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The 10 Best Passport Wallets to Send You Traveling in Style

Traveling with a passport has always presented one unique problem: How to best carry it? Standard wallets for men don’t come even close to holding passports, and it’s a form of ID far too valuable to carry separately and risk theft or misplacement.

If 2022 is the year you’re resuming (or starting!) international travel, it’s time to invest in a good passport wallet. The good news is that they come in all styles and boast functions well beyond carrying a passport (although one of our favorites is simply a good passport cover). A passport wallet can easily become an everyday carry if you buy the right one.

SPY’s top 10 list covers all the bases, from elegance and fashion to pure function and durability. Some look chic coming out of the inside pocket of a suit jacket and some are worn around your neck to free up your hands while navigating the airport or train station.

One of these is the right pick for you as you plan your summer travel. Here are the best passport wallets of 2022.


1. Red Wing Passport Wallet

If you want a high-quality leather passport wallet, it makes sense to go to a company known for working wonders with leather — like Red Wing Shoes. Red Wing’s boots and shoes have a long and well-deserved reputation for durability and good looks, and its passport wallet lives up to the rep. The additional pockets are perfect for holding credit cards and cash.

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Courtesy of Red Wing Shoes

2. Satchel & Page Expat Wallet

This beauty from New York–based leather goods purveyor Satchel & Page is a great example of how a passport wallet can be an everyday carry. Like everything in its line, this wallet is inspired by the classic men’s goods of the World War II era, and it carries a journal or notebook and writing instrument as easily as a passport.

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Courtesy of Satchel & Page

3. Flowfold RFID Blocking Navigator Passport Holder

A sturdy leather passport wallet is great when you carry it in the inner pocket of a jacket or blazer. But if you’re a casual-wear traveler who prefers navigating airports in jeans and a T-shirt, that stiff leather block in your back pocket can be a literal pain. Flowfold’s version is awesomely thin, and the blend of outdoor materials renders it flexible yet durable. A super-thin layer of copper provides RFID blocking without adding any bulk to this lightweight champ.

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Courtesy of Flowfold

4. Zero Grid Travel Neck Wallet With RFID Blocking

Like the Flowfold, this RFID-blocking option from Zero Grid is light and flexible and contains secure pockets for cash and cards. The Zero Grid takes it a step further by going hands-free as a neck wallet, and as anyone who’s ever lived through a hectic rush through airport security and to your gate can tell you, free hands can be invaluable. This great passport wallet option just went on sale for under $20 on Amazon — grab it while you can.


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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Fjallraven Kanken Travel Wallet for Passports

Fjallraven isn’t a trendy, fly-by-night bag company. Its gear combines looks with function, and its passport wallets are no different. You can go the classic leather route with this beautiful leather cognac passport cover stamped with the Fjalllraven fox logo, or go the more casual route with the full-zip Kanken Travel Wallet for Passports. The Kanken model is spacious enough to hold multiple passports for couples or family travel, comes in eight colors and is a solid buy as an everyday carry.


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Courtesy of Amazon

6. Coach Passport Case

Coach has long been the choice for class and elegance matched with quality when it comes to accessories, so its passport case is a solid recommendation if you’re shopping for a passport wallet. The simplicity is a big part of the appeal: rich and refined calf leather, three credit card slots and two open pockets: one for your passport and one for cash. Pulling this out in the customs line will get you some admiring looks for sure.

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Courtesy of Coach

7. Pacsafe RFIDsafe V150 Compact Organizer

Men’s accessories retailers aren’t the only place to look for a passport wallet. Outdoors and adventure stores like REI are great sources for travel accessories, like this compact organizer and passport carrier from Pacsafe. A full-zip enclosure keeps your passports, credit cards and anything else you’re carrying safe; the built-in lanyard is reinforced to prevent cut-and-run theft, and it also includes a zippered coin pocket, pen holder and key clip. The detachable crossbody strap provides another hands-free carrying option, and it’s completely RFID-safe.

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Courtesy of

9. J.Crew Leather Passport Case

Is it possible to find just a passport case? No extra pockets, no zippers, no bells and whistles? Yes, and from longtime trusted retailer J.Crew no less. Simple, elegant and of the best quality, J.Crew’s Leather Passport Case comes with a “Passport” stamp on the cover and the J.Crew logo stamped inside. Best of all, it’s currently available at a steep discount on J.Crew Factory’s site.

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Courtesy of J. Crew



10. Bellroy Travel Wallet

We love Bellroy’s Travel Wallet because it doesn’t look like a travel wallet and because it’s practically begging to be your default everyday wallet. The passport sleeve can be used to carry anything: extra cash, tickets, car registration, whatever. The four card slots — each of which can hold multiple cards — and the separate cash section replicates an everyday wallet. Whether you’re traveling or not, it has tons of organizational potential and looks great coming out of your pocket.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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