Keep it Low: The Best Invisible Socks to Buy This Summer

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Picking out socks may not be at the top of everyone’s list of fun things to do (us included), but the reality is that getting the right kind of socks for your shoes can be the difference between feeling comfortable and looking great and well, the opposite of that.

That’s why it’s important to give a little of your time to this chore of an activity. This is especially true when it comes to socks and summertime. During the winter months, it’s often acceptable to casually wear any kind of socks as pants generally cover them up. Summertime is a different ball game as shorts weather means your legs and your choice of socks come center stage.

Below we’ve put together a list of four invisible sock options. These socks are not only stylish, but they are also ideal for wearing with all types of shoes. From sneakers to Oxford shoes, these socks are great for keeping your feet comfortable without embarrassing you at the same time. They also prevent unsightly tan lines around your ankles. Designs include standard black, white and grey options along with a range of patterns for the most adventurous, such as stripes, checkered and cartoon-covered footwear.

Make sure your sock game is on point this summer with a pair of these stylish, no show socks for men.

1. Pedag Washable Barefoot Insole

Rather than wearing socks at all, why not invest in a washable insole? This Pedag Barefoot Insole is hand-washable, so that you can always keep it as fresh as your socks would be. In addition, one side is coated in a soft cotton terry for the ultimate comfort. On the other side, you’ll find padded latex to keep the insole secure in your shoe. Altogether, this represents a nice alternative to wearing invisible socks.

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2. WANDER No Show Socks

If you prefer your socks to be more eye catching and quirky, then the Wander No Show Socks should be right up your alley. Choose from sets including sharks, chickens, puffins and a variety of pop art-esque designs for socks a passersby can’t ignore.

These foot garments are also constructed from a cotton and polyester mix with spandex for maximum comfort and secureness on your feet. The mesh-like material also lets your feet breath to keep them fresh and odor-free, even on warmer days. Each pack contains 7 pairs of socks.

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3. Closemate No Show Socks

These Closemate No Show Socks are a quick, easy and well-reviewed answer to wearing low cut socks. 90% of customers score them as five out of five stars on Amazon. Most users love their comfort, quality and effective design. These socks are available in muted colors, including black, grey and white, which are ideal for drawing minimal attention. The quality materials ensure a comfortable fit while the silicone grips built into the socks prevent unwanted slipping. If socks are “just socks” to you, these are a great option.

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4. SEESILY No Show Socks

The SEESILY No Show Socks are a subtle and stylish option. Each set mixes bright and muted colors with either eye-catching or duller designs, allowing you to choose a set of socks to match your mood on a day-to-day basis. From stripes to checkered and bright baby blue to black, you’ll always have something in your drawer to fit how you’re feeling. In addition, these socks are made from high-quality materials along with non-slip heels to ensure a comfortable and secure fit throughout the day.

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5. Mottee & Zconia Mens Deodorant Casual Socks

Keep it colorful with a pair of these Mottee & Zconia Mens Non-Slip Deodorant Casual Socks . This set includes all your favorite colors, such as red, blue, green and yellow as well as more muted grey and navy. They’re made from a polyester, cotton and spandex mix to maximize comfort for the wearer. They also sport rubber inserts on the heel to prevent heel rubbing and to prevent your socks from slipping down. In addition, the well-made cuff helps your socks stay where you want them while the quality material ensures your feet can breathe.

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