Go Ahead, Show Off Those Sexy Ankles With the Best No-Show Socks for Men

Bombas No Show Socks
Courtesy of Bombas
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Gone are the days of stealing and folding down your dad’s white crew socks; you know, the ones with the grey toe and heel patches? You’re an adult, and luckily for you, sock trends have come a long way since the mid-90s. Socks have been slowly getting shorter over time. After the crew, there was the quarter and then the ever-popular ankle sock. Even though we kept, and arguably repopularized the crew sock in recent years, we now know that no-show socks are what we’ve needed all along.

Let’s face it — ankles are in right now. And for shoes like the Vans Slip-On, the Common Projects Original Achilles Low and basically any loafer or boat shoe, the no-show sock adds a clean, refined look to a casual or dressed up outfit without adding visual distractions.

Aside from fashion, no-show socks help protect feet while increasing the life of your shoes. Prior to this trend, some people wouldn’t even wear socks with low-cut shoes. Skipping the sock can lead to bacteria build-up, blisters, horrible odors and accelerated deterioration of the shoe’s innersole.

However, if you already wear no-show socks, you know these accessories have a major problem: slippage. Low-quality no-show socks have a tendency to fall down inside a shoe. There’s no polite way to pick your sock out of your shoe in public, which is why this can be a major nuisance. If that sounds like you, it’s time to look for new brands and new sock tech. After scraping the net, here are some of the best no-show socks you need to know to find the silver lining of your sock game.


1. Bombas Cushion No-Show Socks


Bombas has been disrupting the sock industry since its founding in 2013. Bombas socks are constructed with cushioning in the footbed and a seamless toe, which means better support and superior comfort all day long. Each no-show sock also includes Bombas’ stay-put heel grips, to ensure they don’t fall down when walking around. We can tell you that when they wash and dry, they feel brand new again. As if that isn’t wonderful enough, Bombas’ mission is to help those experiencing homelessness. For each item sold, be that a sock or shirt, the company donates an item to organizations that help the homeless. To date, they’ve donated nearly 35 million items. Their new three-pack is available in four different colors.

Bombas black no-show socks, the best no-show socks for men Courtesy of Nordstrom


2. Jurgen K No-Show Socks for Men


With six pairs included in the pack, and black and white mixed colors available, the Jurgen K No-Show Socks for Men are a solid, cheap no-show sock choice. For comfort, they sport a breathable fabric and soft cotton fabric while the non-slip heel ensures the socks stay in place during use. Their versatility also makes them great for a range of activities including mountain climbing, cycling, traveling and general day-to-day use.

Six pack of Jurgen K No-Show Socks for Men in black and white patterns Courtesy of Amazon


3. Under Armour Run 2.0 No-Show Tab Socks for Men


The Under Armour Run 2.0 No-Show Tab Socks for Men are a comfortable and stylish answer for sports players who prefer no-show socks. They are constructed from a mix of nylon and elastane to provide a secure fit and remain in place on your feet even during the most rigorous activities. The socks also include anti-odor technology, and the advanced material helps to wick away sweat quickly, preventing any discomfort during physical activity. These foot coverings come in a range of attractive colors, including red, pink and green.

a pair of underarmour no show socks on a white background Courtesy of Amazon


4. Nordstrom Men’s Shop Loafer Liner Socks


A common problem with no-show socks today is that they peek above the vamp of a loafer. It looks untidy and there isn’t any type of sock that necessarily matches leather. The only solution is to find a sock that is low enough to protect your foot while not showing at the same time. Nordstrom designed these liners specifically for loafers. They’re cut a hair lower than typical liners but still have an elastic trim and a rubber grip in the heel for fall-down security. This two-pack features black and grey no-show socks that will look great with black and brown loafers should occasional peeking occur while in stride.

Two pack of Nordstrom Loafer Liner No-Show Socks Courtesy of Nordstrom


5. Calvin Klein Micro Cushion No-Show Socks


For those who are still wearing crew socks, here are the best no-show socks to start your journey with. Calvin Klein, an American institution for all things undergarment-related, makes some of the softest, most satisfying socks on the market today. These socks are designed with a sub-ankle elastic band, rubber heel grip and added cushion for long-lasting comfort. These are best worn with casual sneakers, like a Nike Air Force One or Adidas Stan Smith as opposed to something lower cut like a Sperry A/O Boat Shoe or a Converse All-Star low top. This multi-pack is available in all white, black or a tri-color with grey.

Three pack of Calvin Klein no-show socks for men in black Courtesy of Nordstrom


6. On Running No-Show Socks


Officially breaking into the mainstream footwear spotlight is a Swiss brand called On Running. Their “Cloud” series running shoes are beginning to take sales away from brands like Nike and Adidas as people opt for technological improvements in lightweight running over fashion. The socks are no different. On’s no-show socks are engineered with optimal arch support and ventilation to keep feet cool while running. This helps prevent injuries and blisters that may occur otherwise. Each sock is anatomically designed, meaning you get one left sock and one right sock.

