20 Stylish Men’s Watches Under $200 To Wear Right Now

best men's watches under $200
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Sure, smartwatches have their time (pun intended) and place in our modern, tech-driven culture. But there’s always going to be a situation that calls for a watch that’s a bit less electronically-driven and, instead, is something more traditional. Which is where your standard watch comes into play.

Watches expertly straddle the line between fashion and function, serving a dedicated purpose (to tell time) while also being a great way to show off some personality and panache. But you don’t need to reach for something really pricy like a Rolex or an Omega, as there are plenty of fantastic looking watches priced at a great value.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best men’s watches under $200 for you to wear in 2020 and beyond. We realize that $200 isn’t a cheap investment either, but these watches will last you a long, long time if you take care of them properly and they’re all stylish enough to weather whatever sartorial waves may rise and fall along the way. Below, you’ll find our picks.


1. Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch

Citizen watches are known for their elegant, totally battery-less design. Thanks to the brand’s signature Eco-Drive technology, any light source will power the watch forever. This means you get to stop fussing over changing a battery and get to just focus on a stunning timepiece that will pair well with any outfit, as the complimenting gold and brown looks fashionable with just about everything.

Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch Amazon

Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch



2. Timex Q Reissue Gold Tone Bracelet Watch

Sometimes classics are classic for a reason. This reissue of the 1970s Timex Q Watch is crafted in a stunning gold color. This version includes a black and blue rotating bezel, woven gold-tone bracelet, and makes for an overall incredibly striking option for those moments when you really want to draw attention to your wrist.

Timex Q Reissue Gold Tone Bracelet Watch Todd Snyder

Timex Q Reissue Gold Tone Bracelet Watch



3. Vincero Chrono S Watch

If you’re well accustomed to watches and want and upgrade that announces how sophisticated you are, look no further than this rose gold Chrono S Watch from Vincero. The outer casing adds a pop of color to the Italian leather watch band that looks as good as it feels (and the leather will only get better with each wear.) The interior faces allow for timing features for a nice value-add. But the face itself is sharp without being too splashy, resulting in a complete package that looks expensive, even if you know that you got a great deal on it. Oh, and it’s scratch and water-resistant too, so you don’t need to fret if it happens to get a little dig on it.

Vincero Chrono S Watch Amazon

Vincero Chrono S Watch



4. Braun Watch

Not every single watch has to look like it’s trying to compete with a Rolex, which is where a stripped-down approach like this offering from Braun comes into play. The clean, black face really pops with the yellow second hand and the date display at the bottom. Otherwise, the watch is, overall, very minimalist in a manner that manages to be trendy. The steel bracelet is a bit of a rugged touch to give it more character. And it’s water-resistant to 165 feet in case you go for a swim while wearing it.

Braun Watch Amazon

Braun Watch



5. SKAGEN Aaren Kulor Yellow Silicone Watch

If playing things lowkey isn’t your style, well, then this sun-yellow SKAGEN Aaren watch should brighten your wrist right up. The silicone is great for warmer days and won’t weigh your wrist down when running around in the heat. The white hands pop nicely with the yellow design is overall just a very vibrant watch. Plus, it’s under $100, making it all the more compelling a purchase.

SKAGEN Aaren Kulor Yellow Silicone Watch SKAGEN

SKAGEN Aaren Kulor Yellow Silicone Watch



6. MVMT Minimalist Vintage Watch

There’s a chance you’ve heard of MVMT (short for “movement”) before, as the direct-to-consumer watch brand has been making waves in the watch space over the last few years. The smartly priced and fashionable watches are a great way to get a good-looking watch for not a whole lot. We particularly like this vintage-inspired watch that’s great to dress up or down depending on what the situation calls for at any given point. Plus, the watches come with a two-year guarantee, so you can get your money back if you don’t love it.

MVMT Minimalist Vintage Watch Amazon

MVMT Minimalist Vintage Watch



7. Invicta 14876 Specialty Chronograph Watch

If you’d rather have a nice, chain watch for special and fancy occasions, this watch from Invicta is a fantastic offering. The gold-touches just look nice, helping to give the watch a special feel. Interior dials allow for timing, and for a date display. And it’s waterproof up to 165 feet so you can swim with no issue. It’s a fancy watch that doesn’t cost a fancy price.

Invicta 14876 Specialty Chronograph Watch Amazon

Invicta 14876 Specialty Chronograph Watch



8. Seiko Sport Watch

Sometimes you just need a casual watch that has really basic functionality and is an all-purpose timepiece. That’s certainly the case with this Seiko Sport, whose nylon band is great for those who are constantly on the go and need something more relaxed. The watch itself is solar-powered (similar to the Eco-Drive) and can last 10-months once its reserve is fully powered by sunlight.

