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Best Men’s Sock Subscription Boxes (Hey, That’s One Less Christmas Gift To Find)

It really is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving, literally, every single month. Help your best friend, dad, grandpa, uncle, son or work buddy put their best foot forward each and every morning with sock subscription boxes. There are a ton of companies providing this service because A) it’s super convenient, B) your underwear wears out faster than any other item of clothing and needs replacing more often, C) many of the best sock subscription boxes donate to charity, and D) everyone loves a good quality pair of socks. Even if they are kind of a Christmas gift copout.

Those are all great reasons to invest in a men’s sock subscription, but here’s one more: socks are an essential component of the well-dressed man’s wardrobe. Right now, patterned and colorful dress socks are very on-trend in men’s fashion, and each of these services sends great-looking socks directly to your door

As you search for the best sock subscription boxes, check out our favorites below.


1. Nice Laundry


Be honest: do you really need to buy new socks every single month? Nice Laundry sends your new socks quarterly instead of monthly, so there is less postage than the monthly subscription boxes. Four times a year, you’ll receive all your new socks in one large and exciting present. Who said the Christmas spirit of giving could only last for one day of the year? You can skip or cancel the next sock shipment at any time. On top of that, Nice Laundry boasts excellent and tasteful designs (a feature that, surprisingly, not all sock subscriptions offer) you are guaranteed satisfaction.

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Courtesy of Nice Laundry

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2. Sock Fancy


Let’s be real, the only reason you’re looking at potentially snagging yourself a sock subscription is for one reason only: you want them to be fun. We get it, dude, fun socks are the best kind of socks. With Sock Fancy, these customized-to-you sock-centric gifts are a great surprise to receive at your door each month. Simply pick your gender, foot size and boldness level and you’re ready to go.

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Courtesy of Sock Fancy


3. Blacksocks


Due to the range of choices and the quality of their products, Blacksocks is definitely one of the best sock subscription boxes available right now. On top of that, Blacksocks is also one of the original sock subscription services. Long before monthly subscription boxes were the hot new trend, Blacksocks was helping well-dressed men stock their sock drawers. Take your pick of surface texture, length, material, and design (plain dress socks or more expressive patterns). These options can be toggled each month to fit your changing needs. Plus, if you’re looking to build out your foundational wardrobe of plain t-shirts, boxer shorts and socks on a constant rotation, they can do this too. For men who want to stock up on high-quality basics that will last for a long time, Blacksocks is the right choice.

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4. Say It With A Sock 


There are two things that make this fun box of socks worth buying. First, when you get a subscription, they donate men’s socks to the homeless. The brand has partnered with the charity Love Mae, who allows them to distribute socks to those who need them most. Second, if you really aren’t into a given pair of socks one month, you can exchange it free of charge.

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5. Stance


A sock company that gets to know you and your preferences over time? Count us in! Stance is an excellent sock subscription plan for men and women alike that starts off with a little quiz in order to get to know you. Each month, they’ll pick a pair of socks to send your way but let you know prior to shipping, so you know exactly what’s heading to your door. Over time, depending on how you make your preferences known, Stance gets a feel for your personality and will begin choosing pairs they know you’ll love. They even do it for underwear!

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6. Ozone Socks


With Ozone Socks – Sock of the Month Club, you will receive their most cherished pair of socks each month (plus one free pair for signing up). That means on the six-month deal, you will receive seven pairs of socks. Also, the subscription isn’t an auto-renew, making it perfect as a one of purchase for a Christmas present. Unlike other sock box brands, Ozone Socks approaches their socks as if they were works of art, treating them with the respect and gorgeous design they deserve.

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7. Paul Smith Sock Subscription Box


If there is any renowned fashion house that you can rely on to consistently produce high-quality socks (crafted in England & Italy from the softest cotton blends) that will leave your ankles dazzling with class and a sprinkling of humor, it is Paul Smith. With a variety of polka dots, stripes and fun prints, your wardrobe will be suitably prepared for any occasion. Paul Smith is responsible for so many fashion trends, and now this designer clothing company is getting in on the sock subscription craze.

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Paul Smith


8. Odd Sox


The fantastic thing about this subscription set is that you can state your preferences on style and that person’s interests to ensure you get the perfect socks. You can choose between one, two, or four pairs each month. They also work with other brands to produce unique collaborations, so watch out for fabulous one-off designs to keep you enthralled all year long.

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Courtesy of Odd Sox


9. Yo Sox


Yo, what kind of socks are those? Oh, they’re just Yo Sox. These surprise socks are some of the trendiest gifts on the market created to make a statement. Dress them up in a suit or down with a pair of jeans, no matter the case, they’re going to look good. But, that’s not the best part. Your feet have over 250,000 sweat glands in total, so to combat this, each pair from Yo Sox are made with a breathable, antimicrobial material to keep your feet sweat-free and dry all day long. They even have tons of seasonal options to choose from.

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Courtesy of Yo Sox


10. Sprezza Box


Sprezza Box is a company that delivers top-quality packages of men’s accessories to your door, making it so easy to look good that there’s really no excuse to dress poorly. This brand doesn’t just help you stock your closet with socks. In addition, Sprezza Box delivers curated menswear and accessories with sharp, office-ready designs. Their best-selling Bowery box featured socks, sunglasses, a beanie, lapel pin, and necktie, giving customers a $135 value for just $28. So even though Sprezza Box doesn’t only offer socks, they’re still one of the best sock subscription boxes around.

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11. Sock Club 


Sign up to the Sock Club and receive a premium cotton sock every month that has been constructed in the USA and designed in Austin, Texas. The brand was created in the first place to share the owner’s love of socks with the world. Keep passing on that sock love and gift this subscription to your loved ones this Christmas. Plus, you can write a heartfelt Christmas message to arrive with the first batch.

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Sock Club

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