Stash Your Cash in Style With These Sophisticated Money Clips

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It’s high time to get rid of the bulky wallet, gents. We like to stuff our wallets full of random business cards and cash, but they’re mostly full of gift cards with about two cents left on them. There’s nothing worse than a bulky wallet bulging out of your pocket and throwing off your posture. It’s time to purge our wallets and simplify, and the solution is simple: the best money clips.

The best money clips are minimalist EDC accessories that take the bulkiness out of having a full-size wallet, and they still manage to keep things organized, tidy and secure. Some of our favorite options are designed to clip onto your phone, while others can securely hold credit cards and your ID in addition to cash.

Of course, we’re not bashing traditional bi-fold or tri-fold wallets. We prefer to use money clips at formal events or nights out when you need cash on hand for tipping. Simply tuck your money clip into your blazer or pants pocket and you’ll always have cash on hand. Used like this, money clips are a complement to the traditional leather wallet, not a total replacement. No matter how you plan to use it, we’ve pulled together a selection of money clips that will do everything your wallet does, simply in a slimmer and more efficient fashion.

We’ve got options for every style and budget, from $10 carbon fiber money clips to designer accessories from Coach and Gucci.


1. Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber 3K


If you’re looking for a standard money clip that can function on its own — without attaching to a phone or wallet, for instance — there are plenty of great options below. However, when tasked with picking our favorite money clip overall, The Ridge Wallet money clip came out on top. Designed to be attached to a minimalist Ridge wallet, this money clip wallet is crafted out of a durable carbon fiber material and features a sleek weave design with a sharp matte finish. Combined with the brand’s signature metal wallet, it will change the way you carry credit cards, personal IDs and cash. The wallet itself caps out at 12 cards, giving you just the right amount of space to store your plastic. In terms of personal customization, you have the option to either include a cash strap or money clip on top. The elastic strap allows for more flexibility if you have a lot of cash, while the clip keeps things tidy. The most important part, however, is security. The clip utilizes special RFID-blocking technology that will protect you from wireless theft, and that’s why this is the best money clip. Ultimately, it’s convenient, durable, and, not for nothing, damn handsome-looking.

ridge Money Clip - BEST MONEY CLIP OVERALL Image courtesy of Ridge Wallet


2. M-Clip Ultralight V2 Money Clip


M-Clip makes distinguished money clips for men, and this accessory will hold more bills and cards than most wallets. This money clip is made from super lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. At full capacity, it holds up to 10 bills and eight credit cards.

best money clips - M-Clip Ultra Light Money Clip Courtesy of Nordstrom


3. Travelambo Carbon Fiber Money Clip


With this sleek carbon fiber money clip, you’ll never need to buy another wallet or money clip for the rest of your life. This extremely durable and lightweight accessory is the best-selling carbon fiber money clip on Amazon, and it’s amazing that it only costs $9.

carbon fiber money clip Courtesy of Amazon


4. PopSockets PopWallet


The PopWallet makes things really convenient. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your wallet, because it’s attached right to your phone. The PopWallet features an integrated PopSocket and sticks right on the back of your cell. It holds anywhere from one to three cards or cash as needed, and you can easily access them by pushing on the bottom elastic cut-out.

PopSockets PopWallet Courtesy of Amazon


5. IHUIXINHE Metal Money Clip


If you want more for less, check out this pack of four money clips from Amazon. This pack comes with two brass and two stainless steel-colored clips and will cost you just $8 for all four. These are effortlessly handsome in their minimalistic design and will match anyone’s fashion aesthetic. Give one to your kid, your pops, your wife, your favorite coworker — whoever. You’ll have enough to act like Santa Claus.

IHUIXINHE Metal Money Clip Courtesy of Amazon


6. Gerber Gear Store Money Clip with Built-in Knife


Money clips have evolved over the years, and they can do a lot more than, well, just hold cash money. This durable clip is crafted out of titanium-coated steel and discreetly houses a small blade utility knife. But it’s still got enough room in there to hold approximately five cards under the clip.

Gerber Gear Store Money Clip with Built-in Knife Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Kingsman + Deakin & Francis Rose Gold-Plated Money Clip


We have mixed feelings about designer money clips. For one, they tend to be a bit overpriced, and it can be hard to justify spending so much on such a small accessory. However, we couldn’t resist including this Deakin & Francis Engraved Rose Gold-Plated money clip, part of Mr Porter’s exclusive Kingsman collection of menswear. This is the kind of accessory that’s destined to earn you approving double-takes at the bar.