Seiko Sport Watch Amazon


9. Fossil Nate Watch

There’s something inherently mysterious about someone who rocks all black. And we’re not just talking about clothes, but down to your watch too. Fossil will help you channel your inner man of mystery with this jet black number that’s showy in its singular hue. The boldness of the numbers on the dial matches the boldness of the person who wears it, making for a fantastic statement piece.

Fossil Nate Watch Amazon

Fossil Nate Watch



10. Luminox Black Carbon Watch

For those tough guys who want a watch as rugged as they are, this Black Carbon watch from Luminox makes for a fitting companion. The rubber strap is a great compliment to the chunkier face. The interior hands are luminous to help you tell time even when it’s dark out. The date display is tucked away in the corner where it won’t interfere too much with the actual time-telling. It’s a watch that’s equally as suitable for power lunches as it is for powerlifting.

Luminox Black Carbon Watch Amazon

Luminox Black Carbon Watch



11. Swatch Digital Quartz Watch

With its sharp blue face, silver accents, and rich coffee leather strap, this Swatch Digital Quartz Watch offers just the right amount of color and pop to any outfit. Plus, the date functionality allows you to see, at a glance, what day it is so you’re never out of the loop.

Swatch Digital Quartz Watch Amazon


12. Withing/Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch

If you like the functionality of a smartwatch but can’t give up the traditional looks of a standard watch, the Withing Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch is a great hybrid of both. With seamless tracking (including walking, running, swimming, sleep, and more) the watch is made from premium materials like stainless steel, with chrome hands, and a silicone sport strap. Plus, with staggering eight-month battery life, there’s no need to worry about charging it.

Withing/Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch Amazon

Withing/Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch



13. Timex Easy Reader Day-Date Expansion Watch

Men who aren’t quite sure about working a watch into their daily life should consider this watch from Timex. The Reader Day-Date is a fantastic value for a watch that not only looks really clean but has plenty of features to turn even the most hardened skeptic into a believer. The Day-Date functionality allows for a quick glance at the day and date alongside the time. The contrasting red and black numbers on the face pop nicely without drawing too much attention to itself while the silver band is just flash enough to garner all sorts of praise.

Timex Easy Reader Day-Date Expansion Watch Amazon

Timex Easy Reader Day-Date Expansion Watch



14. Casio G-Shock Quartz Resin Watch

Casio’s line of G-Shock watches is now back in style, with their beefier face and great shock-absorbing abilities. The two-tone face of this particular version is not only striking but capable of taking a beating should it somehow fall off your wrist and onto a hard surface. The digital readout is a nice way of changing things up as well.

Casio G Shock Quartz Resin Watch Amazon

Casio G-Shock Quartz Resin Watch



15. Swatch Transparent Silicone Watch

Swatch is known for watches that make bold and interesting statements and this Transparent Silicone Watch certainly accomplishes both. The translucent face allows you to see the interior workings of the watch itself, providing a striking watch that’s bound to garner all kinds of compliments when you wear it.

Swatch Transparent Silicone Watch Amazon

Swatch Transparent Silicone Watch



16. MVMT Minimal Sport Caspian Black Watch

MVMT’s take on a traditional dive watch turns out to be anything but plain. Thanks to a blacked-out colorway, this watch will look good no matter where you end up wearing it. However, should you take it diving, it’s good to dive up to 100 meters, which should provide plenty of great aquatic adventures.

MVMT Minimal Sport Caspian Black Watch MVMT

MVMT Minimal Sport Caspian Black Watch



17. Skagen Holst Chronograph Leather Watch

This 42mm watch is just a classic looking watch to pair with any number of different outfits and occasions. The blue dial, silver accents, and black leather strap work in tandem to create a really elegant timepiece. Additionally, the interior dial features a few different timers to help when you need it.

Skagen Holst Chronograph Leather Watch Skagen

Skagen Holst Chronograph Leather Watch



18. Tommy Hilfiger Quartz Watch

With its silicone strap and blue accents, this watch from Tommy Hilfiger might be a slight departure from watches you’re otherwise used to wearing. But it is nice to change things up every now and again! The watch face has a unique spin on day/date functionality with it’s sliding, notch-like functionality. Overall, the watch makes for a great secondary option if you already have a few watches you like already.

Tommy Hilfiger Quartz Watch Amazon

Tommy Hilfiger Quartz Watch



19. Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Watch

With a totally clean watch face and date functionality, the Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom is a pretty minimalist offering. Great for those who are used to wearing a watch but want something radically different, this watch is a great second or even third option. Plus, it’s still powered by that fantastic Eco-Drive functionality.

Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Watch Amazon

Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom Watch



20. Goodfellow & Co Amber Crystal Watch

Target’s in-house men’s line, Goofellow & Co, is known for making really stylish products for really fantastic prices. That’s certainly the case here, as this gorgeous brown watch is under $20 (!) and will look good on any wrist. Minimalist in its design, it still manages to be extremely elegant.

Goodfellow & Co Amber Crystal Watch Target

Goodfellow & Co Amber Crystal Watch



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