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Extend the Life of Your Footwear With These Quality Shoe Polishes

To look your best, you should you always make sure you have shoe polish available when you need it. Why? Footwear may not be the first thing you notice when you meet someone, but, if your shoes are worn, lifeless and look like they’ve just been dragged through a hedge backwards, people will notice. There’s a reason business people, military personnel and the top world leaders are always pictured with shinier than shiny footwear. And because shoe shine stands have largely disappeared, that leaves it up to you to invest in the best shoe polish and shoe polish kits.

Scuffs, scratches and other signs of wear are natural over time, especially if shoes are made from leather. You may have bought leather shoes because they look great, but a reality with dress shoes is that they require a certain level of care to maintain. To prevent footwear from showing signs of age, it’s important to have the right shoe-care regimen and products to keep them looking their best. However, there’s also good news. If you do invest in shoe polish (and treat your shoes with leather conditioner), those fancy dress shoes can last for many years to come, decades even.

When it comes to maintaining shoe leather with the best shoe polish, there are two choices available: shoe creams and shoe wax. Shoe creams are oil-based and the more commonly used of the two products. Creams help restore color while giving shoes a matte shine. Meanwhile, shoe wax produces a shinier finish which is often more appealing but requires additional time and effort to achieve the best results.

Below you’ll find seven of the best shoe polish options available on Amazon. There are both creams and waxes as well as products which include sponges for easy application.

1. OrthoStep Boot and Shoe Cream Polish

The OrthoStep Boot and Shoe Cream Polish delivers a long-lasting shine for your footwear, whether they’re boots, sneakers or any other style of shoe. The polish is made up from a combination of natural waxes, oils and pigments, which gives your shoes a clean look that’s full of color. It can give old and lifeless shoes a new lease on life and can also be used on other leather products, like wallets, handbags and even furniture. Furthermore, this USA-made cream is more easily applied than pastes and liquid polishes and makes a noticeable difference after a single application.

PROS: The cream is easy to apply to your shoes and causes less mess than other options.

CONS: The 1.5-ounce jar won’t last forever, so expect to go through a lot if you shine your shoes on a regular basis.

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2. Pledge KIWI Color Shine Liquid Polish

By featuring a built-in, two-layer sponge, the Pledge KIWI Color Shine Liquid Polish provides an easy way to apply polish to shoes. Rather than having to go from tub to cloth to shoe, this all-in-one applicator lets you apply the polish directly to your footwear. In addition, this premium wax doesn’t require any extra buffing to produce the scuff-covering, protecting layer you’re after.

PROS: The long-lasting, two-layer sponge built into the polish delivers a controlled dosage for easy application.

CONS: This polish is only available in black, brown and neutral colors.

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3. Saphir Pate de Luxe Leather Shoe Polish

The Saphir Pate de Luxe Leather Shoe Polish is produced using the highest quality materials. These ingredients, which include three different kinds of wax, produce a hard-to-beat finish in the form of a beautiful, rich shine. The results are waterproof, long-lasting and protective. The polish is available in a range of different colors, including black, dark brown and blue, meaning there’s likely a color for every shoe you own. Furthermore, this French-made polish is all-natural and contains no harmful resins or silicone. For the best results, pair this polish with a buffing brush or rejuvenating spray for a more noticeable shine.

PROS: The range of available colors ensures there’s a polish for every type and design of shoe you might own.

CONS: The polish requires an additional cloth for application to your footwear.

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4. Kelly’s Shoe Cream

If you own footwear of all different styles and all different colors, the Kelly’s Shoe Cream is a great option for you. It’s available in over 40 colors and works on grained and smooth leather shoes. Polishing with this cream results in a vibrant, lively color and a handsome finish. Plus, the cream’s formula includes a range of different waxes to give your shoes the desired protection.

PROS: From charcoal grey to dusky brown, one of the available 44 colors is sure to match your footwear.

CONS: The cream doesn’t include an applicator, so it requires the additional purchase of a cloth or brush.

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5. Allen Edmonds Men’s Premium Shoe Polish

The Allen Edmonds Men’s Premium Shoe Polish is available in six different colors and includes a built-in sponge tip for easy application to your footwear. The USA-made product delivers a good-as-new finish to your shoes and can be paired with a shoe wax for a glossy finish. The built-in applicator makes this polish a great choice for traveling business people and anyone wanting to apply polish on the go or away from home.

PROS: The built-in applicator makes this polish a great choice for those who regularly travel and want to apply the polish on the go.

CONS: The shoe polish alone won’t produce a truly glossy shine, meaning you need to treat your shoes with a wax afterwards, too.

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6. Moneysworth & Best Instant Shoe Shine Cream Kit

Inside this Moneysworth & Best Instant Shoe Shine Cream Kit, you’ll find everything you need to protect your shoes and give them a beautiful shine. The kit includes both the cream and a sponge applicator. Together these deliver a noticeable shine on initial application. They also work to restore a shoe’s color and add water resistance. Plus, the cream and applicator are arranged in a screw-in tower which includes a handy loop for carrying.

PROS: The screw-together tower arrangement makes this complete shoe-shining kit easy to transport and store.

CONS: The included sponge is not the highest quality, so we’d recommend supplementing with your own cloth or sponge.

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7. Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish Variety Pack

If your footwear collection includes a range of different colors, it’s worth adding the Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish Variety Pack to your shoe-cleaning arsenal. An application with any of these professional-standard polishes leaves shoes with an eye-catching shine along with a protective layer that lasts. The pack is produced in the USA and includes three different shades of brown.

PROS: The range of browns included in this kit ensures you’ll always have a shade for giving your brown shoes a protective shine.

CONS: You’ll have to find a cloth for applying the polish to your shoes as the set doesn’t include one.

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