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Review: The Ridge Wallets Are the Ultimate in Minimalist Style

Minimalism may be the newest trend in home decor, but the style has influenced our lives in many other ways too, including fashion. Men’s wallets, in particular, have recently had a complete overhaul to allow for the most minimal everyday carry possible.

It only makes sense that men want to streamline what’s in their pockets. In the digital age, there’s little need to carry dozens of cards and tons of pocket change. We bet that if you sit and think about what you actually need on any given day of the week, two to three cards and a bit of cash would suffice.

Back in 2013, The Ridge was founded on this principle. The father and son owners knew men and women didn’t need to carry “everything to be prepared for anything.” So, they invented a simple wallet that carries just as much as you need. Today, The Ridge Wallets are some of the most popular minimalist wallets on the market. Let’s take a look at why.

Streamlined Design

The number one selling point for The Ridge Wallets are their streamlined, minimalist design. The wallets can hold one to 12 cards between the magnetic metal plates and elastic bands. On the exterior, you can add either a money clip or money strap for carrying your bills, too. Together, these elements take up no more than one centimeter of width in your pocket. 

While some might complain that The Ridge Wallets can’t carry as much as the traditional bi-fold, the very point of the wallet is to carry less. By purchasing this minimalist wallet, you’ll minimize the things you feel are necessary to take with you in your pocket on a daily basis.

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Durable Materials

The materials that go into The Ridge Wallets are fairly simple but incredibly durable. The original wallets were made with sheets of plastic held together by an elastic band. As the company made improvements, the plastic was replaced by titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber, some of the most lightweight yet durable metals available for consumer use.

Using hard metals has several advantages. First, they likely won’t break, even after decades of use. Second, they won’t change shape or loosen up, which is frequently an issue with leather wallets over time 

The only bit of the construction that is likely to change with extended use is the elastic band, but The Ridge has anticipated this issue by selling replacement bands through their website. These can be easily installed at home thanks to the modular construction of the wallets.

RFID Blocking

Article after article has been published regarding RFID, and most security experts surveyed agreed that the risks of RFID skimming in the real world are slim to none. RFID-blocking is a standard feature on The Ridge wallets. While it’s not the reason to seek these wallets out, it’s a decent enough added bonus.


Every version of The Ridge Wallet allows for a certain amount of customization. When ordering, you’ll be able to choose between a money clip, a money strap or both. Furthermore, the wallets come with a screwdriver designed to fit the screws in the wallet. That way, if you want to change the configuration of your wallet at any point, you can do so. Plus, The Ridge sells replacement parts and accessories through their website, so adding a clip or strap at a later point isn’t an issue. The ability to customize your minimalist wallet to your liking is one of the reasons why The Ridge Wallet is an incredibly popular everyday carry option right now.

Lifetime Warranty

Because The Ridge Wallets are made using military-grade materials in a rugged design, the company offers a lifetime warranty. This covers any manufacturing defect, but likely won’t cover anything that is caused through usage of the wallet. However, the existence of a lifetime warranty means The Ridge stands by its products and manufacturing, which is always good to know.


1. Carbon Fiber 3K Wallet


Although the carbon fiber version is the most expensive of The Ridge Wallets, we love the 3K carbon fiber weave and the matte finish. The Ridge only makes carbon fiber wallets in versions of black, but for a minimalist wallet that is usually tucked away, this isn’t a problem. And, at only 1.6 ounces, this is the lightest of all The Ridge Wallets. For comparison, the aluminum wallet weighs two ounces, while the titanium version weighs 2.5 ounces.

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Image courtesy of The Ridge


2. The Ridge Topographic


Honestly, the only problem with Ridge wallets is that while one is meant to last forever, it’s so damn hard to resist buying multiple Ridge wallets. That’s because they keep coming out with unique and eye-catching colorways, like this monochrome topographic wallet. This option is made from aluminum. It has a sleek gray look with laser-engraved white lines and a set of coordinates: 37.7459 n 119.5332 w. Wondering where that is? It’s the legendary Half Dome summit in Yosemite. This option also features a cash strap for folded-up bills.

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Image Courtesy of The Ridge


3. Titanium Burnt Wallet


The Ridge Wallet Titanium is one of the more popular options for men purchasing minimalist wallets. That’s because titanium has a reputation for being one of the strongest materials for its weight. In this wallet, you’ll get just under 2.5 ounces of grade 5 titanium in the sides of the wallet, which are no thicker than the average credit card. This version of The Ridge Wallet is available in four different colors, from black to cobalt, but we’re partial to the slightly iridescent “burnt” option.

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Image courtesy of The Ridge


4. Add a Cash Strap Plate to Your Ridge Wallet


As mentioned above, you will have the choice between a money strap plate and a money clip when ordering your Ridge Wallet. But, if you feel you’ve ordered the wrong one or you actually want to have both, fear not. You can always change your mind at any time thanks to the fact that The Ridge sells these accessories fairly cheaply. In fact, the replacement cash strap plate costs just nine dollars, and the money clip isn’t far behind. Plus, they’re both super easy to install. Replacement screws and elastic are also available on The Ridge website.

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Image courtesy of The Ridge


5. The Card Case


Although not technically a wallet, The Card Case by The Ridge combines a protective iPhone case with a card wallet. Made from full-grain leather, this phone case provides all the protection your phone needs and boasts two slanted card slots on the back. This design makes retrieving your cards quick and easy. While The Card Case may not replace your Ridge wallet, it is ideal for times when you don’t want to carry both a phone and a wallet, like big nights out on the town or when you’re just popping out to the shops.

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Image courtesy of The Ridge


6. Aluminum Tiki Wallet


If you don’t want a plain wallet and prefer something with a little personality, go with The Ridge Aluminum Wallet. This version comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, like this one in Tiki. Just don’t dilly dally if you find one you like. The patterns typically sell out quickly. On another note, the patterned wallets usually look better with the money clip than with the money belt as more of the pattern shows with the former.

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Image courtesy of The Ridge


7. The Ridge Forged Ember


The Forged Ember wallet is made out of durable forged carbon fiber, which is known for being lightweight and durable. This option comes with both the cash strap and the money clip. The outer of the wallet has a unique grey and red pattern that resembles embers in a smoky sky. It’s pretty cool for something that you use to carry your insurance card.

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Image Courtesy of The Ridge


8. The Ridge Shockproof Card Case


Whether you’re an extreme adventurer or you’re just prone to dropping your phone, you might need a little extra protection than the average slim case can provide. This case has a rugged, shockproof design with two card sleeves on the back that are perfect for your debit card and ID. These cases are available for several models of the iPhone, including the X/XS, the XS Max and the XR. Bumpers on the edges help resist damage from falls. The case comes in green, black and white.

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Image Courtesy of The Ridge

9. The Ridge 18K Gold Plated


Want to go truly luxe with your wallet? Consider this option, which is plated with 18 karat gold. It has all of the same features of the regular Ridge wallet, just a lot more luxurious looking. Like all Ridge wallets, this one has a replaceable elastic band. It comes with interchangeable accessories, including both the money clip and the cash strap.

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Image Courtesy of The Ridge

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