a breathable steel mesh band, and the unique blue face has 12 and 24-hour markings. Plus, there’s a date reading and a second hand. The 37mm face won’t be too big or too small for most wrists. Skagen makes fantastic watches for business-casual settings, although the brand’s watches aren’t quite as long-lasting as more expensive timepieces.

Pros: Date, second hand and 24-hour features. Shiny blue face and mesh band give it a sophisticated look.

Cons: Band can be hard to adjust and more durable.

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4. G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch

Designed for travelers and those who need a durable watch, the G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch features 35 time zones, can display the name of the city you’re in, adjusts automatically for daylight savings, and is both shock and water-resistant. It has a fully-automatic calendar display, stopwatch and LED backlight. It’s the ultimate survival watch, even if you’re only surviving your morning commute.

Pros: Plenty of features including time zones, name of the city you’re in, automatic daylight savings adjustment, and shock resistance.

Cons: Vibrating alarm may not be enough to wake up some. Thick design can dig into your hand in some positions.

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5. Seiko Men’s Analog Quartz Black Watch

The affordable watch world owes a great debt to Seiko, the brand that first introduced quartz watches. If you love the classic style of the Cartier Tank but it’s not in your budget, consider this sleek and stylish watch from Seiko. It has a black leather strap, rectangular shape and Roman numerals, making it a great watch for the office and formal events. Plus, it recharges using the sun, proving that there’s no limit to Seiko’s innovativeness.

Pros: Good option for a dress watch that will last for years to come. Slim case and small diameter make it a good option for those who prefer a small watch.

Cons: No second hand or date.

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6. Swatch Unisex Navy Blue Watch

If you want Swiss watch pedigree without the Swiss watch price tag, consider Swatch. All of Swatch’s timepieces use Swiss quartz, and the brand is based in Switzerland. Their watches are decidedly casual, making it a great brand for the weekend warrior or anyone looking for a watch to wear to a creative office. This watch has a blue silicone band that matches the blue face and case. It has a second hand, plus a day and date feature. The compact 34mm size makes it a good unisex watch.

Pros: Swiss quartz, includes a day and date feature, as well as a second hand.

Cons: 34mm size will be small for some men with larger wrists.

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7. Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

The Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch is a classic nautical style watch with convenient features including an Indiglo night-light and mild water resistance. It’s available in a variety of colors and strap styles to suit any taste, and the military-inspired look works well for work or the weekend. It has easy-to-read Arabic numerals in both 12 and 24-hour markings.

Pros: Comfortable nylon slip-thru strap which can easily be switched out. Includes Timex’s handy Indiglo feature, allowing it to be easily read at night.

Cons: Ticks loudly. No date feature. Not ideal for men who prefer thicker watch straps.

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