These No-Tie Shoelaces Turn Any Pair of Shoes Into Slip-Ons

Best no tie shoelaces
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No-tie shoelaces used to be a kid’s product, but now grown-ups have adapted the handy laces for themselves, and we’re completely on board. As more sneakerheads and menswear aficionados experiment with new ways to tie shoelaces, there’s certainly room for a product like no-tie shoelaces.

Regular shoelaces are a hassle, and not just because you have to tie them every time you take your shoes on or off. Shoelaces get dirty and come undone, which can be annoying and even dangerous if you’re working or exercising. No-tie laces fix all this, allowing you to easily slip in and out of any pair of kicks. A great option for anyone with mobility issues, no-tie laces make it easier to buy the shoes of your choice even if physically tieing laces isn’t possible. Plus, they score some style points in the process with a sleek look, making them ideal on dress shoes and modern sneakers.

What Are the Different Types of No-Tie Laces?

No-tie laces mostly come in two forms: lay-flat laces and bungee-cord style laces. Lay-flat laces come as individual pieces that lock in the eyelets of your shoes and stretch when you want to slip in or out. Bungee-cord style laces, on the other hand, are a single cord strung through the shoes (like regular laces) and feature a locking mechanism where the shoelace knot would normally be.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kicks with no-tie laces, read on. We’ve rounded up the best options that you can order right now.


1. Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces


These no-tie shoelaces from Lock Laces are the best of the best. They’re very durable thanks to six-strand fibers and they’re versatile fit-wise, so they’ll be comfortable on almost any foot. This comfort, plus easy installation, has garnered Lock Laces the highest ratings of any no-tie laces on Amazon with 4.6/5 stars and more than 16,400 reviews. The style and durability make Lock Laces ideal for athletic shoes, although you could use them on everyday sneakers as well.

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2. UPINS Elastic Shoe Laces (10-Pack)


In terms of bang-for-you-buck, you won’t do better than this 10-pack of no-tie laces for $13. They have a universal fit, so you can deck out your own shoes plus your kids’, partner’s or friends’ shoes. These laces also have an athletic look, so they’re best used on running shoes, trainers and sneakers.

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3. Lock Laces for Boots


One clever use for no-tie laces is on hiking and work boots. These laces (also from Lock Laces) are made for boots. These laces are longer, more durable and feature seven-strand fibers. Because the Lock Laces are more flexible than regular laces, you can make them tighter without sacrificing comfort. This provides a secure fit that’ll come in handy when you’re scrambling on rocks, working on uneven surfaces or doing any other precarious activities in your boots.

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4. Lonlam No Tie Shoelaces


Most men would never think of combining dress shoes and no-tie laces, but another great use for no-tie shoelaces is on dress shoes. With lay-flat no-tie laces you get a very sleek look as there’s no knot. We suggest these laces from Lonlam for your dress shoes because they have a simple, sophisticated look and a very low price tag of just $8. Unlike the bungee-cord style laces, these come as a pack of 10 individual, size-adjustable laces that lock into opposite eyelets on your shoes.

no tie shoelaces dress shoes Courtesy of Amazon


5. Caterpy No Tie Shoelaces


Our top pick for athletic shoes is these laces from Caterpy. They have a unique design that uses elastic bumps for an extra precise fit, which is essential when running, training or playing sports. They’re also very durable with a nylon, rubber, silicone and acetate construction, so they can take a beating. Users are very happy, saying the laces are easy to install and the bumpy design stays put during any workout.

no tie laces sneakers Courtesy of Amazon


6. U-Lace Original No-Tie Lace


No-tie laces haven’t been around that long, but U-Lace has already established itself as one of the top brands in the market. This was largely thanks to U-Lace’s appearance on Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban picked them up. But U-Lace has also become known for a high-quality product that looks like real shoelaces (no bungee-cord or plastic anchors here), so they’re a go-to for fashion lovers and sneakerheads.

no tie shoelaces u tie Courtesy of Amazon


7. Xpand No Tie Shoelaces


Boldly-colored shoelaces have recently become a low-key trend (see Off-White’s recent Nikes). If you’re looking for laces of a specific color, check out this collection from Xpand. They offer 42 color options, giving you ample selection to match your shoes or make a trend-savvy style swerve.

