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Fabric Softener: The 3 Best Tab Socks for Saving Your Poor Heels

* Heel blisters are not just painful, they are also incredibly inconvenient
* These socks have specially added padding to prevent unwanted heel rubbing
* All pairs feature a no show style and are well-reviewed by users

Whether you’re a runner, employee who spends all day standing up or just enjoy hanging out around town, being on your feet all day can result in painful blisters. Blisters most commonly occur when your skin is damaged by excessive heat or repetitive friction. While gym goers and people who put more pressure on their feet are more susceptible, ill-fitting shoes and sweaty conditions mean blisters are a problem anyone who wears shoes can encounter.

When it comes to dealing with blisters, the best advice is always to prevent them. The most effective approach includes ensuring your footwear fits well and your socks provide sufficient cushioning between your feet and your shoes. However, today’s fashion dictates that socks should not show above the shoe line. But no-show socks leave heels especially susceptible to blisters. That’s where tab socks come in.

Tab socks are all no-show socks designed to provide your feet with the protection they need from unwanted rubbing. From seam-free toes to an additional piece of fabric at the back, these socks deliver the protection your feet need without sacrificing style.

1. ASICS Unisex Cushion Low Cut

In a choice of white, grey and black, the

are ideal for keeping your heels comfortable when you’re out and about. Each sock features additional cushioning throughout for maximum comfort and protection from rubbing. There’s also no seam in the toe area to prevent discomfort and deliver a more comfortable wearing experience. In addition, the polyester rich material features a moisture management element to keep your feet sweat-free and dry.

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2. LITERRA Men’s Running No Show Tab Socks


sport a no-slip opening to ensure they stay in place when they’re on your feet. You’ll also find a strengthened and elasticated cuff for support and a Y-shaped heel contoured to fit comfortably around your heel and toe. Plus, these cozy socks feature a mesh design to allow your feet to breathe and prevent sweating. They are ideal for exercise and activities including running, jogging, hiking, traveling and more.

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3. CelerSport Ankle Athletic Tab Socks

An impressive 90% of users award these

a 5-star review on Amazon. They are available in grey, black and white and sport a tab to prevent heel rubbing and slipping. These socks also feature a fully cushioned underside for maximum comfort and a mesh construction for breathability. Lastly, the design boasts a seamless toe to prevent that uncomfortable feeling toe-seamed socks are known for.

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