Lightweight Lifts: The 4 Best Canvas Messenger Bags for Men

Best Messenger Bags Men’s Canvas
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* The best canvas messenger bags for men
* Rugged look, durable construction and affordable prices
* Great for commuting, traveling or school

Military style has been having a moment recently with cargo pants, combat boots, camo and other service-ready colors. But there’s another military-inspired classic that we think everyone should consider: canvas messenger bags.

We’re big fans of canvas messenger bags because they’re stylish and durable but still highly affordable (especially compared to leather bags). The fabric provides a look that’s very stylistically versatile, so you can rock a canvas messenger bag during a city commute or at a rural music festival and look great.

The only problem with buying a canvas messenger bag is all the options. There are hundreds of bags at low prices, but not all of them are well-built and worth buying. To help narrow down your search, we rounded up four of the best, most highly-rated canvas messenger bags that you can buy on Amazon right now. Check them out below.

1. Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag

Finding a decent everyday bag for under $50 is a good deal. Finding one for under $25 is pretty great. This rugged canvas messenger bag from Sweetbriar clocks in at just $23, but boasts a quality construction that has garnered it great reviews from over 1,000 users.

Green Messenger Bag Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Leaper Messenger Sling Bag

If you’re planning on using your bag for serious activities like running, or you prefer a bag with a more secure fit, we suggest this sling messenger bag. It showcases a retro canvas look with leather accents and a sturdy, comfortable sling fit. It’s also very reasonably priced at $32, and comes in a variety of rugged colors.

Sling Bag Canvas Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Sweetbriar Laptop Messenger Bag

This canvas messenger bag (also from Sweetbriar) features a slightly larger size and a convenient padded laptop compartment. We’re also big fans of the throwback style that utilizes a few subtle leather accents and buckles to nail the look.

Canvas Messenger Bag Laptop Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Berchirly Canvas Messenger Bag

Berchirly’s canvas messenger bag has the largest size and the highest quality build on our list. It’s ideal if you travel with a lot of books or a large laptop, with users lauding the space, organization and quality of the bag.

Large Messenger Bag Vintage Image courtesy of Amazon