no tie laces slip on Courtesy of Amazon


8. Hickies Tie-Free Laces


Athleisure is still one of the reigning style trends in 2021, which is why we think these no-tie laces from Hickies are the most stylish pick. They’re unlike other no-tie laces, as you strap one single piece through opposite eyelets and then clasp the ends together in the middle of your shoe. This clasp contributes to the style of the laces with a unique dot. The laces also come in a variety of modern colors such as mint, translucent and neon multicolor.

no tie laces running shoes Courtesy of Amazon


9. KIWI Sneaker No Tie Shoe Laces


For laces that can keep kids’ and adults’ shoes snug and in place, there are KIWI Sneaker No Tie Shoe Laces. Available in six colors, the durable elastic laces can be cut to fit any shoe and locked into place with a secure plastic end cap. Shoes look neat and tidy and laces stay in place during any activity.

KIWI Sneaker No Tie Shoe Laces Image courtesy of Target

10. Nathan Elastic Run Laces


Don’t stop your workout because of untied laces. Instead, keep your laces and shoes secure with a pair of Nathan Elastic Run Laces. Designed for use with athletic sneakers, the sporty laces have a one-time securing system that locks the laces in place. One size fits most and that includes kids and adult-size sneakers.

Nathan Elastic Run Laces Image courtesy of Walmart

11. Willstar No-Tie Shoelaces


The Willstar No-Tie Shoelaces are similar in design to most of the laces on our list but use a unique metal clasp to keep laces in place. The nylon laces can be cut to fit children and adult-sized shoes. Laces are then locked into place using the Willstar high-quality metal buckle. The nylon laces are elasticized to make it easy for users to slide their shoes on and off.

Willstar No Tie Shoelaces Image courtesy of Walmart

12. FootMatters Curly No-Tie Shoe Laces


For kids who aren’t quite ready to tie their own laces and still want their shoes to look fun, we like FootMatters Curly No-Tie Shoe Laces. The stretchy elastic material has a curly finish that keeps the laces in place without requiring a permanent locking system. Designed to fit standard sneakers, the curly no-tie laces are available in a variety of colors to match any shoe.

FootMatters Curly No Tie Shoe Laces Image courtesy of Amazon

13. Silly Feet No-Tie Shoelaces


For kids that want to have some fun with their style and regularly change up their laces, try the Silly Feet No-Tie Shoelaces. Designed with the same curly tie finish as FootMatters, Silly Feet don’t require a locking system, making it easier for kids to swap out their laces or adjust the size as their feet grow. The company sells two sets of 10 packs, one with bright solid colors and a second with more subdued pastel options. All laces are finished with a hard plastic end that prevents fraying.

Silly Feet No Tie Shoelaces Image courtesy of Amazon

14. Rocc Elastic Shoelaces


For laces that can stand up to the rigors of intense workouts or long shifts, there’s the Rocc Elastic Shoelaces. The no-tie laces were originally designed for triathletes to make it easy to switch shoes during a race. The compression laces help to reduce weight on pressure points, creating a more comfortable sneaker-wearing experience.

Rocc Elastic Shoelaces Image courtesy of Amazon

15. Easy Laces No Tie Silicone Waterproof Sport Classic Shoe Laces


For laces that can stand up to water, you may want to skip the traditional nylon design and instead opt for Easy Laces No Tie Silicone Waterproof Sport Classic Shoe Laces. Available in several color options, including the rainbow design shown here (the company also sells many solid color laces), the flat, silicone laces are waterproof and can easily stretch to reduce any tension in your feet. We like that the laces are suitable for kids, adults, sneakers, boots, board shoes, and dress shoes.

Easy Laces No Tie Silicone Waterproof Sport Classic Shoe Laces Image courtesy of Amazon

16. Aiboxin No Tie Elastic Shoelaces


For no-tie laces that stay in place and are easy to adjust, we like the Aiboxin No Tie Elastic Shoelaces. The shoelaces have a flat design and come in a variety of unique color combinations, including rainbow, glitter, and mixed blue (the company also sells several solid color laces). Unlike most no-tie laces that can’t be adjusted once locked into place, Aiboxin uses a magnetic closure that keeps laces secure, but can also be open and adjusted when necessary.

Aiboxin No Tie Elastic Shoelaces Image courtesy of Amazon

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