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The Best Men’s Sports Watches Will Help You Tackle Every Activity

Every great rotation of useful gear in your life features pieces that are customized to certain occasions, like the best sport watches for men, and those that are more versatile, like the best overall watches for men. We’re here today to talk about the best sport watches, the sort of watch you can wear for active pursuits aplenty.

Sports watches fall into several categories, like any other well-made timepiece. That’s very important to keep in mind, especially in an era when you easily track time on your smartphone. That being said, your smartphone can’t go every which place you need it or want it to go, especially if your sporting pursuits take you into the water or across rugged terrain. The best sport watches can take a beating while providing all the utility you need, too. And plenty of sports watches are more similar than you might think to other timepieces in your rotation. After all, there are luxury sports watches, smart sport watches and sports watches that can simply stand up to anything.

Here’s a breakdown of what to know and what to look for when finding one of the best men’s sports watches, followed by a few of our favorites in key categories. Stay on time while knocking out those training sessions with one of the top sports watches on the market.

Different Types of Sport Watches

Chronographs are men’s sports watches that have a stopwatch function or feature. Chronograph watches can have up to three buttons: one for start, stop and reset.

Dive Watches are made for underwater submersion up to 100mm. The face must be visible and easy to read in total darkness. They must be resistant to chemicals, magnets and shock. True dive watches are certified via the guidelines of the International Organization for Standardization. Luminox is the diver’s watch of choice for the NAVY SEALS.

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Smartwatches are often classified as men’s sports watches as they can track steps, workouts and can do everything from showing tide tables, navigating golf courses and helping you watch calories. Smartwatches are the best sport watches for guys who feel that the gym is their church.

The best sport watches for men are the sports watches that fit your lifestyle and style. Scroll on through to find the perfect sports watch or watches for your next adventure.


The Best Men’s Sports Watch Brands

There are just some brands that are a cut above the rest when it comes to honing in on one particular category. Take sports watches, for instance. It’s tough to make a multi-purpose sports watch you can use and wear in lots of situations that involve high-intensity activity, but we’ve got a couple of favorite companies (and watch styles) we think you can rely on. Take a look and test them out yourself.


1. Timex Ironman Classic Sport Watch


When you think of a sports watch, perhaps right away, you think of what you might call the “classic” version of a sports watch: one made with a digital design in the same fashion as a stopwatch, yet one that can also be rocked on your wrist. There’s a reason Timex is one of the best men’s sport watch brands, and that’s because they make no-nonsense sports watches that are highly durable and highly affordable. They’re a winner in our book.

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2. Casio Japanese Quartz Sport Watch


Casio is another one of our favorites when it comes to making the best men’s sports watches, and for good reason. Like Timex, they specialize in highly rugged, easy-to-use sports watch designs that can stand up to anything you throw at them, including repeated wear day in and day out. This simple, subtle sports watch is water-resistant to 330 feet and ready for watersports of all kinds. Plus, you can wear it for other sporting pursuits, like running, driving or hiking, given its tough design.

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The Best Luxury Sports Watches

Just as with every other type of watch, including some of the best watch trends of 2022, there are luxury sports watches that serve a dual purpose: that of delivering refined style points while meeting that crucial need for the utility you crave in a sports watch. When we think of luxury sports watches, we think of sports watches that are fit for wearing on the high seas, like a handy and durable dive watch, as well as other styles more commonly found in luxury pursuits, like driving or riding.


3. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Automatic Watch


Perhaps when you think of a sports watch, you think of a digital watch with a bulky design. Rethink what you thought you knew about luxury sports watches though because this handsome and rugged option from Orvis is ideal to wear if your definition of sports includes diving, fly fishing, sailing and more. It even looks great back on land, which we also love.

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4. Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Automatic Stainless Steel Watch


Again, throw out what you thought you knew in terms of more traditional, digitally inclined sports watches. As it turns out, the best sports watches for men can also come in the form of a rugged and hard-wearing stainless steel watch. This watch is ideal for watersports like diving, but also looks just as stylish on land (note how James Bond wears his dive watch with aplomb just about everywhere these days). That’s style worth stealing in our book.

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The Best Men’s Sport Watches Under $100

We already covered some highly stylish and dependable sports watches at affordable prices from some of our favorite sport watch brands but let’s up the ante a little bit. Since a sports watch is, in some instances, a digital watch, it’s simpler to make and costs less than a dive watch or a timepiece with a more complicated movement. So, it’s easier than you might think to find a durable sports watch under $100. Don’t believe us? See for yourself here.


5. Armitron Sport Digital Chronograph Watch


Not only is this Armitron Sport watch packed with bells and whistles, well, but it’s also even further below that coveted sub-$100 price tag than you might expect. It’s easy to read, it’s filled with functionality, it performs reliably on land and in the water, and with the dough you save, you can stock up on some new workout gear, too.

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6. PALADA Digital Sports Watch 


For a slightly higher price tag that still won’t break the bank, turn to this digital sports watch featuring everything from a 1/100th-seconds stopwatch to a tough rubber watch band for maximum performance. Plus, it’s also shock-resistant, not to mention water-resistant to more than 160 feet. It’s a terrific steal for plenty of sport-minded wearability.

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The Best Digital Sport Watches

We told you there’s a sports watch category out there for everyone, yes? On top of the eye-catching luxury dive watches and highly affordable, durable, Ironman-style sport watches you’re apt to find, there’s a category that toes the line between both: digital sport watches that manage to be both easy to read and very useful, yet surprisingly stylish (all without costing a ton). If it’s a digital sport watch you think will serve you best, here are a few to check out now.


7. Nixon Regulus Expedition Watch 


We’ve covered plenty of different types of sports watches, including some mighty affordable digital watch variations, but this handsome number from Nixon just might be the one to rule them all, so to speak. As Nixon says, this watch is “re-engineered, re-designed, and ready for anything,” with the features to match. Use the barometer, the compass and the altimeter the next time you hit the trail.

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8. Casio G-SHOCK GBX100-2


Plenty of the best sport watches on the market boast strong performance attributes, but only Casio goes above and beyond with the G-SHOCK line of remarkably useful digital sport watches. The G-SHOCK GBX100-2 is packed with features like no other timepiece on the market, including the ability to display high and low tides (handy for fishing, surfing and sailing), plus a strap specifically designed to drain away water and sweat.

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The Best Smart Sport Watches

There’s a sports watch on the market for everyone, believe it or not, and that also holds true if you’re a fan of the versatility of smartwatches. The smartwatch is a widely loved and widely used timepiece in the day-to-day lives of millions, translating the technology of a computer or smartphone into a wrist-sized package. That same thinking and design innovation apply to smartwatches designed for sports, with all the same utility you need right now. Here are watches that combine the innovation of a smartwatch with the dependability of the best sport watches.


9. Garmin Instinct Tactical Sport Watch


There’s a lot to love about the impossibly rugged and ready-for-anything design of this Garmin sport watch, the kind you can wear in the most grueling conditions without missing a beat. It syncs up with your smartphone for the on-the-go connectivity you require these days, but the rest of these specs are designed to withstand a major beating. Night vision compatibility and satellite support are just the start of an astounding laundry list of features.

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10. Citizen CZ Hybrid Smartwatch


If you prefer a sports watch that epitomizes style and yet stands up to the demands of your day in the same way a smartwatch can, then this Citizen hybrid timepiece is the one for you. They’ve really nailed the hybrid nature of this design, with a clearly legible face and uses aplenty, just like a regular sports watch. However, this smart sports watch for men is done up in a surprisingly elegant design befitting of the Citizen name.

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