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Make Yourself Heard With a Small but Powerful Whistle

If you’re ready to whistle while you work, or play sports, or go camping, or pack an emergency survival bag, or outfit your keychain with a safety device, or hit the great outdoors, or the water or the air, then we’ve got some suggestions. These small, low-cost items are easy to forget until they’re desperately needed, which is why we recommend checking out some of our top picks and picking up a whistle (or two or three) today in order to be prepared. No safety stash, getaway bag, or earthquake survival kit is complete without a powerful, high-pitch emergency whistle.

So, what are you preparing for? If you’ve got young kids of either the human or dog variety, a whistle means help running sports drills and obedience training at the local park. It’s your choice whether the kid or dog gets the obedience part.

For anyone who walks alone at night, uses a parking garage or lives alone, a whistle that fits on a keychain is a lightweight and easy to use safety device that can quickly and loudly call attention to yourself. Heading outside? Whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, boating or going for a night jog, the best whistles are a must-have piece of safety gear, especially when traveling out of cell phone range.

There are two common types of whistles: those that contain a “pea,” which is a small ball typically made from cork and wood, and pealess designs. Whistles with peas give blowers more control over the sound their whistle makes, but these whistles are also more prone to freezing, jamming or failing in wet or cold environments. As a result, most emergency whistles do not contain peas, while bandleaders, referees and dog trainers may prefer whistles with a pea design.

Don’t put off buying a whistle until the next time you need it. Check out our top picks below and pick up a whistle now for an inexpensive, lightweight and unobtrusive safety device.

1. Anzerbao Emergency Whistle

Be heard from just about anywhere using the Anzerbao Emergency Whistle. This two-pack of whistles includes one gold and one silver whistle, making it easy to distinguish between the pair. Boasting an impressive double tube sound power of up to 120 dB, the Anzerbao can be heard from a great distance. Ideal for use in any emergency situation, the Anzerbao can blow when dry or wet. Made from aluminum alloy, the whistles are durable and long-lasting.

Pros: The Anzerbao whistles come with a keychain attachment and lanyard, making it easy to attach the whistles just about anywhere. Ideal for couple’s camping or hiking trips.

Cons: The Anzerbao will likely be too loud to be used indoor in gym classes or training exercises.

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2. Noopel 2 Pack Emergency Whistles

For a whistle that’s lightweight, has a small profile and packs a big noise, try the Noopel 2 Pack Emergency Whistles. Noopel whistles weigh only 12g, making them virtually unnoticeable in your pocket, bag or on your keychain. The water-resistant whistles are appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors and have an impressive airflow design that requires little effort when blowing. Made from aluminum alloy material, the Noopel comes with a keychain and lanyard attachment.

Pros: The double tube Noopel has a max volume of 120 dB. Advanced airflow design requires less strenuous effort to blow.

Cons: The Noopel is available in silver or gold but users can’t mix and match colors, which can make it difficult to distinguish between whistles.

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3. Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle

For a whistle that is both loud and comfortable to use, we recommend the Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle. The Sonik has a maximum sound power of 120 dB and can be heard from over a mile away. The plastic whistle includes a cushioned mouthpiece that makes it an excellent option for people who use whistles throughout the day, including sports coaches and dog trainers. Made in North America, the Sonik comes with a matching lanyard.

Pros: The Sonik is available in red, black, orange, blue, pink and purple, making it easy to distinguish between whistles and avoid using another person’s mouthpiece.

Cons: The Sonik can be inconsistent in noise when users blow and therefore isn’t a great option for emergency situations.

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4. Michael Josh 2PCS Outdoor Loudest Emergency Survival Whistles

For a whistle that is extra loud and durable, check out the Michael Josh 2PCS Outdoor Loudest Emergency Survival Whistles. The two-pack of whistles are made with stainless steel and pack a whopping 150 dB sound rating. That makes it loud even by the standards of the best whistles for emergency use. Each whistle comes with its own keychain, carabiner and lanyard, making it easy to take just about anywhere. The double tube whistle comes in black, silver or gold.

Pros: The Michael Josh doesn’t have a built-in pea that can grow mold and bacteria, making this whistle a great option for emergency bags that may go unused for extended periods of time.

Cons: Even with the loud sound rating, the whistles are considered too quiet by some users in emergency situations.

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5. Fox 40 Classic Cushioned Mouth Grip Official Whistle

For all the benefits of the original Fox 40 with convenient updates, we recommend the Fox 40 Classic Cushioned Mouth Grip Official Whistle. The plastic whistle is made with no moving parts that could freeze or jam, rendering it useless. The Fox 40 produces a powerful high-pitched, ultra-shrill tone that can be heard at a distance. The three-chamber pea-less design gets louder the harder a person blows, making it ideal for use at sporting events.

Pros: The cushioned mouth grip is an update from the original Fox 40 and makes this a comfortable whistle for people who use their whistles frequently, including referees and dog trainers.

Cons: The Fox 40 is only available in two color options and doesn’t come with a lanyard.

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6. LuxoGear Emergency Whistles

The LuxoGear Emergency Whistles is a durable whistle with a powerful sound. The double tube makes a high pitched noise up to 120 dB, enough to be heard more than a mile away. The pealess whistle has no moving parts, which means no chances to jam, break or freeze. Made with ABS plastic, the durable whistle won’t freeze to lips like steel or aluminum whistles. The moisture-resistant whistle comes with a matching reflective lanyard and slider button that makes it easy to adjust, whether it’s being worn around the neck or attached to a bag. The whistle also has a clip that can be attached to bags or belt buckles.

Pros: Unlike other whistles, the LuxoGear cannot be overblown, which is important for a safety whistle that could be used by someone in a stressful, panicked state. It also floats, making it ideal for use around water.

Cons: The LuxoGear are available in orange, red and black but colors in the two-pack can’t be mixed.

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7. HEIMDALL Emergency Whistle

The HEIMDALL Emergency Whistle is a pea-less, fail-safe whistle that won’t crack or break. Made from brightly colored and durable plastic, the Hemidall is sold in a pack of two whistles that are different colors, making it easy to distinguish between the pair. The whistle packs 120 dB of sound that is high pitched and can be heard over a mile away. The Hemidall is also available in a six pack with six different colors.

Pros: The Hemidall has a short lanyard with a slider button and a clip that makes it easy to attach to belt buckles, bags, life jackets, webbing and more.

Cons: The lanyard is designed to be too short to be worn around the neck for safety reasons, but this may be inconvenient for some users.

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