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Cache and Carry: The 4 Best Targus Laptop Bags on Amazon

* Transporting your laptop is an important job you don’t want to get wrong
* Targus produces high-quality cases for convenience and protection
* These 4 options include briefcase and backpack styles

No matter whether you’re a casual user or you need your laptop with you for business, transporting your computer is a job you don’t want to get wrong. There are any number of things that could go wrong during your journey from point A to point B, and the only way to ensure your laptop makes it to your final destination in one piece, is to give it a little protection.

Beyond putting your laptop in a case, the best way to protect it is to carry it in a specially designed laptop bag. These bags have slots that are sized and padded specifically to carry your expensive computer, ensuring that accidental drops and water spills don’t leave you without your essential computing companion.

If you need a great laptop bag that’s classy and inexpensive, we’ve got you covered. Targus remains one of the most trusted brands for laptop bags. You likely have one collecting dust in your closet, as often deals on laptops include a basic Targus laptop bag. But Targus bags go far beyond those cheap freebies. These classy messenger bags and backpacks make a statement yet won’t put a hole in your wallet. Get one to ensure you stay classy and your laptop stays protected at all times.

1. Targus Classic Slim Laptop Bag


is a sleek and stylish answer to carrying your portable computer. It features a main padded compartment to keep your laptop safe from any unforeseen bumps wherever you go. There’s also a secondary compartment for storing all of your charging cables, storage drives, keys, smartphone and other travel essentials. The bag includes a handy trolley strap for attaching to your rolling luggage and offers two carrying options in the form of double handles and an over-the-shoulder option.

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2. Targus Intellect Slipcase

is available in a variety of sizes to house laptops ranging from 15.6 to 12.1 inches in size. The bag includes a padded, double-handled carrying option along with an over-the-shoulder strap. Alongside the main, double-zippered laptop pocket, you’ll find a secondary pocket for storing your pens, smartphone, passport and other on-the-go essentials. The bag also features a trolley strap for easy transport, while the tough and durable nylon material helps protect your belongings in transit.

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3. Targus CityLite Briefcase

With over 130 5-star reviews on Amazon, the

has plenty of users who love it. It sports a four-zippered compartment design with space for your laptop and all of your day-to-day essentials. The central compartment provides plenty of protection for your laptop, while the front pocket has space for your smartphone, pens, business cards and notes. The main carrying handle is padded for maximum comfort, and the bag includes another strap for additional carry options.

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4. Targus Drifter II Backpack

If over-the-shoulder and briefcase options aren’t your bag (pun intended), this

might be more to your taste. The zippered laptop sleeve built into the back keeps your device protected while the rest of the bag provides plenty of additional space for clothes, your lunch or larger items. Plus, the backplate and straps are padded for additional comfort. You’ll also find a number of handy zip pockets in the bag’s front face for smaller items like your smartphone, passport, keys and more.

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