Protect Yourself From Skimmers with These 8 RFID Wallets

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In our modern era, it’s always something. Even when you’re carrying your credit and debit cards in your wallet, you might be at risk to have your information stolen. RFID skimming is a very specific kind of crime that happens when thieves look to leverage the embedded radio frequency (the RF of RFID) in your cards by using a dedicated RFID reader. When activated, this reader can wirelessly transmit bits of your personal information in order for thieves to then use your cards. And the thing is, since it’s all done over radio waves, you might never know what hit you until it’s too late.

Which is where an RFID wallet comes into play. These wallets are just like your standard wallet but have been lined with material that helps to actively stop skimmers and scammers from ripping off your information. Instead, your cards — and therefore your valuable data — stay safe and secure. 

So, like any good Boy Scout, it helps to be prepared against this specific crime with your own RFID wallet. Below, we’ve rounded up eight of the best RFIDI wallets on the market that will fit any man’s style — all while ensuring you can go about your day without worry. Find our selects below.


1. Buffway RFID Wallet


With its cross leather construction, handy design features, and overall security this RFID wallet from Buffway is our hands-down pick for the best overall RFID wallet. The sleek and slight wallet includes a number of top slot cardholders for fast access, a clear PVC spot for easy, at-a-glance access, a side pocket for additional cards or cash — all in a small package. There’s no need to worry about your wallet billowing out as it’s filled with items, plus you can carry your essentials know they’re safe and sound from potential risk.  

Buffway RFID Wallet Amazon


2. Amazon Essentials Slim RFID Wallet


However, if you’d prefer a more standard looking wallet, this card holder style wallet from Amazon Essentials might be more of your preferred option. The back portion of the wallet has a few dedicated card slots while the front includes an ID holder that can be easily removed for quick use. Additionally, the top portion of the wallet has space for cash should you desire to hold onto some. And, of course, it’s backed with RFID protection at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Amazon Essentials Slim RFID Wallet Amazon


3. Bellroy Note Sleeve RFID Wallet


Bellroy (not to be confused with the previously mentioned Buffway)’s leather wallet is a sleek bi-fold version that has an elegant exterior that’s just as polished as the wallet your Dad may have carried. Inside, however, is a host of handy features (including great RFID protection) that make it easy to recommend: 11-card slots, dedicated space for coins, a note sleeve for dollar bills, and an overall slim cut. Plus, it has a three-year warranty in case it should fall apart.

Bellroy Note Sleeve RFID Wallet Amazon



4. ROCO Minimalist Aluminum RFID Wallet


This RFID wallet from ROCO is a sort of hybrid between a standard wallet and a money clip. The wallet itself is two pieces of high grade aluminum that are bound together by a smart clip holder that allows you to cram in as many cards as you need and then slot in cash into the band portion if needed. The aluminum construction provides that great, RFID blocking tech as well as providing a sleek and minimalist package to hold everything together.

ROCO Minimalist Aluminum RFID Wallet Amazon


5. Fossil Derrick Leather RFID Wallet


For those who enjoy their wallets to already have a bit of character to them this “Derrick” wallet from Fossil is sure to be a hit. Made from genuine leather, it still manages to provide that RFID protection via a handy interior liner. While it’s a little light (comparatively speaking) on storage spots, it still packs a punch with an ID holder, six credit card slots, and a cash slot.

Fossil Derrick Leather RFID Wallet Amazon



6. Ben Sherman Leather RFID Wallet


British outfit Ben Sherman has the lucky distinction of their RFID wallet being one of Amazon’s best sellers. The leather wallet comes in a variety of colors to suit your individual mood or preference. This simple bi-fold allows you to pack in four cards in its dedicated card slots on the left-hand side, while the foldover ID pocket has room for a few more. Additionally, the back portion of the wallet allows for bills. The entire package is tied together by a quality leather construction that will patina and age nicely the more you use it.

Ben Sherman Leather RFID Wallet Amazon


7. The Ridge Minimalist RFID Wallet


This RFID wallet from The Ridge almost looks like it came from another world. More similar to your phone case than an actual wallet, the entire holder is constructed from high-grade Aluminum plating that can hold up to 12 cards without significantly expanding. Additionally, the exterior clip can be used to hold money or to securely fasten inside your pockets for an added level of safety when traveling or going about your daily routine. Oh, and it has the honored distinction of being an Amazon’s Choice product, so you know it’s good.

The Ridge Minimalist RFID Wallet Amazon


8. Herschel Roy RFID Wallet


You might know Herschel as more of a backpack company than a wallet company, but first impressions are often deceptive. The brand’s take on a RFID wallet comes in a variety of stylish and trendy looks including this striking camo option. With six interior card slots and plenty of space for cash, your cards will also be secure against thieves thanks to its RFID capabilities. Stripped down, but still effective, it’s a great gift for a boyfriend or younger brother who needs to slim out their existing cardholder.

Herschel Roy RFID Wallet Amazon


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