The Best Headlamps for Logging All Those Late-Night Miles

best running headlamps

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If you love running at night, you probably have a reflective vest or joggers, maybe a hat with a neon streak. But do you have a running headlamp? It’s the most underrated piece of running equipment out there as most people associate it with camping or resort to using their phone flashlight. At night, people driving can’t see you sometimes at all, and that’s a problem. Ever tried cycling without a front light? Having some lights while you’re running, even while on the sidewalk, will make everyone safer and it’ll keep you from veering off the path if you go into a dark park.

A headlamp is the best tool to keep around for those late-night jaunts around the park or the neighborhood because they keep you hands-free, have a long battery life, and have a red light mode which is easier on your eyes. Need I say more? Check out the best running headlamps to keep you safe while you log those late-night miles.


1. Black Diamond

One of the best brands in the business, you’ll find Black Diamond in every corner of the camping market. As for running, it’s a great piece to have on hand for the battery life and the LED of 300 lumens. With a red night-vision light to keep the strain off your eyes as well as the waterproof housing that will keep this baby alive for up to 30 minutes submerged, this is our number one pick for headlamps.

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2. Slonik 500

This headlamp has 500 lumens, which at night, makes it a very powerful light. Great for running through woods or dark parks but perhaps too bright for an already well-lit street. This one is great to take on trips when you know you’ll want to be running at night but don’t know how many lights will be around. With a rechargeable battery, this Slonik headlamp holds up to eight hours of light at a 300-foot wide range.

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3. Petzl Core

This headlamp boasts a 350 lumen LED cast and two separate beams of light as well as a nighttime red so you don’t blind anyone in your group. Great for running or walking in the dark, this headlamp will also come in handy during camping. Compatible with AAA batteries as well as a USB for recharging, this is a great headlamp to keep nearby in case you run out of batteries or can’t get to an outlet. Either way, it won’t let you down.

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4. Vitchelo V800 

This one boasts of having everything under its own button, which for some users of headlamps, is a godsend. Tired of cycling through the different settings for one button? The Vitchelo headlamp offers a white light and a red light under its own setting. Never fumble with the headlamp again and get going faster. It’s powered by AAA batteries and is waterproof.

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5. Nathan LED Headlamp

Probably the lightest headlamp on this list, the Nathan has multiple light settings including a strobe light and a sprint light which will come in handy for emergencies. It takes AAA batteries and holds its own in the water, which makes it a great option if you’re headed out in the rain. With 22 hours of battery life, you will surely be seen all night while wearing this excellent headlamp.

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6. Black Diamond Sprinter

With another band that stretches over the top of your head, Black Diamond has made another force in the headlamp market. It will stay secure during any activity, including a hard sprint workout, so you never have to worry about it falling off. It has three LED lights with six settings and memory for dimming and turning off so you don’t have to fiddle with the settings too much while you run. A great option for serious runners who worry about sweat interfering with their headbands.

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7. BioLite Headlamp

At 330 lumens, this LED-powered headlamp is lightweight and practically seamless for a perfect fit. Made from moisture-wicking material, it’s a great option for those of us with the tendency to sweat a lot when we workout. It has a red light setting and charges through a USB. Overall, optimal for serious runners looking for a lightweight headlamp.

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8. X-Balog Clip-on Headlamp

If you don’t want a full running headlamp, consider these clip-on lights. They can attach anywhere, really, logically onto a running hat while you’re running at night for extra reflective protection. You can also clip one onto the back of your shirt so cars see you as they come up behind you. These little clip-on LED’s are the best choice for anyone not wanting a headlamp. With 350 lumens, they are just as powerful as a headlamp, just without the annoying head strap.

best headlamps for running Courtesy of Amazon