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The Best Notebooks & Journals for Writing Down All Your Notes, Reminders and Genius Ideas

Notebooks have been around for centuries and have stood their ground as an important outlet for our thoughts. While it may be tempting to take notes or jot down to-do’s on our phones, many people still prioritize using a notebook. Investing in a good-looking, quality notebook ensures a level of commitment that will serve you well. Becoming the owner of one of the best notebooks is a wise idea, perhaps even one you’ll want to write down.

There are many benefits to notebooks that make them a reliable writing tool for everyone. Here are are few of them:

  • Portability – There’s nothing more annoying than your phone dying halfway through a task. Putting pen to paper is a powerful way to unload your thoughts and make note of important information without relying on power. Notebooks are also great to use when traveling, as you can write in them regardless of how off the beaten path you are.
  • Memory – Writing in a notebook can help boost memory while also enabling the mind to better understand concepts compared to taking notes on a computer or a phone. 
  • Gifting – Notebooks and journals are a brilliant gift to yourself or someone else. They’re a timeless present open for interpretation of use. From shopping lists to housing the first draft of a future novel, notebooks can bring value to day-to-day tasks and long-term projects. 

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, using a notebook enables us to disconnect. Whether taking notes in class or a meeting, writing down goals or reflecting on the day, using a journal compared to a computer provides a quiet space. Being free from the distraction of instant messenger, emails, texts and phone calls can improve the flow of writing.

We have rounded up the best notebooks available to order online. Some are lined for traditional uses or daily journaling. Others are made for travel or feature a grid format great for design. But, all of them provide a book of pages ready for whenever inspiration strikes.

1. Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Large Notebook

As one of the stationary world’s most iconic notebooks, the Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Large Notebook features the trademark leather-like cover and elastic closure for which the international brand has become famous. 240 pages of acid-free, blank, ivory pages are fountain pen-friendly and lined for note-taking. The integrated storage folder makes a great holding space for loose papers, and the attached ribbon bookmark enables an easy route back to your latest entry.

Pros: The first page of this notebook features blank spaces to fill in your contact details in case of loss along with the reward you’re willing to part with for its safe return.  

Cons: It’s towards the pricier end of notebooks.

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2. Lemome Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop

The Lemome Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop is a durable, faux leather hardcover journal available in five different colors. It boasts a thick line of stitching on the cover where it meets the spine. Integrated into the spine is a thick, elastic strip designed to be a pen holder, and a thinner, longer elastic strap has been attached vertically to provide a secure closure. 

Pros: This notebook is made with high-quality, extra-thick paper which won’t bleed and withstands rough erasing.

Cons: The pen loop is susceptible to stretching.

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3. Oxford 1-Subject Notebook 6-Pack

These Oxford 1-subject notebooks are a go-to for students in classrooms and are perfect for stocking up on ahead of the school year starting. They come in six different colors so you can color code your different subjects and are college-ruled so they can fit more writing per page than ride-ruled notebooks. Each notebook has 70 double-sided pages that are designed for minimal ink bleeding and show-through. They’re also 3-hole punched so you can place them into a standard binder if you wish.

Pros: Thin, simple, easy to store and carry with you.

Cons: They’ve only got 70 pages in them, which may or may not last you an entire school year.

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4. Five Star Composition Notebook

If you need a solid notebook for almost any purpose, you can’t go wrong with Five Star. This composition notebook comes with lined paper sewn into place for durability that resists wear and tear, and is built to last all school year long. The wireless sewn binding is totally smooth so it doesn’t catch on your bookbag or backpack, and it has a cover that lies flat so note taking is easy. There’s a class schedule already printed inside that you can fill in to keep track of where you’re supposed to be at which time throughout the day, and it’s got 100 double-sided pages so you’ve got plenty of writing room.

Pros: Wireless binding, smooth pages, flat cover for note taking.

Cons: Basic designs, solid colors only.

