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The Best Metal Wallets Keep Your Cards, Cash and Data Secure from Thieves

If you’ve been toting around the same beat-up bifold wallet for years and feel like it’s time to upgrade, you might be wondering if there are any alternatives to the traditional leather wallet. There are tons of options that are slimmer and more durable — chief among them, the metal wallet. A metal wallet for men will be made from lightweight yet durable metals or alloys such as steel, aluminum or titanium.

Metal wallets will often have an elastic band between two plates of metal, allowing you to slide in your essential cards and keep them protected. Because the cards are back to back, instead of divided by slot, these metal wallets cut down on bulkiness. And since metal wallets are made from a durable, inflexible material, they won’t sag and warp in the same way leather will. The elastic straps can often be used to store folded-up bills, too.

There are a few factors to consider before buying a metal wallet. Because they store your cards in a stack, it may be difficult to access certain cards. If you’re someone who frequently cycles through different cards, a metal wallet may not be the most convenient option. But if you typically reach for just your debit card and a transit pass throughout the day, a metal wallet might be the right option for you.


Do You Need RFID Blocking?

Because of the materials used, metal wallets typically provide RFID protection. But sources like Slate and NPR note that while it’s theoretically possible that someone could skim your data remotely, the likelihood is negligible. Sure, maybe the technology will get more advanced and these digital thieves really will start stealing people’s stuff through their pockets. But it makes more sense to focus on crimes that are actually happening and to protect your identity by taking steps such as strengthening your cybersecurity.

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Why Buy a Metal Wallet?

Even without RFID skimming a major issue, plenty of theft happens when people physically get their hands on someone else’s cards. These metal wallets are secure enough to ensure your cards and cash won’t slip out, but easy enough to access that you won’t hold up the line at the store. Plus, the slim design means you can comfortably keep your wallet in your front pocket, which is much more secure than the back.

Metal wallets are available in a wide range of styles, including tactical-inspired options like the Ridge, as well as classic metal money clips like those from Craighill.

These wallets provide durability and physical protection for your cards, and they’re typically slim and minimal, so they won’t bulk up your pockets. Plus, a lot of them are just plain cool-looking. That’s why SPY rounded up some of the best metal wallets to buy online.


1. The Ridge Aluminum Wallet


Could it have been anyone else? Ridge wallets have practically defined this category, but they have quite a bit of variation in price and style. Most of the choice comes down to material, with wallets made from materials like titanium and carbon fiber. The most affordable pick is aluminum, like this option below. It has a thumb slot for accessing your cards, and the reverse of the wallet has a band that holds folded bills. It’s designed to hold up to 12 cards.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

2. Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip


This money clip from Dango has a tactical-inspired look and is built from titanium and high-quality aluminum, making it strong yet lightweight. The metal clip is flexible, allowing the wallet to bend to accommodate different numbers of cards. If you need more room, the clip also has a silicone strap on the outside for holding bills or additional cards.

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Courtesy of Dango


3. Craighill Station Money Clip


A money clip isn’t exactly a wallet, but it’s a great option for anyone who’s looking to streamline their everyday carry. This option from Craighill has a stylish tapered design and is made from titanium with a bronze, matte black or silver finish.

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Courtesy of Madewell

4. Trayvax Original 2.0 Metal Wallet


If you’re looking for something tactical-inspired, this unique wallet from Trayvax has a paracord for easy carrying. The back of the wallet has a money clip as well for storing cash, and the clip doubles as a bottle opener. To access your cards, simply unlatch the cord on one end and slide your card out. You can also store your cards on the exterior of the wallet.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Ekster Aluminum Cardholder


This cardholder from Ekster has one of the most unique designs we’ve ever seen. There’s a cardholder attached to the body of the wallet that makes it easy to stash your most-used cards, and the elastic band can also be used for cash. The most innovative feature is the quick-release latch that pops your cards out of the top, fanning them out for easy access. The wallet comes in a range of different colors, too.

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Image Courtesy of Ekster

6. Aviator Brushed Silver Slim Wallet


This wallet from Aviator is customizable by how many cards you need to carry in quantities that range from 1-3 all the way up to 18-20. The wallet has a pull tab that fans the cards out when pulled, making it easier to access individual cards. You can also get the wallet with an exterior cash clip or a clip for holding an AirTag. It’s also available with an integrated coin compartment for stashing any odds and ends.

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Courtesy of Aviator



7. M-Clip Herringbone Money Clip


M-Clip’s money clips are admittedly expensive, but they’re made to last and manufactured in the US. This clip has a sliding design that unlocks the clip, and it has a satisfying textured grip. It’s a simple option that can hold plenty of cards and cash and will save space in your pocket.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

8. Bellroy Flip Case


This wallet is technically not metal, but it has a hardshell design that’s similar to other cases on this list, so we felt it was worth including. This case is made from a sturdy polymer plastic material with a leather outer, and it has magnetic clips that open the hinges for access to your cards. One side is designed for quick access to two cards, while the other stores your less-used cards.

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Courtesy of Bellroy

9. Samsonite Aluminium RFID Wallet


This wallet from Samsonite isn’t the sexiest or most exciting, but it is secure. The clamshell design completely protects your cards, and there are seven different slots for storing IDs and debit cards. It is somewhat bulkier than some of the other options, but at less than an inch thick, it’s not so unwieldy that it couldn’t be kept in a pocket.

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Courtesy of Staples

10. Leatherology Money Clip


The problem with leather wallets is that they might snag on other things in your pockets. This option is made from metal but covered with soft, supple leather that won’t leave scuffs on your phone’s screen or jingle against your keys. It can hold up to 10 folded bills.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Leatherology

11. The Ultrathin Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet


Carbon fiber isn’t technically a metal, but its unique properties mean that it surpasses metal in terms of durability. This wallet from Hammacher Schlemmer features a carbon fiber exterior and a leather interior, and the outside of the wallet has a quick-access card slot for your most-used cards. There’s also a metal clip on the inside that holds your cash.

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Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

12. ROYCE New York Money Clip


Metal money clips come in two main styles. Some options use tension to hold the bills in place, and clips that use magnets to snap open and close. They each have their pros and cons, but this money clip is a good option if you want something in the latter camp. It’s made from metal and covered with stylish full-grain leather. It can hold up to 15 bills.


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Courtesy of Zappos

13. Nite Ize Financial Tool RFID Blocking Wallet


Put your wallet to work with Nite Ize’s Financial Tool, which has a built-in bottle opener. A flexible rubber strap holds the two pieces together, allowing you to fit multiple cards and bills between the metal plates. Other tools include a scraper, wrenches and mini screwdrivers. Reviewers point out that the rubber strap wears out, but it can easily be replaced with a hair tie or another rubber strap.

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Courtesy of Amazon

14. FIDELO Minimalist Wallets Card Wallet


Similar to the Ekster, the Fidelo wallet features a sliding trigger on the bottom that releases your cards, fanning them out for quicker and easier access. Two cash straps are included to carry bills on the outside of the wallet. The metal wallet even comes with its own leather carrying pouch, for a little extra protection.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

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