Kingsman + Deakin & Francis Rose Gold-Plated Money Clip Courtesy of Mr Porter


8. PS by Paul Smith Silver Zebra Money Clip


As a gift to yourself or a loved one, Paul Smith’s silver-tone metal money clip combines a metallic glimmer with rainbow colors plastered on none other than a zebra to provide a daringly handsome money clip onlookers will fawn over. Most designer money clips are pretty plain, but this baby’s all but plain. This is the plot twist any regular-looking money clip desperately needs.

PS by Paul Smith Silver Zebra Money Clip Courtesy of SSENSE


9. kinzd Money Clip


Can’t part ways with the wallet design? No worries, check out this money clip that offers everything your favorite wallet offers, and more. It has a leather lining to provide that effortlessly masculine look you love and a magnetic closure to keep your stuff safe. There are three card slots and a card window for when you need to quickly show the dude behind the register at the liquor store your ID. This baby’s also RFID-blocking, so you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your info.

kinzd Money Clip Courtesy of Amazon


10. TUMI Nassau Ballistic Etched Money Clip


From your favorite luggage brand comes a classic-looking money clip made to be the first and last you’ll ever have to buy. If you’ve ever owned a bag from TUMI, you’ll know damn well just how durable their luggage line is, so don’t be surprised that this money clip is a hard-hitter too. This clip is a super dapper way to keep your money safe and even comes with an RFID lock to ensure it’s going nowhere.

TUMI Nassau Ballistic Etched Money Clip Courtesy of Amazon


11. Gucci Serpent Money Clip


We couldn’t resist including these stylish Gucci money clips. If you have the cash to spare, then you won’t find a better money clip for sale in 2020. Made in Italy using sterling silver, these designer money clips feature iconic Gucci accents. We prefer the classic bee accent, but you can’t go wrong with the serpent money clip either.

gucci money clips Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


12. Coach Leather Money Clip


This handsome magnetic money clip from Coach is as simple and effective as money clips get, but that’s exactly why we like it. It features a magnet closure to keep your stash nice and secure. The clip is available in brown leather, and the iconic Coach name is embossed right on top.

coach money clip Courtesy of Coach


13. Shevrov SV Carbon Fiber Money Clip


This money clip is derivative of the popular Ridge Wallet and money clip design but at half the price. Obviously, it might not provide the same quality as a Ridge wallet, but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, this Amazon best-seller is crafted out of carbon fiber and holds up to 12 cards and nine bills at once, so it’s a safe bet for your EDC.

Shevrov SV Carbon Fiber Money Clip Courtesy of Amazon

14. Valentino Vlogo Money Clip


This platinum money clip by legacy fashion house Valentino boasts a clean, polished look and features its logo front and center. It’s a sharp and simple clip that keeps everything easily accessible in an elevated manner. This sophisticated money clip will instantly elevate your look every time you slip it in and out of your tuxedo or blazer pocket. The best money clips add a touch of class to your cash, and that’s exactly what this product delivers.

Valentino Vlogo Money Clip Courtesy of Nordstrom


15. Ridge Wallet Aluminum Navy Money Clip


Even though this money clip and cardholder is minimal in design, that doesn’t mean it’s not durable. Made from T6 aluminum, this thing can take a bit of a beating. It’s got just enough space to fit up to 12 cards and features a secure money clip on top. As with the other Ridge selects on this list, it boasts RFID-blocking capabilities within its craftsmanship to protect you against wireless theft.

Ridge Wallet Aluminum Navy Money Clip Image courtesy of Ridge Wallet


16. Ridge Wallet Card Case


While it’s not a money clip in the traditional sense, it’s still a fantastic alternative to the traditional wallet that makes it easy to carry cash and cards. This handsome leather case provides full coverage but doesn’t sacrifice on style. The slim profile of the case also features two card slots, allowing you easy access to your most important plastic. They run in brown or black, and they have options that fit a few different iPhone models. But the best part about Ridge is that they incorporate RFID-blocking technology into their products, so regardless, you’re protected from wireless theft.

leather phone case with wallet Image courtesy of Ridge Wallet