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We Dare You To Find a Tougher Storage Box Than These Pelican Cases

There was an unfortunate story I read recently about a man in China who buried money in his backyard, only to find the cash eaten by termites several years later. The point is, if you’re going to be keeping something valuable, it’s usually worth finding a truly secure place to do so.

This is doubly true for travel when you have to consider all of the pushing and shoving that the average case goes through. Having your duffel crushed by a hard case roller isn’t so bad when all you have in there is clothing and toiletries. However, if you’re a photographer, for example, you might wish you invested in a more secure case.

There are a lot of options that look sturdy, but won’t be able to withstand the rigors you intend to put your travel case through. Pelican Products, however, makes cases that are waterproof, crush-proof, and just generally indestructible. Additionally, every case has a release valve that equalizes air pressure without letting in water. You can expect a company that regularly contracts with the military to make cases that can easily handle baggage claim. These three cases from Pelican are all up to the same standards, but there’s slight variation in portability, weight, and size.

1. Pelican Air 1535 Case No Foam

When you think of indestructible cases, you might imagine something pretty heavy. That’s why Pelican rolled out the Air case, which has wheels, a carrying handle, and a lightweight but durable construction. Interior dimensions: 20.39″ x 11.20″ x 7.21″

Pros: Lighter weight than standard Pelican case, fits into an average overhead carry-on.

Cons: Some reviewers found the wheels didn’t roll easily.

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2. Pelican 1560 Case With Foam

For this and the 1535 case, you can choose between “pick and pluck” foam, no foam, or padded dividers. This allows you to easily customize the layout of your case for your needs. This case also has wheels. Interior dimensions: 19.92″ x 14.98″ x 9.00″

Pros: Comes with wheels and handle.

Cons: While the case is secure, some reviewers found that the handle was not as sturdy.

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3. Pelican 1400 Case With Foam

This is a good option if you need a smaller carrying case. Unlike the other options, this case does not come with wheels. However, it’s spacious enough to accommodate two SLR cameras and two lenses. Interior dimensions: 11.81″ x 8.87″ x 5.18″

Pros: Good model for carrying by hand.

Cons: Some found the foam difficult to work with.

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