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5. URSUNSHINE Dotted Grid Notebook

Bullet journaling is a popular, alternative style of note-taking and requires dotted pages, like those inside the URSUNSHINE Dotted Grid Notebook. The black, faux leather cover is filled with thick, acid-free paper, which is designed to prevent light and air damage. If you find yourself wanting to write in all directions and draw diagrams, then this notebook could be the best suited for you. 

Pros: The grid format is well suited for drawing and creative journaling.

Cons: It’s difficult to lay flat, as the spine is not highly flexible.

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6. Amazon Basics Notebook

Five wire-bound Amazon Basics Notebooks are included with each order of this product, and they’re ideal for taking notes in an educational environment. The red margin marked on every page provides space for numbering, and the perforation makes it easy to get rid of any mistakes or unwanted notes. Each book has a different color cover and is available with either 70 or 100 pages.

Pros: The pages of this notebook are printed in a college-ruled format to encourage organized learning.

Cons: The thin paper easily tears from the spine and not in line with the perforation.

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7. LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook

This notebook can look like it was designed just for you thanks to the range of customizations available. Organize the contents of your journal by utilizing the blank table located at the front of the LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook. When selecting the color of your A5 notebook from the range of over 10 shades, you can also select whether you would like dotted, plain ruled or square pages. Plus, stickers are included to help with marking important areas among the 251 numbered pages.

Pros: There is an integrated storage pocket inside the back cover and an elastic closure strap to keep the notebook closed tight.

Cons: The paper could be thicker.

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8. RETTACY College Ruled Composition Notebook

These composition notebooks from RETTACY come in a pack of two with leather covers on the front and 100gsm acid-free paper that’s smooth, thick and designed to not bleed through when you write with your favorite gel pens. The leather covers are soft and durable so your notes inside stay organized while being carried from class to class. Each journal comes with an elastic closure that protects the pages as well as numbered pages so you can easily reference previous entries.

Pros: Durable leather covers, smooth pages, elastic closures, 408 pages in each journal.

Cons: The larger size makes them heavier than other options.

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9. Bedsure Leather Notebook

Wrapped in 100% handmade leather, the Bedsure Leather Notebook has a wonderfully traditional appearance. The quality material used for the cover can be cared for with a small treatment of leather oil when any scratches occur. Plus, 100 lined sheets of craft paper are bound through the middle to create 200 pages ready for words. 

Pros: Wear and tear will only enhance this notebook’s traditional appearance. 

Cons: It’s more chunky than most modern designs.

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10. Flame Tree Notebooks The Kiss Foiled Journal

The Flame Tree Notebooks Gustav Klimt: The Kiss Foiled Journal oozes class. This high-quality notebook and journal combines durable production methods with beautiful artwork to provide a product that is functional and inspiring. The eye-catching, golden artwork on the front cover is Klimt’s famous piece, The Kiss. It’s printed on foil paper, which has then been embossed and further stamped to create its high-end appearance. For greater usability, the notebook also features a pocket built into the back as well as two ribbon markers to help you mark multiple pages.

Pros: The attractive notebook sports a built-in pocket and two ribbon markers.

Cons: If you don’t like Klimt’s work, it’s unlikely you’ll like the notebook.

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11. Simply Genius Travel Journal

This six pack of A5 Simply Genius Travel Journals feature rounded corners for easy stowing during transit, and stitched bindings for durability on the road. Blank, no-bleed pages ensure these journals are suitable for sketching, writing and drawing. The use of non-toxic ink and paper make this set of notebooks an eco-friendly choice.

Pros: Eco-friendly materials are used throughout production. 

Cons: These journals are susceptible to folding due to the soft covers.

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12. Paperage Lined Journal Notebook

This hardcover journal is built to store and protect your best ideas, thoughts and other written material. It features rounded corners and high-quality, acid-free, lined pages. Plus, this journal comes in a variety of colors, so you can pick which one you like best. Alternatively, choose different ones for different subjects.

Pros: This notebook boasts a leather-like, vegan cover complete with a color-matching elastic closure.

Cons: It’s heavier than other notebooks due to the hardcover.

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