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Keep Important Papers Handy With an Organized Padfolio

Remember the good old days? Back when a few weeks before school started, you’d head to your local office supply store with mom to pick out some pencils and notebooks in anticipation of the new school year? There was always that fancy, sleek folder with various pockets and pen holders that she would NEVER let you buy. You know the one. Well, we’re here to say it’s time to live out your childhood fantasy and snag yourself that padfolio you’ve been dreaming of since the fourth grade.

Whether there are bills piling high on your dining room table, coupons pouring out from the junk drawer or your tax information is buried within a slew of takeout menus, a decent padfolio will easily organize your paperwork. Style always meets functionality too with these handy helpers; the wide variety of options are always finished with a handsome exterior. The compact design allows for uncomplicated means of transportation, meaning a quick toss in a backpack or briefcase and you’re good to go. All in all, padfolios are ideal for college undergrads to business professionals and anyone in between.

If you’re over unorganized papers with seemingly no place to go, follow along to find the best portfolios to buy right now.

1. STYLIO Padfolio Portfolio Folder

Fitting in all your documental needs and then some, this classic black, faux-leather padfolio was crafted for proper organization. The simple style boasts a number of pockets without going overboard, giving a classic touch to the more modernized padfolio of today. A handsome exterior has a professional tone to it, which is essential if you’re looking to get hired in an upcoming interview.

Pros: The holder itself has all the features you can ask for in a traditional padfolio, from the simplistic design, numerous pockets, right-side pen pad and sleek exterior.

Cons: Depending on your needs, this padfolio might be a little too simple compared to other modern holders. It lacks placement for lots of items, meaning you might fit fewer business cards, credit cards, papers and pens than you wish.

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2. Leathario A4 File Folder Padfolio

Switch the all-black exterior look for an option in brown with this multi-faceted, PU-leather padfolio from Leathario. The design on this padfolio allows for organizing just about every office essential. From numerous pen and card holders to the full zip-shut functionality, you’ll find it difficult to misplace office supplies.

Pros: The zip-shut design ensures everything inside is staying inside. There are tons of spots to hold papers and credit cards, a built-in pen pad and an interior zip pocket.

Cons: Not made of real leather, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it might be better off checking out elsewhere.

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3. Toplive Padfolio Portfolio Case

If you’re the kind of person that can’t be seen without a gadget of sort, look no further — this is the padfolio for you. Toplive’s Padfolio Portfolio Case has everything your traditional doc holder does, plus room for your phone and earbuds. This option makes it easy to store more than you ever thought you could, plus, it snaps shut on the sides.

Pros: Storage will never be an issue, you can fit anything you’ll ever need.

Cons: There’s almost too much storage. It might be overwhelming for some people that would just prefer a traditional padfolio with no gimmicks.

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4. Jancosta Business Padfolio Portfolio

A decent padfolio really doesn’t have to break the bank whatsoever. This straightforward structure from Jancosta is as useful as it is affordable. If you’re looking to save some pennies for a rainy day, this padfolio is totally up your alley. The padfolio has space for a notepad, a single pen, and then folders for various papers and cards.

Pros: A simple and straightforward design.

Cons: This portfolio doesn’t fully clasp or zip shut, so papers might get lost in transit.

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