On Running No-Show Socks Courtesy of On Running


7. Pair of Thieves No-Show Socks


SoCal-based Pair of Thieves makes super comfortable men’s basics and loungewear, including some highly artistically driven socks. Each pair undoubtedly shows the fun side of graphic design. This pair of no-shows was developed with a no-shift grip panel, all-day ventilation and comfortable four-way stretch. The designs are perfect for a wacky pair of Vans, Converse All-Stars or even a plain white sneaker you want to juice up.

Pair of Thieves No-Show Socks in a grid pattern with navy, the best no-show socks for men Courtesy of Pair of Thieves


8. Stance Gamut No-Show Socks


In some shoes, normal no-show socks can feel bulky and uncomfortable as you continue to walk throughout the day. Sneakers like Greats or Common Projects, for example, are constructed with a smooth, cushioned leather lining. The best no-show socks for these types of shoes are very thin, like these ones made by Stance. The Stance Gamut No-Show Socks are so thin you’ll hardly even feel them inside your shoes. They’re made of a lightweight, somewhat stretchy cotton-knit blend. This pack has three different colors to match your favorite sneakers.

Three pack of Stance Gamut No-Show Socks in glack, white and grey, the best no-show socks for men Courtesy of Nordstrom


9. Gildan Men’s Stretch Cotton No-Show Socks


We’re men, just give us a big, cheap, value pack of no-show socks and we’re good to go. That’s what you can get with Gildan’s Men’s Stretch Cotton No-Show Socks. You get 12 all-black or all-white pairs for about $10, and they’re moisture-wicking and stretchy with a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex. Are they sexy? No, but will they get the job done and serve as all-around great no-show socks? Yes. And when it comes time for the occasional restocking on socks, it’s a heck of a lot easier to just pick up one great value pack with a ton of socks.

12 pack of Gildan Cotton No-Show Socks in black Courtesy of Amazon


10. Adidas Men’s Superlite Super No-Show Socks


Looking for a super-light, super low-cut sock? You can’t do better than the Adidas Men’s Superlite Super No-Show Socks. They’re 97% polyester for lightness and moisture-wicking, with 2% spandex for some stretch and 1% rubber for additional resilience. The choice of polyester and the absence of cotton keeps these socks thin and light, and Adidas cuts the sock so low that it basically just clings to the back of your foot instead of just under your ankle.

Six pack of Adidas Men's Superlite Super No-Show Socks in black and grey Courtesy of Amazon


11. Saucony Men’s Ventilating Performance No-Show Socks


Moisture-wicking fabric is a great way to keep your feet dry and feeling sweat-free, but socks designed for ventilation and breathing can help even more. That’s what Saucony can promise with the Saucony Men’s Ventilating Performance No-Show Socks. Polyester helps with moisture-wicking and spandex helps them stretch and retain their shape, but the air mesh venting helps create additional airflow to keep your feet even cooler and drier so you can keep exercising in comfort.

The arch is also engineered to support your foot’s arch, prevent bunching and keep your sock from slipping, so no matter what you get up to, you’ll have an all-around great no-show sock.

Multi-pack of Saucony Ventilating Performance No-Show socks in black with grey and red Courtesy of Amazon


12. TravisMathew Magic Man No-Show Socks


The TravisMathew Magic Man No-Show Socks have one of the best shapes among no-show socks we’ve seen. One common problem among cheap no-shows is the way the sock can slide around. With more material on the top of the sock and a low-cut at the heel of the sock, you’re much less likely to have the sock slide, bunch up and expose your foot.

Single pair of TravisMathew Magic Man No-Show Socks in grey Courtesy of Nordstrom


13. Darn Tough No-Show Light Sock


For any sock (or any article of clothing for that matter) durability always counts. That’s why we love the Darn Tough No-Show Light Sock. We’ve worn Darn Tough socks before and we can attest to their extraordinary durability. (We’ve got pairs going on three years with no sign of breaking down.)

Darn Tough’s no-show socks use a combination of materials to deliver on the promise of their brand. The socks incorporate mostly wool for comfort and breathability, nylon for added durability and spandex for stretch and shape retention. They’re cut below the ankle so you can wear them with anything, and they’ll last for as long as you take care of them. And if you don’t trust us, trust U.S. manufacturing in Vermont and the Darn Tough lifetime guarantee to replace your sock, no questions asked.

They are pricey per pair, but when you factor in how many times you will wear each pair, Darn Tough’s no-show socks are more than worth the price.

Single pair of Darn Tough no-show light socks in brown and light tan Courtesy of Amazon


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