These are the 10 Best Timex Watches For Men to Wear Right Now

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Todd Snyder

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Traditional timepieces, even with the rise of wearables and smartwatches, are always going to have a place on men’s wrists. In the same way that vinyl has made a comeback, watches have shown that men enjoy the gear-based look and feel of watches. And while there are plenty of options, few companies are as good at watchmaking as Timex.

At so many different price points, the brand offers so many different kinds that there’s more than likely something for you. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you figure out which watch would work best for you. Below, you’ll find 10 stylish and on-trend Timex watches picks — including quite a few from the brand’s collaboration with NYC designer Todd Snyder. It’s only a matter of, well, time, before you find something that best suits you.


1. Timex Weekender 38mm Watch

This Timex Weekender Watch is a classic timepiece, one that’s sure to look sharp and stylish on the wrist of anyone who wears it. The olive green nylon slip band gives the whole watch a slightly military feel without ever going too overboard. While the watch face doesn’t have any date functionality, it does have an illumination functionality thanks to its Indiglo light-up feature. Water-resistant up to 30 meters, you can pretty much do anything with this watch.

Timex Weekender 38mm Watch, best Timex men's watch Amazon


2. Timex Easy Reader Watch

The Timex Easy Reader Watch is one of the more formal options we have on this list but in a really casual way. Basically, you can dress this up or down depending on the situation, thanks to its leather strap and gold accents. The Easy Reader will look just as good with a suit as it will with a tee-shirt and shorts. In addition to having Timex’s famed Indiglo, it has date functionality to keep you posted on, well, what day it is. Given how days tend to bleed into one another, it’s a rather handy feature.

Timex Easy Reader Watch Amazon


3. Timex x Todd Snyder 40mm Mod Watch

Inspired by a vintage look designer Todd Snyder discovered in the Timex archives, this Timex Mod Watch feels like something you’d see Danny Ocean or Don Draper wear. Despite being retro, it feels really modern thanks to its silver details and a nylon strap. This makes for a great secondary watch or if you’re looking to really make a splash at an event.

Timex x Todd Snyder 40mm Mod Watch Todd Snyder


4. Timex Rugged Ironman 30 Watch

Built to handle the rough and tough conditions of the intensity of an Ironman (or any other intense competition), this Timex Rugged Ironman 30 Watch is a great sports watch option. A bevy of special features including a variety of different alarm settings, 24-military time optionality, day/date functionality, and water resistance up to 330 feet make it so you can worry about beating your latest personal record.

best Timex men's watch - Timex Rugged Ironman 30 Watch Amazon


5. Timex x Todd Snyder 34 mm Marlin Blackout Watch

Exclusive to the ongoing collaboration between the brand and designer Todd Snyder, this watch is a limited edition reissue of 1960’s Timex Marlin watch. This Blackout colorway is inherently minimalist in its look and feel but manages to look incredibly stylish in the process. The silver trim of the face really pops against the almost liquid look of the band. Great to wear for formal occasions, it’s just an absolute stunner.

Timex x Todd Snyder 34 mm Marlin Blackout Watch Todd Snyder


6. Timex Expedition Scout Chronograph Watch

With a striking, light leather band and a sharp (and seasonally appropriate for 2020!) forest green face, this Timex has been designed for the outdoors. However, that won’t stop it from looking just as good in the boardroom as it would amongst a sea of trees. Drawing inspiration from vintage military watches has date functionality, a 30-minute timer, a 60-second timer, water-resistance, Indiglo, and a battery that will last for five years.

Timex Expedition Scout Chronograph Watch Amazon


7. Timex x Todd Snyder Gold/Burgundy Colorblock Milano Watch

Another really sharp selection from Todd Snyder and Timex’s collaboration is this gold and burgundy color-blocked Milano watch. The stainless steel case, mineral glass crystal face, and leather strap are the icing on top of a unique watch. Luminescent hands make it easy to determine the time during the dark, while the date functionality keeps you in the know. Plus, that gold/burgundy design is just awesome.

Timex x Todd Snyder Gold/Burgundy Colorblock Milano Watch Todd Snyder


8. Timex Classic Digital Watch

Timex’s Classic Digital Watch has made a comeback in recent years for feeling decidedly retro in the midst of the smartwatch’s rise. If you’re looking for a watch with a digital readout but without all the connected functionality, this Timex nails it. With the option to quickly set a timer, water-resistance, a full face Indiglo, and even month/date functionality, the watch offers a lot of functionality for a fantastic price. Seriously, at under $40, it’s an almost no-brainer purchase that’s sure to add some good variety to your existing watch rotation.

Timex Classic Digital Watch Amazon


9. Timex Expedition Scout 36mm Watch

Different from its chronograph sibling, this Expedition Scout watch strips all the fancy timer functionality and proves a simple solution instead. A slightly off-white watch face pops nicely with the navy nylon strap, while the Indiglo-friendly hands make it easy to read at nighttime or in the dark. Date functionality adds some good value to a watch that’s no-frills but still manages to look exceptionally sharp.

Timex Expedition Scout 36mm Watch Amazon


10. Timex Q Reissue Bracelet Watch

Similar in look to a Rolex, this Timex Watch, known as the Q model, was first released in the early 1970s before getting an update towards the end of the decade to include some color. Like a Rolex, it has a rotating bezel, date/date functionality, luminant hands, and a stainless steel bracelet-style band. If you want a Rollie-style watch for a fraction of the price, this is for you.

Timex Q Reissue Bracelet Watch Todd Snyder


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