Go Green In Style With These Best-Selling Reusable Shopping Totes

Best Reusable shopping bags
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Single-use shopping bags are officially on their way out. Eight states — including California, Connecticut and most recently, New York — have banned single-use bags. That means it’s time to stock up on quality reusable shopping bags.

A few years ago, environmentalists started to understand the real harm of single-use bags. Americans alone use around 100 billion bags a year. These bags generate enormous amounts of greenhouse gases during production and endanger wildlife once they’re discarded (plastic bags kill around 100,000 marine animals every year). The numbers are as mind-boggling as they are sad, but with single-use bag bans sweeping the states, things are starting to change.

Even before the bans on single-use bags, environmentally conscious shoppers were upgrading to reusable bags. Not only are these reusable bags better for the environment, but they’re much higher quality (i.e. less breaking bottoms), they provide more useful features such as insulation and they’re more stylish too.

If you’re ready to upgrade your shopping game with the best reusable shopping bags around, read on. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorites, ranging from classic nylon options to extra-large heavy-duty picks. Check them out below.


1. Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag


Baggu has gained a cult following with savvy shoppers. The simple ripstop nylon bags come in an assortment of great patterns and feature a minimal construction that just seems to work for everyone. Baggu totes break down into a compact seven by seven inch square that you can stuff in your daily backpack or thrown in the glove compartment, so you can always be ready for a grocery stop. They’re a good size (16″ x 15″ without handles), but carry an impressive 30 pounds of groceries without an issue.

reusable grocery bag baggu snakes Courtesy of Amazon

2. Gogooda Reusable Grocery Bags


Some skeptics of reusable bags might be annoyed to shell out their hard-earned dollars for grocery bags that used to be free. Luckily, reusable bags can be had for very cheap, such as this six-pack of nylon bags for just $17. When you factor in the hundreds of uses you’ll get out of each bag, there’s really no difference in paying $0.10 for plastic bags on every grocery trip. These bags also collapse for easy storage and transportation, and can be thrown in the wash when dirty.

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3. NZ Home XL Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags


Insulated bags are great for transporting meat, perishables or fresh produce — especially if you’re not going right home from the grocery store. We like these insulated bags from NZ Home because they’re large (16″W x 13″H x 9″D) and structured to prevent things from toppling over, shifting and crushing each other during transport. When not in use, they collapse for storage and can be easily wiped down.

insulated grocery bags totes Courtesy of Amazon


4. All Cotton and Linen Reusable Produce Bags


If you buy a lot of fruits and veggies, specialized mesh produce bags like these are a big help. They have more give than nylon or canvas bags, allowing produce to sit comfortably while you walk or drive home. This will result in less bruising and squishing of your fresh fruit and vegetables. This six-pack of mesh bags makes a great choice. They feature a secure string top and quality cotton mesh, so you can pack them full without fear of breakage.

produce grocery bags mesh Courtesy of Amazon


5. Earthwise Reusable Shopping Box Bag


Shopping for a big household? Go for these heavy-duty box bags from Earthwise. They feature a reinforced construction and a bin-shaped design that has some real benefits for pro-shoppers. They’re much easier to load and unload, they carry a huge amount of groceries and they stay upright in the trunk. The bags boast some great reviews, as well — 4.8/5 stars and over 3,800 reviews — thanks to their durability and convenience.

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6. Earthwise Canvas Shopping Tote


Canvas bags are another great reusable option, scoring some style points and providing a rugged means to transport groceries. They’re not quite as convenient as nylon because they can’t collapse, but they’re very versatile. In addition to grocery shopping, you can grab a canvas tote when you hit the beach, travel or need some extra space for daily essentials. We like this one from Earthwise because it’s durable, made in the U.S. and has a good size for plenty of groceries. Plus it’s very affordable at just $13.

canvas tote shopping bag Courtesy of Amazon


7. Ikea Frakta Shopping Bag


When it comes to space, Ikea’s iconic Frakta bag is fantastic. The bag has a 19-gallon, 55-pound capacity, which is enough for the biggest of shopping loads. Unbeknownst to most, you don’t have to make the trek to Ikea to pick up a few of the beloved bags. Ikea sells them on Amazon as a five-pack for the very reasonable price of $13. Besides groceries, these bags are great for beach trips, laundry, moving and any other XL needs.

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8. None Brand Collapsible Trolley Shopping Bag


If you have back or shoulder problems, or just don’t want to lug your groceries on your shoulder, go for a trolley bag. They’re especially good for city shopping when you have a walk back to your apartment. We like this one from None Brand because it’s versatile with multiple compartments and normal tote bag functionality. It has a hefty 41-liter capacity, so you can fit groceries as well as daily essentials.

roller shopping bag tote Courtesy of Amazon


9. DALIX Cotton Canvas Tote Bag


Switching from single-use bags to a reusable grocery bag is a great opportunity to inject some style into your shopping look. Our favorite bag for the fashion-conscious shopper is this canvas tote from Dalix. It showcases a great nautical-inspired look, and works as a daily bag or travel companion as well. The main compartment is big enough for most grocery runs, plus an outside pocket offers easy access to your wallet, phone or grocery list.

tote bag canvas mens Courtesy of Amazon


10. Hydro Flask Collapsible Insulated Tote


Hydro Flask, the makers of everyone’s favorite water bottle, just got into reusable bags as well — and they nailed it. This tote features insulation to keep meats, perishables and produce at the proper temperature. Plus, a zippered, waterproof design makes the bag great for bad weather and outdoor adventures. It’s certainly pricey, but the premium construction and top-tier usability make it worth the price if you can swing it.

grey tote bag insulated hydro flask Courtesy of Amazon


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