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Totally Dry: The 4 Best Totes Umbrellas on Amazon

* Totes creates umbrellas for every occasion and preference
* These high-quality umbrellas keep you dry and stylish at the same time
* The list includes traditional, collapsible and bubble-style umbrellas

When it comes to choosing an umbrella, many people prefer to use a negative feedback cycle to find the right one. By working up from the cheapest options available, they’ll take each umbrella out in the rain and then see if they fit the bill. However, more often than not, this somewhat flawed process leaves umbrella users stuck in a windy, rain storm with a flailing umbrella, which refuses to turn back the right way. Even though they may eventually end up with a suitable option, it’s perhaps faster to just start by purchasing a quality, durable umbrella.

Totes is a brand known for producing high-quality umbrellas. And, they don’t just produce normal, traditional options. This versatile company make umbrellas for every preference and occasion. Whether you need to stay dry at a wedding or run from your house to your car, there’s a Totes umbrella for you.

Check out our four favorite Totes umbrellas with styles for every occasion.

1. Totes Auto Open Wooden Handle J Stick Umbrella


accomplishes the hard task of keeping you dry. It’s windproof, rainproof and the advanced design covers anyone beneath it at the simple touch of a button. The umbrella also sports a classic J-handle design, which feels comfortable in the hand whether it’s in the up or down orientation. This piece is ideal for trips around town or for smaller trips like jumping between the office and your car. Plus, the J-handle umbrella comes in five stylish canopy colors, including black, blue and tan.

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2. Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

If you find being under an opaque umbrella canopy a little too claustrophobic, it may be time to give the

a try. This transparent umbrella lets you see the world around you while keeping you safe from the rain. It’s also available in a range of designs including styles adorned with birds, dots and colors. The clear J-style handle adds to the umbrella’s see-through style while the lightweight construction and 47-inch dome ensure maximum comfort during a downpour. The distinctive style also makes these umbrellas great for special occasions like weddings, graduations and other parties.

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3. Totes InBrella Reverse Close Umbrella

If you hate having to deal with a dripping umbrella after the rain has passed, Totes have an answer for you. The

does exactly what it says on the tin – it closes in reverse! While it may look a little odd at first sight, but you’ll learn to love this umbrella and carry it with you wherever you go. Once you’ve experienced the range of functions it sports, like the auto-close feature, the free-standing option and the dazzling under-dome prints, you’ll never leave the house without your InBrella again. As for under-canopy designs, you can choose from sunny sky, raindrop and zodiac.

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4. Totes Titan Automatic Open Windproof Umbrella

For those who prefer an umbrella they can keep in their backpack or glove compartment, we would like to introduce the

. At its most compact, this collapsible umbrella is only 11 inches in length and fits inside a handy carrying sleeve. There’s also a loop for an easy carrying option along with a button for opening and closing the umbrella. But the most impressive feature of this Totes design is that it’s capable of withstanding winds up to 70 mph. As an added bonus, this piece comes in black, striped and Nordic designs.

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